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Top 5 foods that will make you fall in love with Georgia

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Georgian food is one of the world’s most underrated cuisines, with flavours coming from Greece and the Mediterranean, as well as influences from Turkey and Persia. Do you know Georgia was nicknamed as The Peach State? Well, Georgia is one of the world’s best countries that produce Peaches in a sprawling way. So, if you are planning a trip to Georgia then you should taste those deliciously fresh Georgian peaches. The country offers an extensive list of traditional dishes with unique flavours. Whether you are craving for a classic meal, fried chicken, pimento cheese, or barbecue these are the top flavours of Georgia that will leave you wanting to come back to this country again and again.

Peaches & Peach Cobbler Ice cream

As you know Georgia is renowned for its peaches, chefs around the state been using this juicy fruit as a prime ingredient in their culinary trails for long years. In Georgia, whether you are ordering a pie, jam, salad or salsa pretty much any dish that you can dream up will have peaches in it.

Age is regardless when it comes to ice cream- we all love ice creams! You must try peach cobbler ice cream in Georgia. It’s one of the best cold desserts to keep you refreshing on a sunny day.

Peach cobbler ice cream is made by soaking peaches overnight with a tiny bit of sugar and preparing a jam to form a syrup that flavours the ice cream and stirring cobbler pieces made with buttermilk.

Isn’t it mouth-watering? Just a single bite will drive you crazy to be obsessed with Peach cobbler ice cream in Georgia.

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Boiled Peanuts

Not being second to peaches, peanuts are uniquely standing out from all to name the state as the peanut capital of the world. Georgia approximately owns half of the entire U.S. peanut crop. Boiled peanuts are more popular among tourists and its all-time favourite for locals as well. Georgian boiled peanuts have a tender texture since they’re cooked for hours with salt and spices, you will not be needing any additional seasonings to spice it up. Head to the southern part of Georgia, where you will find soft and salty peanuts, scooped from a steaming vat and served in a cup or paper bag. You’ll spot sprawling restaurants serving boiled peanuts across the state. It’s a perfect travelling snack to keep you on track. If you are in Georgia, we suggest you stop by ‘Fred’s Famous Peanuts’ shop to try different types of peanuts along with peach cider. Here you can pair a heaping scoop just for £ 3.10 with a slushy frozen lemonade


Visit any part of Georgia and you’re likely to get an earful about the state’s unique barbecue dishes. Georgia is all about meat, they produce mouth-watering pulled pork, ribs and pork sausage, its best served with their mustard-based peach barbecue sauce. Georgia barbecue restaurants serve chicken and ribs, chopped pork is by far the most popular meat. We recommended you to try beef brisket as well pair it with a red sauce, a sweet-tangy tomato-based sauce, infused with Octane Coffee espresso. Georgia has a long and rich barbecue tradition with a distinct style of its own. In other words, there’s quite a lot to discover when it comes to barbecue in the state of Georgia.

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Georgian Cheese Plate: Sulguni, Smoked Sulguni, Guda

No Georgian feast would ever be complete without a Georgian cheese, fresh and soft also with different variations as Sulguni and Imeruli or Gouda. Georgian cheese is made with sheep’s milk, traditionally aged in sheepskin. Especially Sulguni is a full fat, calcium-rich cheese soaked in milky brine is your perfect Georgian feast. Sulguni is the most admired semi-soft Georgian cheese. Its high moisture content is reminiscent of Mozzarella. Guda is a pungent mountain cheese from Tusheti, traditionally made with sheep’s milk and aged in sheepskin.


Khinkali is a national meal of Georgia and an absolute must-try dish in Georgia. Khinkali’s are stuffed pasta dumplings that are loved by Georgians and famed as one of the most favourite dishes to try locally in the country. Khinkali is similar to Chinese Soup Dumplings, though Khinkali is big compare to bit size dumplings from China. It’s a dish that typically served up on large platters and shared with friends. This much-praised dish also made with lamb, which comes in abundance and mixture of minced beef and pork. There are several kinds of Khinkali and stuffing made from cheese, mushrooms, lamb or potato, but the most common is a meaty stuffing made with pork and beef.

Hope this food guide will help you to have a wonderful foodie experience in Georgia. Whether you are in search of a cheap flight or an exotic holiday in Georgia, Travel Center offers you a range of deals and offers for you to count on.

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