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10 Wonderfully Unique / Weird Museums Around the World

Why Weird Museums? 

Oh, you know I’m a total sucker for places like the Louvre & the Metropolitan Museum of Art; but I think we can all agree that sometimes these (incredible) places feel like a drag. Sometimes, you just want something a little out-of-the-ordinary, and who could blame you? It’s your holiday, after all! What’s wrong with wanting something different? That’s why we’ve highlighted 10 weird museums worth visiting!

Top 10 Weird Museums around the world

1) The Museum of Bad Art – Massachusetts, USA

2) The International Spy Museum – Washington D.C., USA

3) The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic – Boscastle, England

4) Meguro Parasitological Museum – Tokyo, Japan

5) The Museum of Broken Relationships – Zagreb, Croatia

6)  The Museum of Sex, New York, USA

7) Museum of Ice Cream, New York, USA

8) Cancun’s Underwater Museum of Art, Mexico

9) The Torture Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10) The Mummy Museum, Guanajuato, Mexico

1) The Museum of Bad Art – Massachusetts, USA

Weird Museums - The Museum of Bad Art

Who needs the Mona Lisa when you’ve got a place full of art so bad even the world’s kindest mother wouldn’t lie about it! This is what the Museum of Bad Art is all about. It plays host to some of the world’s weirdest art you’ll ever see. This place has over 600 pieces & many were scavenged from dumpsters, curbsides or thrift stores, so I guess one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure.

To be included, the art must be original and have been created with sincere intent. So, if you have kids who mess up their art project horribly, you know what to do. #ParentingDoneRight?

2) The International Spy Museum – Washington D.C., USA

Weird Museums - The International Spy Museum

Ever wanted to live out all your spy fantasies minus, ya know, the constant fear of death? Oh, glad I’m not alone! I’m sure you’ll feel right at home in the International Spy Museum. 

Get a unique inside look at the secrets of real-life espionage, and learn about the inventions used by spies worldwide. You’ll also be able to hear real spy stories and even put your skills to the test using industry tools and interactive exhibitions.

Oh, that reminds me – if you want in on some of the best destinations in the USA, feel free to click here.

3) The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic – Boscastle, England

Weird Museums - The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic

I feel like a woman could have done the “oh look, I’m removing my thumb” trick in the 1600’s & people would’ve screamed, “WITCH!”. 

Now, Salem might be the witchcraft hub of the U.S., the largest collection of witchcraft paraphernalia in the world is housed at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, England. The museum documents an array of magic practices, superstitions and rituals with exhibits on the persecution of witches, the practices of various occult beliefs and more.

Yikes! But also, wow at the same time, right? Halloween might be over, but if you’re a fan of strange museums, you might want to click here & also here 😊

4) Meguro Parasitological Museum – Tokyo, Japan

Weird Museums - Meguro Parasitological Museum

You can’t write about weird museums & not talk about the Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo! Did you really think adorable cat cafés and yummy Instant Ramen Museums were all that Japan had to offer? HA! Well, think again, this museum is home to more than 300 parasite specimens, including the world’s longest tapeworm; at least 29 feet long! (Yikes! And yuck!). Other pieces that make you go “bleh” include a preserved dolphin’s stomach and a turtle’s head that have both been overtaken by parasites.

5) The Museum of Broken Relationships – Zagreb, Croatia

Weird Museums - The Museum of Broken Relationships

So, do most of us agree that there’s beauty in heartbreak? No? Just me? Okay. Anyways, taking a virtual tour through The Museum of Broken Relationships, basically put, is your route to finding out how people failed at love. 

Every item on display belongs to somebody’s ex, and all of the pieces represent a story of its own – letting you drown in heart-breaking symbolism and find out what led to the eventual goodbyes of these star-crossed lovers. The experience is aww-evoking, and to be honest, who’d have thought a tube of toothpaste could make me cry.

