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Top 10 Destinations to visit in the U.S

Spectacular national parks, seemingly endless beaches, and cities filled with sky-high buildings – there are so many places in the USA to explore, that it can be hard to choose where to head to first. Whether you’re thinking of spending a month touring the open roads of this incredible country or you only have a week to check out the highlights, Travel Center UK will be more than glad to be a part of your journey on exploring the best locations in the United States.

1. Los Angeles

Welcome to the glitz and glamour of L.A. where you can mix and mingle with Hollywood’s most famous! While this city is known for the Santa Monica, Sunset Boulevard and Malibu, you can also escape to some of the world’s best cultural venues, including the incredible Getty Centre. If you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids, Los Angeles Zoo is the place for a perfect day out. They even host events for adults from time to time, such as ‘Brew at the L.A. Zoo’ beer tasting. Moreover, you can go shopping on Rodeo Drive, tour Beverly Hills, and walk along the boardwalk in LA’s most famous beachfront neighborhood, Venice Beach.

2. New York City

The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Macy’s, Central Park – with so many incredible landmarks, New York City is one of those places we think everyone should visit at least once. Grab a hot dog from a local street vendor, shop for the latest fashions in Soho or stroll along the High Line, an old-railroad-track-turned-park that features greenery, artwork, and beautiful skyline views and discover the city from above. New York City is a favourite destination for both domestic and international visitors. Everything about is perfect, it offers a unique sort of beauty, from the energetic pace to the intermingling of the centuries-old and modern-day architecture, the many bridges and waterfront views of the Manhattan skyline, and so much more.

3. Washington, D.C

As the capital of the United States. Washington D.C. is a must-visit. But aside from going there because of patriotism, it’s also one of the most exciting, interesting, and travel-friendly destinations in the world. Washington has miles of museums and monuments that make it the perfect place to learn about U.S. history. The famous cherry blossoms are typically in full bloom late March to early April along the Tidal Basin, where you can also see the Jefferson Memorial and memorials to Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Don’t miss the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Veterans memorials on the National Mall. If you want a break from the cultural and political experiences, there are plenty of charming neighborhoods to explore, like Georgetown and Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle.

4. San Francisco

Symbolized by the red rafters of the golden gate bridge, San Francisco is definitely one of the destinations you can’t afford to miss. No matter how many times you visit this city or how long you live there, the views never fail to take your breath away because it is one of the coolest, most modern and friendliest cities in the United States, and it makes for a fantastic holiday destination. The city brings together a huge range of cultures, food, art, and people in one seriously beautiful location that consists of major landmarks, cultural attractions, and streets lined with ornate Victorian homes.

5. Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the nation’s most important buildings, and you can see them all on a guided architecture tour on land or from a boat on Lake Michigan. The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the top art museums in the country, and Millennium Park is Chicago’s newest attraction. But that’s not all, Chicago is also well known for its live music performances and theatres across the city at all times of the day, and most importantly, don’t forget to check out some of the most amazing jazz bars the city has to offer which feature stand up comedy.

6. Sedona

When you visit the desert town of Sedona, Arizona, you’ll be greeted with stunning red rock landscapes, surprisingly lush forests, and a thriving arts scene. Thought to be a place of physical and spiritual healing, the city is frequented by travelers ready to hit the spa or who have embarked on a wellness retreat. There are also plenty of opportunities to hike, bike, and experience the natural beauty of the city. Take a drive of about two hours south of the Grand Canyon to Sedona, which is surrounded by rock formations of many colors that change with the light. So make sure both Sedona and the Grand Canyon are a part of your bucket list.

7. Philadelphia

This city is brimming with U.S. history. It’s home to the iconic Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and more significant sites of the American Revolution. Philadelphia may be the fifth most populated city in the USA, but its relaxed atmosphere makes it feel like a much smaller city. It’s home to the world’s largest landscaped park, Fairmount Park, and has more outdoor artworks than any other American city.

Imagine historic buildings, tree-lined streets, energetic nightlife, an array of sports shows including Ice Hockey, Football or Baseball and that’s Philadelphia in a nutshell.

8. Miami

Sunshine, pastel-hued art decorated buildings and spicy Caribbean food are just a few things that make up the stunning city, Miami. This vibrant city is heavily influenced by great food, exciting nightlife and plenty of dancing at all hours of the day. As it is both a tropical paradise and a multicultural metropolis, Miami is easily one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world, because it offers so much to its visitors, from world-class shopping to authentic Cuban cuisine, there’s no shortage of excitement and beauty in this sunshine state locale. Make sure you have enough time to visit this paradise.

9. Hawaii

Say “aloha” to Hawaii, a quintessential island paradise. From the natural beauty of its beaches and volcanoes to its rich Pacific culture, Hawaii is the perfect destination if you’re looking to really get away from it all. It’s definitely a relaxing oasis with the perfect weather. Spend your time under a myriad of tall palm trees on the white sand beaches, shopping for local trinkets, hiking on the island of Kauai, seeing humpback whales in Maui, or playing with fire at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Not to mention, you can also surf and swim if your heart seeks it.

10. New Orleans

Brimming with personality and character, New Orleans is perhaps the most unique and culturally distinct city in the country. Enjoy delicious Creole cuisine and beignets, jazz performances, Disneyland-esque architecture in the French Quarter, and rich history around every corner. For the most authentic experience, stay in the French Quarter, where you will be close to legendary restaurants and streets, like Bourbon. And within a short drive from Frenchman Street, where you can hear the famous music the city is constantly praised for.

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