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The Best of Paris Cuisine: Bon Appetit!


Paris is certainly one of the most magnificent cities in the world, known as the city of lights & is also the capital of France. It is a known fact that Paris is a place that inspires the world of art, fashion and of course the food! Culinarians from different parts of the world travel to Paris to look for inspiration for their own restaurants.

Paris is best to explore by foot as there are a thousand things to do and see here but it’s worth to take a tour just to try out the best food France has to offer

So, here’s a (nowhere near exhaustive enough) list of some of the most popular, and unusual, food that you should not miss!



Cheese in Paris is the best in the world. Varying From chevre to brie and roquefort, and don’t forget crottin de chavignol. All cheese in France is worth trying.


If you’ve ever dined in a French restaurant, chances are you’ve been served a Baguette before. Baguettes are delicious, long French bread.


Fresh, crunchy, with a soft inside, French croissants are THE best in the world. A buttery delight and freshly made best eaten with coffee.

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No Crepe in the word could be compared to the ones in Paris. Thin light pancakes are made either sweet or savoury.


A dish made with eggs, vegetables & cheese, formed in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The most popular version is Quiche Lorraine made with egg, bacon & cheese.

French Onion soup

A traditional French dish is the perfect appetizer or even a warm hearty meal.   Based with a beef broth, filled with caramelized onions and to top it all off, its covered in cheese.



Escargot are snails, cooked in a garlic butter with fresh herbs. They are served hot with baguette pieces. Escargot is a delicacy in France and served at almost every restaurant. 

Foie Gras

This is the most decadent food in Paris, Foie Gras is made from fatty duck liver. It tastes salty, fatty, and delicious spread on bread.


Another French delicacy, a moist and flavourful dish completed with potatoes, fries, or green beans and a special sauce that goes with it.

Coq au Vin

Coq au vin means ‘chicken cooked in wine’. A dish from Burgundy with mushrooms, garlic, and lardons, it’s widely popular all over France.

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Steak Tartare

This flavour bursting dish comprised with raw or nearly raw beef served with egg yolk. Off-putting to some and a delicacy for others, the dish has a charm and very unique.

Frog Legs

The classic French appetizer, best way to prepare frogs is to deep-fry them. Also, prepared them in a pan with parsley butter.



These French sweets are made from a choux pastry dough and filled with freshly made cream. These are pastries with a similar texture as donuts, but way better.


The name literally translates to ‘a thousand layers’ and it looks just like that! Millefeuille is a classic French dessert with thin layers of puff pastry filled up with cream. 


Macarons are a very popular sweet around the world and originates in France. Macarons look like miniature cookie sandwiches. They take hours to make, and seconds to eat.

Ile Flottante

ile flottante is a dessert, made with sweetened egg whites cooked in the oven and placed over custard, generously coated with caramel. Topped up with chopped almonds and pralines.


Chocolat Chaud

The hot chocolate in Paris is rich, dark, and intense. The Chocolate is melted over a slow heat and blended with cream. This in Paris, is unlike anywhere else in the world.


This is an Aniseed flavoured aperitif which is appearing in every French home, particularly in the south. Served with water or ice.


The green liqueur is made up of 130 herbs, flowers, and various other secret ingredients. This has a strong herby flavour.


Ever since Louis Perrier, bought in the naturally carbonated spring and started bottling it, it is very popular among the French (even us)

Paris is the food capital of the world, starting from street food to famous restaurants so follow the above steps and you will not miss out. Try all the wonderful food that Paris has to offer!

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