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Holidays to the Maldives: A tropical essence of seclusion

Holidays to the Maldives: A tropical essence of seclusion

To be honest, yes, Maldives is precisely the same way you see in YouTube videos, and holidays to the Maldives allow you to behold them all! Pretty exciting, huh? The case of the Maldives is that it isn’t one massive sultry island; instead, it’s a bunch of tiny eye-dropping coral isles in the Indian Ocean. Supreme indulgence, beautiful white-sand shores and an astounding underwater world make the Maldives a clear choice for a genuine holiday of a lifetime. I mean, don’t you want to make your Instagram feed more good looking?

Okay so let’s be realistic for a moment, isn’t it obvious that holidays to the Maldives are for the people craving towards the perfect Instagram snap which includes the bright turquoise shallow waters? And just to create the “I love travelling,” “Beach lover,” vibe? Oh well, I didn’t read your mind so, erase the shy and insecure feeling about it because that’s how everyone is, including myself. “Anything for the Gram,” is the imprint on your mind as well as mine, and it’s pretty evident if you ever read my author bio.

Did You Know?
The Maldives tallest point is spotted in the Villingili island, only standing at 2.3m(7.5ft) above sea level! 

Why should you engage in holidays to the Maldives?

As for something that kept backpackers away for decades, tourists no longer have to stay in resorts and reside separately from the local population. Island hopping by public ferries, speedboats and domestic flights has freed up this country to tourists on nearly all budgets, making holidays to the Maldives more efficient.

Since the Maldives is a tropical country, the beach tides will be tame usually during April to dive into the ocean with a beauty of the sunshine showering from the blue sky.


  • Daytime 31°C with regular heat, falling to 27°C at night.


  • Wet season – May to October & November to April
  • Dry season – often showers in mid-month.

A slight glimpse on holidays to the Maldives.

The Maldives is a perfect example of budget luxury holidays, the noticeable definition for heaven. The nation’s 26 isles and over 1000 atolls are ideal for the sunseekers, divers, surfers, snorkellers and the beachaholics. “Eat- Sleep- Swim- Click snap- Repeat,” yeah? Malé, the undisturbed metropolis of the Maldives is a pulsating city with the local feeling filled with proper transport methods, spice and coconuts which make holidays to the Maldives an unforgettable, unique experience. Mainly known for its mosques and colourful buildings, Malé also features a famous fish market famed for its fresh seafood and stores stocked with local fruits.

Did You Know?
President Mohammed Nasheed, the 4th president of the Maldives, had the world’s first underwater cabinet conference during October 2009!

What make holidays to the Maldives enjoyable?

  1. Drop below the waves in a submarine – The snug windowed ‘whale’ submarine offers an exceptional outlook on the fantastic coral reefs.
  2. Get a rod and reel for big game fishing – A fishing outing on a speedboat is a brilliant encounter for any person.
  3. Spend a night on an unoccupied island – Seclusion, beach barbeques and sunsets?
  4. Watch the twilight on a boat cruise – See unoccupied islands and sunsets all to yourself while appetizing on some snacks and drinks.
  5. Wreck dive the Maldives victory – A memorable submerged encounter for divers as the wreckage of the trade vessel, Maldives Victory.

These foods will rip your taste buds off on your holidays to the Maldives!

  1. ‘Boshi Mashuni’ (Banana Flower Salad) – A salad mix with shredded crunchy banana flowers, fresh coconut, and spices
  2. ‘Garudhiya’ (Fragrant Fish Soup) – It’s a miso-like dish blended with many secret recipes of the Maldives
  3. ‘Huni Roshi’ (Chapati Bread) – These are flatbreads fried to taste the flavoured crisp.

Make your holidays to the Maldives colourful and extravagant.


  1. The Bioluminescent beach and experience the earthly beauty at night
  2. The HP reef to explore the underwater glory of the Maldivian sea
  3. The national museum to acknowledge the historical artefacts of the Maldivian nation.

If you’re looking for holidays to the Maldives, then here you go!

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