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Did You Know These 10 Weirdest Places on Earth Exist?

You chose to read this article because you are daring. I like that. So, before you plunge in to read, here’s a quick question.

How would you define ‘weird’?

A mountain naturally painted in rainbow colours or, a church that’s embellished with skeletons of 40,000 – 70, 000 people?

Well, you can tell us your answers in the comments, but once you have checked out these weirdest places on earth!

To start with, let’s walk into the door to hell. (Shall we?) 

Darvaza Gas Crater (Gates of Hell) in Turkmenistan

How on earth did such a crater form? You’ll read many stories that try to justify, but honestly, it remains a mystery. Its formation story is like, the desert in Turkmenistan just opened up with fire in it, in 1971 and has been burning ever since! As weird as it may sound, the Darvaza crater also looks like a replica of hell’s entrance on earth. 

Weirdest places on earth - Darvaza Gas Crater

Another place out of all the weird places on google earth we came across was,

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada

You may have come across a lot of traditions followed by various people and said, ‘That’s weird’. The practice of hanging coffins on rock faces or within caves in the cliffs of Sagada is such. It’s a tradition of the Sagada people to hang the coffins because they believed it elevated the spirits in the afterlife There are also weird facts about how the corpse is ‘dragged’ to the coffin and balled into a foetal position. Why ‘drag’ the corpse is because the people believed the blood smear from the corpse brings success to those who come in contact with it. The foetal position then? It is because they believe the dead must return back the same way they came into this world!

But my thought is, imagine trailing the Sagada cliffs to get a splendid view of the sunset, then ending up with a view of the cliff’s face with all these coffins! 

Speaking of weird sights, you should take a look at the artwork of Viejo Rönkkönen at,

The Viejo Rönkkönen Park in Finland

A stroll in this park does not give you joy, but a lot of chills up your spine. Because, you’ll find hidden statues of women washing clothes, statues of traditional dancers and people practising extreme yoga poses. It’s very artistic, yes, but most of these bodies are distorted and twisted!

All these statues aren’t kept somewhere else, but in the garden of the house, Viejo had lived in. He was the lonely artists who sculptured all these statues. Records say that he had never come out to talk to people. His only way of communication had been through a notebook that was kept near one of those statues. You know now that it’s not just the art that’s weird here, but the artist too! 

Next, for the squeamish people out there (not);

Gomantong Caves in Malaysia

What can bring a cave in Malaysia to the list of weirdest places on earth? Your question is right. But this cave is not ordinary! You can expect a million bats in this cave in Malaysia. Definitely, a weird cave to walk into, with all the bats running into your face. Right?

But that’s not just it. The Gomantong cave is blanketed with cockroaches that you can feel crawling up your legs as you enter into the cave. Now, that’s the best part about these weirdest places on earth! It makes you cringe, then shake. If you are considering a visit, you might as well have to clip your nose, because the cave stinks! (What do you expect, with all the guano from the million bats in the cave?)

YouTube Source: Amazing Borneo


What follows this in the list of weirdest places on earth, is a weirdly friendly.

Aoshima (Cat Island) in Japan

If you are a crazy cat lover, this Island might be a heaven on earth for you. But, if you aren’t, then here’s the weird fact: in Aoshima Island in Japan, the population of cats outnumbers the human population! On visiting this Island, you might as well want to learn the cat language, because you’ll get more cats to talk to than you’ll have people.

YouTube Source: CBS Sunday Morning

Speaking of outnumbering human population, this house in New Hamburg is owned by dolls!

The Eccentric House in New Hamburg

Imagine seeing dolls dress up every day and sit outside reading books about ‘Pregnancy and Infant Hair Care’? Weird, isn’t it?

The Eccentric House or the John Lawson house in New Hamburg is a house occupied by well-dressed dolls. By ‘well-dressed’, it means the dolls change clothes, wear makeup and attractive jewelleries. This happens every day! The owners of the house have never been seen ever since a fire in 1877. Some records say that people have also noticed light through the thick drapes covering the windows.

What’s weirder is the fact that these dolls mimic human behaviour and disappear when the sunsets.

YouTube Source: Explore Waterloo Region


Snake Island in Brazil

An Island that’s home to some of the poisonous snakes in the world, could sound normal. But we are talking about an Island full of snakes here!

Ilha de Queimada Grande has more than 4000 snakes residing in it. The number cannot be specific, but it sure includes the golden lancehead. The lancehead is so venomous that it can melt the human flesh with its poison. Well, can’t deny when they say, it is one of the most venomous vipers in the world!

I know some of you venturesome readers want to visit the Island right away! But the Brazilian navy says ‘NO!’

The Snake Island is forbidden for anybody who wants to visit it. Maybe a little unfortunate for you adventure seekers, but it’s for safety. I mean, would you want to risk your life, if you know the Island was actually sealed after a fisherman was found dead in a pool of blood in his own boat?

Oh, and if you still want to encounter this weirdest place on earth, do it virtually! It’s definitely among the weirdest places on google earth!

YouTube Source: Nat Geo WILD

Next, the mysterious forest from the list of weirdest places on earth;

Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania

Any forest would look eerie for those who have watched the entire Dark series. But, this crooked forest in Romania is bizarre. Not because of its weird remoteness, but also book of its crooked trees. The weird fact here is not the shape, but the mystery unsolved about how it got such a shape. Some people say its alien encounters, but the rest are all in strange doubts. What’s weirder is the stories about people disappearing into this forest and, the fact that the central area of this forest is completely barren!

Weirdest places on earth - Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania

Talking about ‘disappearing’, here’s another mystery spot in the list,

The Catacombs of Paris

The next time you visit Paris, you might as well consider visiting the Catacombs but with safety measures! Because, chances are that, you may never find your way out.

I am not even exaggerating. There’s been clear evidence of the doorman going missing at the Catacombs, himself!

He had wandered the catacombs in 1793 and lost his way out, is what records say. His body has been identified in the ossuary only eleven years later!!. These underground ossuaries in Paris store the remains of several million Parisians!

Weirdest places on earth - The Catacombs of Paris

Yes, it’s more like an empire of death. The reason as to why there’s such a weird place in a city like Paris remains a question. But historically it is mentioned that these ossuaries were used to dump corpses when the cemeteries started to overflow with graves!!

I saved the next one till the end because it’s one of the weirdest places on earth you’ll ever see!

Lake Natron in Africa

As deadly and terrifying as it seems, this lake is weirdly known for its quality of turning dead animals into statues! The presence of intense Natron in the lake calcifies these dead animals, turning them into mummies!!

What is weirder about this Petrifying Lake is its connection with the near-threatened Lesser Flamingos. While this deadly lake calcifies dead animals, it remains as the home to the highest number of Lesser Flamingos in the world!

Weirdest places on earth - Lake Natron in Africa

You can either add these places to your travel bucket 2021 or look for the weirdest places on earth, on google earth!

Or, check out our article on the Top 5 places to visit if you love dark tourism!


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