6 tips to plan your Budapest journey

Budapest is a gem of a city in Hungary, which is more popular as the ‘Paris of the East’. Its formerly two cities straddling the river of Danube as Buda and Pest. This wonderous city is brimming with stunning architectures, dark history of glorious past, and thermal baths. During the World War II, the city got beaten by German troops which just left smouldering piles of rubble when they wake. If you walk around the Buda pest today, you will be amazed how the city has risen like a phoenix form ash. Hungarians has played a very important role in shaping the city into one of best tourist attractions in the world. So, if you are planning to tour suburb of Buda or the dynamic side of the Pest. Here’s your top 6 tips to plan your Budapest itinerary.

Best time to visit Budapest

Budapest is a popular European destination among tourists. Apparently, the best times to visit Budapest are between March to May and September to November. Also, Spring is pleasant in Budapest and the room rates are affordable. As well as flights are a lot cheaper than what you’ll find in the summer. If you plan on visiting in May, make sure to take part in the two of the city’s best food, beer and wine events – ‘Rosalia Festival and OTP Bank Gourmet Festival ‘which take place on May and remember to pack an umbrella. Since rain showers become more prevalent as this season. If you are looking for an icy getaway then make sure to visit Budapest either December or February. Especially, visiting Budapest in December is a great choice as the whole city is in the Christmas spirit at this point. You can visit Christmas markets, go ice skating at a pop-up ice rink or enjoy the beautifully decorated shops and streets.

Explore Budapest in foot

One of the best ways to get a feeling of a city like Budapest, is through a walking tour.

Like most major European cities, Budapest also has many free walking tour companies that are great options for the more budget conscious travellers. While the tours are free, the tour guides work for tips, which you should absolutely give at the end of every tour.

Get a glimpse of cities most iconic places while crisscrossing the city centre on the Pest side of the Danube River and take a long walk to the west side of Buda Hill, where you will be walking to see important sites of the city while underneath was miles of interconnected caves that served as a hospital during World War II. You can tour some of the caves in the Hospital in the Rock Museum or take a cave tour.

The beautiful bridges across the Danube river

There are Eight bridges connecting Buda and Pest above the Danube river. Each bridge has a totally different character and style. Some of them are famed as iconic landmarks of the Hungarian capital due to their beauty. Out of all the ‘Szechenyi Chain Bridge’ is one of the most popular bridge in Budapest. The bridge was designed by a British engineer known as William Tierney Clark in 1839. It nearly took about 10 years to build and the Chain Bridge became the first permanent bridge in Budapest after the Revolution of 1848. The bridge has been also featured in movie like I Spy and also in Katy Perry’s music video.  Exploring them during day and night is a great adventure. These bridges are great for those Instagram shots!

Shopping in Great Market Hall

The beautiful Great Market Hall at Fővám Square is probably the most popular and well-known market in the capital of Hungary. It was opened at the end of the 19th century, the three-story “cathedral of iron” was deemed as one of the world’s most modern market halls with its state-of-the-art lighting and ventilation. The hall was badly damaged during World War II as well and in the mid-1990s, it was restored and now takes pride of place as one of the city’s great attractions. It’s the biggest market hall in Budapest, where you can find all kind of fresh fruits and vegetables  being sold when you take walk on the main floor in Great Market Hall and if you are looking to shop something memorable you will find lots of souvenirs available on the second floor and if you are feeling hungry just climb the stairs to spot amazing restaurants and make sure to taste  Hungarian Goulash which is a delicious beef stew you should not miss.

House of Terror Museum

House of Terror Museum is one of the most memorable museums that you will ever see in your lifetime, which is located in the former headquarters of the Nazis. It is later served as the headquarters for the communist secret police. The first thing you will see when you enter the central courtyard is a soviet tank and walls covered in pictures of people who were victims of the terror carried out in these building. You will smell an earthy scent and the dampness in the air while in the building. If you are so curious about the darkest side of the Nazi and the Communist era in Budapest it could be reveal in this museum which couldn’t be hidden from the history with its every act of evil. Take a tour in the basement floor, where people were routinely tortured and executed for many years. Before you exit the museum make sure to see the wall with photos of people who perpetrated these cruel acts.

Thermal Baths

Budapest is a city built on a bey of thermal springs. There are plenty of baths to choose from and each has its own distinct style. So, make sure to visit all of them to see how each one is unique. If you going to any of the indoor Thermal baths you will be get a hand band which will get you in and out of the pool areas and lockers. Also, you can use this hand band to get through the entry turnstile. Most importantly if you are hopping to hit the thermal baths outdoor, make sure to carry a flip flop with you because it’s very cold on the ground outside. It’s also worth the time you stay for bit longer till it darkens the sky to see the exteriors of the buildings with illuminating. And if you want to swim in the indoor pools make sure to take a bathing cap with you unless if you preferred to sit and enjoy the view of the pool.

Excited? Wanting to see Hungary’s most famous city Budapest, if so, call Travel Center UK today and book your flights to grab amazing offers! There’s so much to consider and see when planning a trip to a beautiful city, hope our own tips will inspire you to choose Budapest to galivant off for a relaxing getaway!

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