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05 Christmas food traditions from around the world

05 Christmas food traditions from around the world

The whole world sparkle with twinkling lights, endless Christmas markets and festive feasts. Are you looking for a destination to celebrate Christmas joyfully and try out Christmas specialities? But have you ever wondered how other countries celebrate Christmas and what can be their food traditions? Christmas is a festival celebrated across the globe. Since it varies from countries to continents exploring food traditions will be an exciting journey. I looked for different countries and found a set of surprising food traditions that you should try this December. Check out these top 05 traditional foods that served around the world during the festive period. We looked to different countries to discover their food traditions and found some surprising Christmas menus.


Canada being a culturally diverse country has lots of different Christmas traditions. Here a hearty Christmas meal should have a juicy roast turkey, boiled or baked vegetables served with creamy mashed potatoes.

Traditional Christmas desserts like plum puddings and mincemeat tarts are must-try desserts during the festive season. As a tradition Canadians host cookie-baking parties throughout the Christmas season. It’s a chance to bake and eat cookies together with locals which will be a completely new experience for you and trust me they’ve got plenty of mouth-watering cookie recipes to wow you.


Americans enjoy cranberries a lot and they much like to have it as an essential part of the Christmas feast. The cranberry sauce is especially served along with baked Turkey. The sauce is mainly prepared for festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Sauce is made by spicing up cranberries with cinnamon and sweetened with orange juice which makes it a perfect combination of sweet and tart. Whether you are buying it from a shop in America or trying out the homemade cranberry sauce, make sure to taste it with a slice of baked Turkey to find out why Americans have it as a main dish on the Christmas dinner table.

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German Stollen fruit cake has been nearly around 700 years throughout the world as one of the most famous and beloved of all Christmas pastries. It’s a flaky, moist, aromatic and divinely flavourful sweet dish to try during Christmas. It’s a sweet cake bread studded with candied fruits and nuts that inspire other countries to hallmark it as a Christmas fruitcake throughout the world, with different names – keks in Poland, julekake in Norway, bolo-rei in Portugal and birnenbrot in Switzerland. Though none are revered as high throughout the world as German Stollen.



Panettone is a thick slice of soft buttery Christmas treat to try in Italy. It’s a typical Christmas cake famous throughout Italy and around the world. It’s packed with candied peel, sultanas and raisins, this sweet bread is usually big and should roughly weigh about 1kg. It can be torn and shared to feast a whole family throughout the Christmas celebrations. Italian panettone would make a delicious treat on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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Baklava is well-known as one of the best Greek desserts in Greece. This sweet dish is widely consumed by Greeks it’s among the sweet treats that you find in a Christmas dinner at the table. Roast lamb or pork are often the main meats served at Christmas in Greece. This delicious bake combines chopped nuts with a sweet honey or syrup sauce – it’s a must-have in most Greek homes around the festive season.

These are the top 05 Christmas foods that you’re missing out on that you need to try. Call Travel Center and book your tickets for any of these destinations and let us know what meals inspire you to book a holiday? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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