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Christmas Markets: Mirthful, Bright & Full of life

Christmas Markets are deemed to be one of the most exuberant times of anybody’s life. The sensation of walking around the market surrounded by thousands of twinkling lights that are an outburst of an array of colours, sightseeing, and occasionally making several stops to deliberate on whether or not you should buy that one thing that somehow made you stop in your tracks, it might sound exaggerated but the beauty that resides in the simplicity of these events is enough to make this one of the most cherishable memories of your entire life.

Wondering which Christmas Markets are near you? Here’s a list of the best Christmas Markets in Europe that have caught the attention of many souls. Be sure to enjoy these Christmas fair’s by booking the best Christmas break deals from Travel Center UK.

Christmas Markets in Cologne, Germany

The streets of cologne are touched by the magic of Christmas starting from the final week of November to 2 days before Christmas. Spend quality time by engaging in a variety of activities. For instance, you could visit the stalls to buy handmade trinkets and other souvenirs, set your gaze upon wreath binders and glassblowers while they demonstrate their art, and last but certainly not the least, visit the bakery where the aroma of mulled wine, hot chestnuts and gingerbread fills the air. There’s always something in store for everybody in the Cologne Christmas Market.

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Christmas Markets in Aachen, Germany

Christmas markets in Europe have become particularly popular throughout the years and the Christmas Market in Germany is no exception, the market is open throughout the whole day but by dusk, its splendour gleams brighter than a thousand stars. Make sure you take enough photos to make memories last and keep an eye out for handmade decorations, souvenirs, and market food, especially the heart-shaped cookies covered in frosting called Lebkuchen and glühwein which is Christmas market staple, and is essentially a hot mulled wine spiced with ingredients like cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and citrus fruit that create a taste that is sweet yet, with subtle hints of spice.

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Christmas Markets in Poznan, Poland

Poznan Christmas Market is a literal winter wonderland, full of Christmas attractions that surely highlight the breath-taking beauty of the entire place. Wondering what you can do at this market? You can take a ride on the Ferris wheel and get an outstanding view of the overall market, catch the ice sculpture festival where contestants from all over the world compete to turn blocks of ice into a symbol of art, make sure to try the carousel ride ( even if you aren’t a kid), and wander about the wooden stalls to try winter delicacies or pick up Christmas gifts for a loved one.

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Christmas Market in Zagreb, Croatia

Voted as the Best Christmas Market destination by various travellers, Croatia’s Christmas Markets gleam with energetic elegance that continues to mesmerize visitors to this day. Many of its attractions include an ice rink, an outdoor music stage where you and everybody else can sing the night away, live ice sculpture carving, pop up bars, and The Jolly Christmas Tram. Which is probably the biggest feature that distinguishes Croatia’s Christmas Markets and makes it tough to beat. Here, you can cruise through the city center accompanied by Santa and his elves and enjoy a truly magical journey!

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Christmas Markets in Prague, the Czech Republic

The best Christmas Market in the Czech Republic is open every day from 30th November 2019 to 06th January 2020, including on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Christmas Markets in Prague is an essential ingredient for creating festive magic in the Czech Republic. The Prague Christmas markets consist of colourfully adorned wooden huts stocked with regional handicrafts and classical Holiday treats. But perhaps one of the biggest attractions is the mighty Christmas tree at the old town square, the tree is dressed with baubles and draped in a blaze of lights & people from all around the world travel to Prague to get a glimpse of this rustic elegance.

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Christmas Markets in Strasbourg, France

They don’t call it the Capital de Noël (The Capital of Christmas) for no reason. Christmas market in Strasbourg are world-famous, walking through the market you’ll inevitably notice an abundance of decorations hanging on windows, the smell of market food wafting through the air, the exuberant and the lively chatter of people drifting all around you and music echoing through the embellished town. One of the biggest highlights of Strasbourg Christmas markets is that you can also visit the symbolic Notre Dame.

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Christmas Market in Basel, Switzerland

Switzerland’s Markets have always been meticulously decorated to perfection, the Christmas Markets in Switzerland are known for their merrier than ever aesthetic, and people from around the world recognize it as one of the best Christmas markets in the world. The markets usually open in the midweek of November and flourish with lively activity 2 days before Christmas. But satisfying photos are not the only thing special about Switzerland’s Christmas market, Basel Christmas fairy-tale forest provides great activities for everyone such as gingerbread decorating and Christmas decoration making.

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Christmas Market in Helsinki, Finland

All of Finland’s Christmas Markets boast an unmatched level of beauty, but what sets it apart from others is that it offers even more of a range in the activities you can choose to do, for example, mostly all of Finland’s Christmas Markets have an ice rink next to them! Get your skates on because It is suitable for everybody: you can do it alone, together with your friends and family or even with small children at any age. At the same time, you can enjoy the silence of the nature around you except for the melodious chirping of birds, feel the fresh air comb through your hair and the immense pleasure of moving effortlessly on ice. Try and explore the joy of this easy and fun winter activity. Ice-skating in Finland while visiting Helsinki Christmas Markets is something you should definitely add to your bucket list.

Christmas Market in Seville, Spain

Seville Christmas Market features around 300 stalls selling everything from Christmas decorations, trees and nativity figurines to musical instruments, handmade puppets, and jewellery. The festivities usually begin in late November, running until around Christmas Eve. What makes it unique you may ask? The caga tio –an enormous piñata-style Christmas log which spills out candy and gifts when whacked with a stick. It is one of the most popular Fira de Santa Llúcia activities and is entertaining for both adults and children. The atmosphere of this jovial gathering is sure to be one that will stick close to your heart for a very long time.

Sweden’s Christmas Markets

Located in Skansen, an open-air museum on the island of Djurgarden in the heart of Stockholm, this Christmas Market is about as traditional as it gets. Held every weekend from late November, it’s bustling with stalls selling Swedish handicrafts, traditional sausages, spices, smoked turkey and candles. There are regular craft demonstrations as well as dancing games around the Christmas tree. You can also make your own decorations at a Christmas workshop. Skansen is also home to a small zoo with Nordic animals, so you can combine your Christmas market shopping with some reindeer spotting.

Christmas Markets in the UK

The best Christmas Markets in the UK include the Leeds Christmas market, Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham and Bath Christmas Markets, Christmas Markets in Glasgow, and many more! Christmas Markets are Regularly voted amongst the most popular events in the UK, and it’s because each Christmas Market offers something different for travellers. The Bath Christmas Market has a romantic atmosphere and attracts visitors to walk through its scenic streets, the Christmas Market in Birmingham offers an ice rink, big wheel and a wide array of items imported from around the world, visitors can enjoy the traditional Christmas carousel ride and explore themed indoor venues in the Leeds Christmas Market, and the much-adored Glasgow Christmas Markets are embedded with stalls that feature a significant selection of the best gifts, local food, and artisan products.

Christmas Market in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj-Napoca Christmas Market is the most beautiful Christmas Market in Romania. It is perfectly suitable for families and will be sure to stir up the most pleasant memories for the whole family! Listen to the echoes of Christmas carols as you walk through the vividly decorated Christmas Market and gaze upon the majestic tree that stands, decorated with an abundance of colourful lights and other trinkets. Your visit to Cluj-Napoca is sure to give you everything you deserve on the perfect Christmas.

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