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A Refreshing Wellness Retreat in Budapest

A Refreshing Wellness Retreat in Budapest

Due to the pandemic situation, we are all wondering what’s next in store? Well, we know for sure that things will fall back into place, but till then what can we do? For now, let’s all concentrate on being positive. How about planning a wellness retreat in Budapest? The charm of the city will help bust the stress with many activities to relieve your anxiety and boost your immunity. A wellness retreat comprises powerful abilities to reduce the tension related to today’s circumstance.

If relaxation is all you can think of at this moment, then a rejuvenating wellness retreat is your best choice, and a destination that has many options for a relaxing break is Budapest. This city is one of the most popular short city break destinations. It is truly magical to marvel upon the remarkable architecture, intriguing history, and delectable cuisine. Budapest has a plethora of things to see and do, for example; taking long walks in the parks and forests, engage in a yoga session or soothing thermal baths and spas, which is one of the main reasons visitors flock to the city, making Budapest an excellent destination for a calming wellness retreat.

Recline, Rejuvenate & Replenish

Budapest is nicknamed “Spa City” as it has an impressive number of thermal springs within the city limits, making it the perfect wellness retreat, where you can heal and relax along with the lush green areas, Arboretums, and many natural places that Budapest is bestowed.

Széchenyi Bath’s thermal beer spa 

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This unique wellness retreat is located in the middle of City Park and offers ten indoor pools, saunas, steam room, massage treatments and the outside bathing area and providing an extraordinary experience. The bath includes minerals and natural extracts, such as yeast, malt and barley, typically used in brewing beer. Replenish in an eccentric spa as you sip on freshly brewed beer as a part of the treatment.

Rudas Bath’s medicinal massages

This authentic Turkish thermal bath is one of the most famous bathhouses that offers many services. Enjoy one of the many thermal pools with therapeutic benefits, swimming pool, steam rooms, saunas, a rooftop hot tub and several massage rooms. Experience an aroma massage that helps relax the body and mind. This wellness retreat should not be missed.

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Király Baths & Spa

Király baths are the city’s oldest Turkish baths and are also one of Budapest’s cheapest, and wallows under a pin-pricked skylit dome that will make you feel that you have stepped back into a medieval era. If you are looking for something secluded for you and your significant other you can enjoy a private hot tub in a screened area.

Gellért Baths

These art nouveau baths are located at the bottom of Gellért Hill. Seize the feeling of the fantastic golden era of 20th-century Budapest with their stained-glass windows and multicoloured porcelain tiles decorating the walls and blue marine-tiled indoor thermal pools. The exterior comprises of smaller pools and one large swimming pool which is popular for its wave machine.

Lukács Baths

Lukács is a famous bath that is the first bathhouse in Budapest that provides mineral waters rich in calcium, hydrogen-carbonate, sulphate, chloride, sodium and fluoride ions. With separate sections that offer medical treatments, and opportunities for sunbathing, saunas, a fitness room, playrooms, a new wellness section, sauna world, and a salt cabin.

Good to know: Lukàcs is a popular bath party destination, with amazing light shows and groovy music by DJ-s.

Aquaworld Water Theme Park & Sauna

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Budapest is home to several amazing thermal baths, and children aren’t allowed into most of them. So if you are travelling with your family try out one of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe with slides, saunas, spray parks, and many pools with entertainment and adventure for the entire family. Located in north Budapest, this is the perfect place for those adrenaline junkies and a range of Saunas which is an ideal wellness retreat for regenerating both mental and physical strength.

Tip: When visiting the thermal baths, don’t forget to take your bathing suit and flip-flops along with you.

Long Haul Wellness Retreats

If a weekend getaway is simply not enough, then why not opt for a long-haul holiday to some place exotic and tropical? Sri Lanka has always been sought after for its many wonders, lush rainforests, natural environment and Ayurvedic wellness retreats. Nature plays a huge role when it comes to one’s well-being, and Sri Lanka does not need a new introduction as it is known as a wellness destination worldwide!   

Just like Sri Lanka, the Maldives also uses natural and traditional provisions to encourage wellness tourism. Wellness retreats in the Maldives is a significant holiday trend and is a top destination for a revitalising wellness journey accompanied by a myriad of beautiful beaches and gorgeous resorts.  

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Still, wondering? Why not send an email or give Travel Center a call and our travel experts will assist you in planning a fantastic trip to treat yourself on a heavenly wellness retreat in Budapest, Sri Lanka or the Maldives.

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