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The taste of Hawaii; Multiethnic Hawaii food traditions

Curious about trying out new types of cuisines? It’s going to be love at first bite as you take your taste buds on a journey of exploration with the Hawaii food traditions. It’s natural that despite the type of cuisine, we are a good soul hugging feeling from your favourite comfort food, but what we are in for now is a combination of flavour and colours stacked up. 

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”

– Auguste Escoffier

Hawaiian cuisine is a blend of cultural differences. The Hawaiian food is a fusion that does not go wrong in any way as each flavour sticks around to show its richness for you to indulge in. 

Thank the native Hawaiians for this remarkable start, from the Hawaiian Plate to the All-Natural Shave Ice, and with many more on the list, the Hawaiian cuisine brings so much more to the table. And that is why we’ve got everything on the list to make you feel the Hawaii food tradition is bliss. 

The Plate full of Color; some of the best dishes you can find 

 1. Hawaiian plate lunch

Hawaii food traditions - Hawaiian plate lunch

While History and tradition take you on this heavenly food tour; First on the list is the Hawaiian plate lunch; don’t forget to get your hands on this multicultural goodness.

The plate lunch is served with two scoops of rice or opting for the local style, two scoops of the local macaroni salad! There’s no limit to the variety of flavours you can add to the dish. It includes everything from garlic chicken, teriyaki chicken, chicken katsu, pork cutlet, fried egg, chow fun noodles, shrimp tempura and much more!

It may be quite un-instagrammable, but hey, that is about this divine Hawaiian dish. Just eat it on the roadside of Hawaii as you give your tastebuds a burst of diverse flavours and your eyes, picturesque sight of Hawaii’s sceneries.

 2. Saimin

Hawaii food traditions - Saimin

One of Hawaii’s celebrated local food, involved with the Hawaiian food traditions, this extraordinary egg-noodle soup is so colourful it will stir up your appetite for more; forget about the regular ramen noodles; this is the ultimate upgrade!

The dish originated during the early twentieth-century plantation era as various Asian ethnicities –Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Hawaiian and Portuguese came together to make this beautiful combination.

This extraordinary egg-noodle soup comes with various toppings like Chinese wontons, Spam, Portuguese sausage, and finely sliced fried eggs. It is so colourful that it gives heaven in mouth feeling when you have your first spoon, and it will stir up your appetite for more.

 3. Poke 

Hawaii food traditions - Poke

A seafood festival in a bowl, which began as an appetiser, has grown to reach heights of trendiness. Perhaps Poke may be riding off the popularity of sushi as they both share the same basic ingredient.

With over 60 varieties to choose from, you can indulge in this bowl of goodness based on your preference. This raw-fish salad is seasoned with sea salt, inamona (roasted, crushed kukui nuts mixed with salt), and limu kohu, a variety of seaweed rarely found anywhere outside of Hawaii; talk about the perfect reason to visit Hawaii for all the foodies out there!

Normally, the classic Poke is garnished with a blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, green onions, and other spices, allowing the fresh seafood to absorb the seasonings for maximum flavour. However, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, they even serve Poke over hot rice. But, for those who love to indulge in a burst of flavours, ingredients like freshly chopped herbs, fruit, Avocado, pickled ginger, cucumber, mango, edamame and inamona (a traditional Hawaiian condiment made of roasted sea salt and kukui nuts) can also be added. Excited to try the fish salad yet? Grab yours on your visit to Hawaii!

 4. All-Natural Shave Ice

Hawaii food traditions - All-Natural Shave Ice

A little treat to your sweet tooth is the Shave Ice, the island’s iconic treat initially originated in Japan; you wouldn’t regret getting your hands on (choose the rainbow cone as it’s the prettiest thing!). 

The traditional flavours available are Guava, li hing mui, lychee, lilikoi, mango and coconut. A day after some sun on the beach, the Shave Ice could be the remedy you are looking for.

The smooth ice pillow is not only enriched with syrups but sometimes also with fruits, coconut flakes, ice cream and mochi balls; consider your cravings satisfied! 

5. Da Hawaiian Acai Bowl

Hawaii food traditions - Da Hawaiian Acai Bowl

Meet the Acai bowl! Yes, with the granola, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and honey, topped with paiai (hand-pounded taro), the looks are tempting. It is like having a smoothie-like breakfast with layers of fruit, nuts, coconut, granola, honey, and so much more. The pro tip, however, is to ‘duke it up’ with fresh peanut butter. Yum!

What about the taste? We’ve got an answer for that as well! This collection of sweet flavours will make your day better without a doubt.

There are so many varieties to all palates; whether you want a grand bowl or a simple traditional Hawaiian Acai Bowl, everything is on the list.

You will witness each bowl creating different impressions in Hawaii, a spoon full of flavours where you would be hit with the “let me try another one” right away.

6. Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie

Dessert lovers alert! This coconut treat gets you daydreaming with its smooth white jelly-like texture. Indulging in this heavenly goodness, it once doesn’t do justice to your tastebuds! 

Is it I, or does Chocolate makes everything sound better? Made with a flaky crust, silky haupia ,layered dark chocolate custard cream and, generously topped with whipped cream, this pie is made out of divine dreams!  

Youtube Source : Ono Hawaiian Recipes

 7. Loco Moco 

Hawaii food traditions - Loco Moco

We’re talking of the classics here; The rich brown gravy that sits comfortably on the white rice cannot go wrong! Accompanying the duo is the hamburger patty which is topped with a delicious fried runny egg that is mouth-watering, super satisfying, delicious and irresistible.

Each shop has its version of Loco Moco, where the gravy can be on top or beneath the rice, or the beef patty can be replaced with a fish or shrimp instead. However, the traditional Loco moco with the beef patty and the flavour infused gravy still stands tall with popularity. If you don’t find the Loco moco Magnetically appetising, we don’t know what will!

You can eat Loco Moco anywhere, but the best version you will find is in Hawaii!

If you think that’s all of the Hawaiian cuisines, then you cannot be more wrong! The rest we leave for you to explore.

Just a bit of all the worlds combined in the Hawaii food traditions; a wholesome experience with the Hawaiian cuisine. From Asian to European and everything in between, stroll the streets of Hawaii as you find the best dishes to make a “food-Tastic” memory out of your holiday.

While the Hawaiian food is put together with the locally inspired items, it brings together all the cultures in one dish as well; if you are a person who is always up for trying out new things and want to explore different countries for its traditional food, then Hawaii is the place for you; a plate of vibrant colours, taste and diverse food history can be found in the Hawaii food traditions. In addition to the Hawaiian food, we cannot simply forget the attractive sun painted beaches in Hawaii, which comes with all of their beautiful characteristics. Take a walk on the beach, grab a snack and enjoy the magnificent views of Hawaii!  

If the Hawaiian cuisine doesn’t give you the excitement to book your flights to Hawaii, we don’t know what will! With the best dishes of tradition and multicultural taste inviting you on the remarkable journey of Hawaii food traditions, you can find yourself getting the experience of travelling to many destinations at once! 


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