6) The Museum of Sex, New York, USA

Weird Museums - The Museum of Sex

Listen up, folks – nothing about your sexuality is weird (unless you’re into corpses, I draw the line at necrophilia, I’m sorry). I only included the Museum of Sex here because it offers a unique & educational perspective on the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality. And hey, it never hurts to learn a thing or two about these things, right?

With over 15,000 exhibitions, the museum is committed to addressing a wide range of topics while simultaneously highlighting material and artefacts from different cultures, periods and media.

But don’t worry, at New York’s friskiest museum, you’ll be able to take a break from the educational side & slide into a side that’s a bit more playful – and that’s just the tip of things. From erotic galleries with heart-pounding artworks to bounce castles and a uniquely shaped slide, there’s a lot to enjoy here too!

And listen, I don’t want to come off as cocky, but from what I hear, this place is your ticket to an absolutely thrilling & thoughtful experience all at once. So, here’s to the erection of an incredible time!

Want to know what the theme of the bounce castle is? Well, answer this question – how does one bee scare another bee?

(Admissions are $18, and you can get discounts if you visit in large groups. Also, you’re only allowed entry if you’re 18+).

7) Museum of Ice Cream, New York, USA

Weird Museums - Museum of Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream (unless you are lactose intolerant, of course). Now, is this one of the weird museums in NYC? No, it definitely isn’t. It is, however, incredibly cool (ha, see what I did there?).

Wreathed in pink, this small yet magnificent museum in Soho welcomes you into a world of ice cream cones, rain, sprinkles, cakes, candies, and practically anything sweet. Honestly? It’s perfect.

Plus, why learn about history when you take a dive into the largest Sprinkle Pool and savour new signature ice cream flavours?

This is astonishingly one of the well-liked museums among the weird museums in NYC. So, make sure you book your place at least two weeks before your visit. You’ll need to pay about $39 for admission, but for children under 2, it’s completely free.

8) Cancun’s Underwater Museum of Art, Mexico

Weird Museums - Cancun's Underwater Museum of Art

We can’t talk about strange museums around the world and not focus on a literal museum underwater! That’s right, we may not be the first to say it, but we’re definitely not the last; and that is that Cancun’s underwater museum deserves to be on your weird museum’s wish list.

After all, it’s arguably the largest museum of its kind anywhere on Earth. It combines scuba diving and a visit to a world-class sculpture garden, and it’s in Cancun. Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a recipe for adventure to me.

9) The Torture Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Weird Museums - The Torture Museum

This one doesn’t necessarily fit into the “strange museums”, but it’s one of the more unusual experiences for sure.

Among the lively bars and hotels in the heart of Amsterdam, this sinister museum transports visitors back in time to Europe’s dark history, when torture and execution were commonplace. From the spike-covered inquisition chair to decapitation swords, the museum displays over 40 instruments used in interrogations of suspected criminals, witches, and political prisoners. The museum also educates students on modern torture—still practised in nearly 100 countries— and pledges its support for the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

10) The Mummy Museum, Guanajuato, Mexico

Weird Museums - The Mummy Museum

You’ll find this one-of-a-kind museum In Guanajuato, a small mining town, and a UNESCO World Heritage site, but let me give you guys some context to understand the whole situation.

During the mid-19th century, hundreds of bodies were buried in the Santa Paula Pantheon’s crypts, and if the families were unable to pay a burial tax imposed by the town, the bodies were exhumed. It was then that they discovered the bodies had been mummified through a natural process, likely due to the region’s unique climatic factors.

Today, the ghoulish corpses, including those of infants sit on the display of the Mummy Museum.

Want to see more places in line with the above? Click on our guide to some of the weirdest places in the world here!

How to book a trip full of weird museums?

Well, we might have a variety of great deals & prices published on our page, but you can always tailor-make your trip and include one or two weird museums that have caught your eye when you enquire more or give us a call. Yup, it’s that simple! A multi-centre escape with Croatia, USA & Japan? You got it! A quick retreat to Boscastle? We’ve got you covered on that end as well! So, whatever you need, just let us know. We’ve can help you score a trip to strange museums you’re bound to love.


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