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A Getaway to The Best Beaches in Europe

When we think about beach vacations, the first thing that pops in to our heads is far-flung exotic beaches with, inviting tropical atmospheres, and we tend to forget that some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are just a few hours away from home. Many places in Europe are scattered with some of the best coastlines in the world, with endless stretches of golden sand, secluded bays, the serene turquoise waters of the vast Mediterranean Sea, and it’s brawling waves. Exceeding the seashores, you will find everything else that should couple with an extreme beach holiday. Surf joints, family-friendly beaches and more! Are you looking for a dreamy beach vacation? Read on to find out about our best selection of the best beaches in Europe.

The best beaches in Italy

The best beaches in Italy

Have you ever visited Italy and become enamoured with its coastlines? Well, you would be surprised by what other coastal beauties Italy has to offer! Miles of stunning coastlines sprinkled with some of the best beaches in Europe. Powder white sand, rugged cliffs, and the clearest waters.

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Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

Scala dei Turchi, Sicily Beach

The seashores of Scala dei Turchi is a stunning coast near Realmonte by a rocky cliff with a striking uniqueness. Its glowing brown sands and the sharp blue seas stands as a stunning contrast against the rough limestone cliffs behind. The area is one of the most popular natural beauties in Sicily.

Atrani, Campania

Atrani, Campania Beach

Atrani is a small village situated along the Amalfi Coast, is less crowded but very famous in Italy. With its vivid cliffside roost, beautiful churches, and elegant piazzas, the unspoiled beach flows toward the Tyrrhenian Sea, makes it one of the best beaches in Europe.

Isola di Spargi, Sardinia

Isola di Spargi, Sardinia Beach

Ideally located in the Maddalena Archipelago amidst Corsica and Sardinia, will have you confused with the tropical beach of Tahiti, they are studded in palm trees and dense islands. This beach is one of the best beaches in Europe, with turquoise shoal waters perfect for snorkelling, and the shimmering sand-beds for sunbathing.

Spiaggia di Sansone, Elba Island

Spiaggia di Sansone, Elba Island Beach

Elba Island in Tuscany is home to many beautiful beaches, with immaculate shores, with a blend of smooth stones and white sand that guides you through shallow tranquillizing waters. A favourite amongst families and snorkelers.

The best beaches in Greece

The best beaches in Greece

Greece takes a top spot on the list of best beaches in Europe, possessing the Mediterranean’s most extensive coastline with diverse beaches of peacock blue waters encircled by volcanic rock formations, bronze sand or smooth seashell shores. There are numerous exotic, sumptuous beaches on the mainland or on a beautiful island that will surely impress you and blow your mind away!

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Ornos, Mykonos

Ornos, Mykonos

Ornos is a vibrant yet quaint family-friendly beach in the Cyclades isle Mykonos with sandy beaches, warm waters, and every convenience you could wish for on a wonderful beach vacation. A perfect place for the smaller kids to swim in waters that increase with the tides. Sarakiniko

Glyfada, Corfu

Glyfada, Corfu

Corfu, is one of the most adored beaches in the Ionian, is overflowing with beautiful beaches fringed by pine and fir woodlands. Glyfada is one of the liveliest beaches on the island. A family-friendly beach fringed with sunbeds and umbrellas, water sports, and restaurants. A popular beach party hotspot, which draws in an energetic crowd.

Elafonisi, Crete

Elafonisi, Crete

Pink tinted sandy beaches because of the tiny seashells, Elafonisi Beach is an unmissable place when visiting Crete, the largest island in Greece. This island is separated by a shoal lagoon and a sandbar—a preserved nature reservation where unique plants flourish. 

Navagio, Zakynthos

Navagio, Zakynthos

Navagio, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is an Instagram famous coast. Situated on the Ionian island of Zakynthos, is considered one of the best beaches in Europe and the world! Teal-blue waters lap the grainy shores where a corroded shipwreck lays immersed in the sand, towered by cliffs. 

The best beaches in Spain

The best beaches in Spain

Spain is not only famous for tapas, the flamenco, impressive architecture, and the diverse culture but also popular for some of the best beaches in Europe. With some of the most beautiful islands like Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Ibiza, and Cabrera, Spain hosts captivating beaches that decorate the vast coastlines of the country. 

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Barceloneta, Barcelona

Barceloneta, Barcelona Beach

Positioned in a traditional fishing town, along the Costa Brava coast, this is one of the oldest and one of the best in Europe. Barceloneta, in Barcelona, is a famous region by the sea, Popular among foodies for seafood tapas.


Ibiza Beach

Ibiza delights many tourists with its charm and its party vibe. The beaches are diversely beautiful, and many are some of the best beaches in Europe. Secluded coves, legendary beaches, spectacular bays. The best beaches in Ibiza include Calla Bassa, Las Salinas, Aguas Blancas, Cala Llenya, and Cala Moli.


Mallorca Beach

With some of the best beaches in Europe where tourists flock to sunbathe, swim, or dine on great seafood. The ruggedly beautiful shores and soft sand can be found on the north coast of Mallorcaon beaches like Cala Torta.

Canary Islands

There is something special about the beaches in the Canary Islands, so many beautiful beaches to choose from. Tenerife, with its vibrant hacienda in La Laguna. Similarly, pristine is the north coast of Lanzarote with its warm waters and golden beaches of Famara beach popular with surfers. Gran Canaria, where the dunes overlook the south while the cold turquoise of the sea shimmers like a bright fantasy.

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The best beaches in Portugal

The best beaches in Portugal Beach

Bronze sands, set wide across the coasts; and the striking blue Atlantic Ocean; Boho beach vibes, popular surf spots. Some of the best beaches in Europe rests in Portugal, making it the ideal beach vacation.

The Algarve

The Algarve Beach

The Algarve is a perpetual family favourite, a place renowned for its hot atmosphere, stunning beaches and the legendary sunsets. The most striking beaches include the Ilha da Fuseta and Praia do Carvalho, which are famous for the sea caves.

Portugal’s west-coast beaches & holiday islands

There are many secluded beaches that are yet to be discovered. An alluring scene has been gradually escalating in Comporta, in the south of Lisbon; and further up in the south Costa Vicentina has developed into a popular surf district. The Portuguese archipelagos of the Azores and, in the distant south, Cape Verde, has unbelievable atmospheres and sunshine all year-round, and tranquil places and best beaches in Europe to relax.

The best beaches in Croatia

The best beaches in Croatia

Reveal the best beaches in Europe, in Croatia! In classic coastal towns of Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Split have remarkable beaches that are the key points to the secret islands of Croatia. With secluded sandy shores at Kupari, and Sunj beach on Lopud island. Also, the panoramic Stiniva beach was recently named the best beach in Europe.

So, if you’re interested in booking a relaxing getaway to one of the best beaches in Europe, feel free to reach out to us at Travel Center. From promotional offers and other cheap flights, there’s no lack of what we can do to make your trip better.

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