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Where to have the Ideal Food Experience in Italy

where to have the ideal food experience in italy

All though we’ve gotten hints of what the Italian cuisine brings to the table, in hindsight, it’s agreeable that all the meals pack a punch to your taste buds; with spicy risotto dishes, creamy pasta varieties and of course the worldwide sensation — pizza! But keep in mind that if you’ve never been to Italy then you’ve never really explored or perhaps witness the intricate depth of flavour, some of these dishes bountifully boast. So, in case you have a soft spot for country and plan on visiting in the near future, here’s our guide to where you should head to get a taste you’ll always crave.

1) Tuscany

Tuscany is usually known for the world-renowned artisans, emerald vineyards and quaint country homes, but it is also where every traveller on the quest for deliciously rich meals are rewarded immensely. There’s without a doubt at least a handful of treasured dishes or restaurants that visitors fall in love with. So, if you too have an insatiable appetite for rustic meals like fennel-scented salami, spaghetti and calzones, then make sure your first stop in Italy is Tuscany.

2) Emilia-Romagna

The region of Emilia-Romagna also known as the ‘breadbasket’ of Italy is usually considered the culinary heart of Italy. The region is home to the town of Parma lies and if you haven’t heard about the town then you’re sure to have at least heard about the famous product that originated from the place — Prosciutto di Parma! In this area, you’ll find the world’s best prosciutto, as well as countless other must-try, cured meats, like pancetta, Zampon, coppa and salami.

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3) Piedmont

Gnocchi, grilled beef, handmade tajarin noodles, ravioli, fondue and an array of other stuffed pasta are what await you in Piedmont! This region in Italy is well known for preserving authentic, regional cuisines that have produced some of the most traditional dishes of the country’s cuisine. But among the spicy culinary wonders, you’ll come across in this area you’ll also find some of the finest chocolate and gorgonzola all of Italy has to offer.

4) Sicily

After wandering about the northern regions, its a good time for you to head south and that’s where you’ll come across Sicily! Now, the rolling hills are what sheds light on this area to travellers, but upon your arrival, you will also inevitably find some of the best seafood, vegetable and other dishes that have been influenced by the Spanish, Greek, African and Arab flavours. Sicily is also the birthplace of cannoli, so don’t forget to save room for the light creamy dessert that is enhanced by the freshest citrus fruits there are.

5) Veneto

Becoming increasingly popular among tourists, Veneto is much appreciated by almost everyone and for a good reason! The area is sure to be high on your radar if you’re on a search for some of the best culinary adventures your taste buds could go on. Once you witness the region, you’ll soon become enamoured with not only the unlimited variety of risotto but the cheeses, polenta and gelato because in all honesty, if you visited Italy and didn’t try all of the above, did you even visit Italy in the first place? 

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