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Top 9 Things Croatia is Famous For

Croatia, a tranquil, natural beauty encircled by picturesque walled towns, is an ideal escape from the fast-paced world that we live in.

This paradise Croatia is a favourite destination and one of the most visited in the Mediterranean. A place with an impressive range of places waiting to be discovered, many activities to engage in and friendly locals. So, what is Croatia famous for? As a popular destination among travellers, attracted by its sheer natural beauty, warm sunny weather, lush green parks, stunning lakes, beautiful waterfalls, diverse islands with pristine beaches, rich cultural and historical sites. Read on below to see the top things Croatia is famous for in no particular order. Let’s start with the obvious ones. 

Warm Sunny Weather

If warm sunny days are on your mind, then Croatia is a place where you will find up to 12 hours of sunshine a day in May and June, and in July and August. Even in the colder or wetter months like October, the weather continues to be warm and pleasant, offering 11 hours of sunlight. 

Croatia Warm Sunny Weather

Affordable Holidays

Well, I wouldn’t worry too much about the cost of flights and hotels in Croatia, and finding something affordable is never a problem. As always, Travel Center UK is always at hand to help you snag yourself a great travel deal, and you can find good value for the money you spend on an affordable luxury holiday. 

Affordable Holidays

Pristine Beaches

If you ask me just one reason why anyone should visit Croatia, then I would say the BEACHES. Croatia is blessed with stunning white pebble stoned beaches and clear blue waters. With many popular and postcard-worthy beaches, to gorgeous off-the-beaten-path beach locations on the mainland.

Croatia Pristine Beaches

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Croatia is famous for the UNESCO-listed sites such as Plitvice Lakes and Krka, with their astonishing lakes and waterfalls. It is also home to eight national parks such as Paklenica, Risnjak, Kornati Islands and Mljet Island to experience a lush paradise otherworldly natural beauty on a big scale, on serene and unspoilt lands.

Rich History

Croatia is famous for plenty of historical sites. Croatia was once a place that was touched by Venetians, Habsburgs, Greeks, Illyrians and Romans who left traces of forts, forums, monuments such as the remains of Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Among the ancient Roman empire, you’ll find hidden bars, restaurants and shops. Even one of the world’s best-preserved, a first-century Roman amphitheater can be found in Croatia. 

Croatia Rich History

Outdoor Activities

There’s plenty of outdoor activities that Croatia is famous for. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea, windsurfing, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, rafting and more. In Split & Dubrovnik and Rovinj famous for brilliant beaches, sailing, kayaking, hiking and rock climbing. Croatia’s top rock-climbing destination and hiking trails can be found in Paklenica National Park, Kopački Rit Nature Park and Risnjak National Park. Not forgetting Mt Medvednica for skiing during winter. If you are a night owl and love to party, Croatia is famous as a hot spot in the nightlife circuit, with an array of options, from beach parties to groovy nightclubs meccas.

Delectable Cuisine

The cuisine has always been on top of my list when it comes to travelling. The food alone is a significant reason to visit Croatia. If you are looking for an authentic taste of the cuisine, you have got to try the best homegrown ingredients and fresh fish and seafood which are used in traditional dishes. Oh, and of course, there’s the unique Croatian wine and coffee that Croatia is famous for.

Delectable Cuisine

Game of Thrones and Medieval Appeal

Here’s a treat for all you Game of Thrones fans, the epic fantasy series brought much fame to the Croatian landscapes, with its medieval appeal. The capital of Croatia is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It became the site to have featured in Dubrovnik, where the city walls and forts displayed King’s Landing; elegant Trsteno Arboretum on the city’s outskirts, that transformed into the famous Red Keep’s gardens; and more can be witnessed on a visit here.

Where to stay in Croatia

We all know Croatia is all about pristine beaches, lush nature and striking vistas, but another fact is that Croatia is famous for several accommodation choices too. If you wish to dwell in affordable, star-class luxury and just moments from the beach, then I would recommend this beautiful hotel settled right by the pristine shores in Dubrovnik. ‘Hotel More’, is an elegant luxury boutique hotel, located by the sea in serene Lapad Bay, which is one of the most attractive sites in the region of Dubrovnik. Listen to the sweet whispers of the sea, breathe in the salty air as you take in the striking views into the blue sea. You can expect nothing but pure indulgence in luxury rooms and suites, adorned with lush decor, combined with warmth and radiance, which will enhance your holiday at Hotel More, creating a memorable stay. I mean, can you ask for more when you’ve got a beautiful sunny beach with clear blue shores and an enticing holiday in Croatia!

Where to stay in Croatia

Croatia is famous for pristine beaches with warm sunny weather to engaging activities, delightful meals and has something to please anyone’s holiday wish. Call Travel Center right now and speak to our travel experts for the best holiday deals available and plan your trip and its guaranteed that you will not be disappointed. So, don’t delay.

Call us now and grab this deal before it’s too late!


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