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South America: Your chance to experience a different rhythm of life

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow, and that is exactly what awaits travellers in South America. With countries that are an unrivaled wellspring of history and culture, travellers are lulled into a reverie by the excruciatingly beautiful landscapes and mountains that dominate the countries of the continent. Here is the list of countries in South America that are bound to spark the curiosity of any travell

Here is the list of Countries in South America that are bound to spark the curiosity on any traveller and is sure to give meaning to the word ‘wanderlust’. So be sure to book the cheapest flights with Travel Center UK.

1. Colombia

Cartagena – the colonial city in Colombia is a beautifully set city

Experience the impeccable elegance of Colombia’s historical monuments first hand with the best flight deals to Bogota from Travel Center UK. Feast your eyes upon the magnificent Museo Santa Clara, the oldest church in all of Colombia. Visit Cartagena, to enjoy a wave of happiness while relaxing on the white sand beaches under the palm trees. But that’s not the only attraction in Cartagena, visit the palace of inquisition to set your gaze upon the historic artifacts and relics that have survived the damaging effects of time and set an example of what the past held in its grasp.

2. Brazil

A group of skydiving friends having fun in the skies. Soft focus in background. Ibiraquera Brazil.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Brazil and get a glimpse of its unforgivingly beautiful landscapes that are highlighted in Rio de Janeiro through activities like sky diving and bird watching. But that’s not the only visually impressive sight Brazil has to offer, Visit the Iguazu falls to be replenished and restore your sense of tranquility, and if you happen to enjoy huge parties Rio has you covered in that aspect as well, dance the night away with your friends in the annual carnival in Rio de Janeiro with colorful parades, great music, and costumes which will go on for about 5 days.

3. Argentina

Masculine hand holding glass of Tint wine with Andes and Winery in Mendoza, Argentina

Set foot on the largest Spanish speaking country in South America and prepare to be amazed by the grand scope of its beauty. From sleek architecture to glorious natural reserves, Argentina has it all. Indulge and intrigue your taste buds by savouring every moment you spend drinking the finest wine they produce or by trying the steak that is guaranteed to leave anyone who tries it wanting more, but that’s not all, Argentina also boasts a rich cultural and artistic heritage so be sure to visit Bueno Aires and linger there for a while to walk through the one and only Caminito street museum to have a wonderfully colorful time.

4. Chile

Torres del Paine

Escape the heat by travelling to chile, enjoy the view of countless mountains covered in snow and the cool breath of the icy wind. With its breath-taking landscapes and diversity, chile is the perfect destination for all nature lovers. Visit the Easter island to look at the iconic moai statues that are the main attraction to countless travellers worldwide.

And don’t forget to help yourselves by visiting the restaurants in Valparaiso which is very close to Santiago (the capital of Chile) the food is affordable and exquisite, what more can you want?

So, make sure chile is one of your choices in the countries you want to visit and be sure to check it off the list soon because there’s no time like the present.

5. Paraguay

Palacio de los Lopez of impressive architecture in central part of Asuncion

Visit Asuncion in Paraguay to go back in time and visit colonial buildings that have existed for more than 65 years. Tours of the museum and presidential buildings take place in English so that everyone can interact easily and understand the heart of everything that unfolded throughout time in Paraguay.

For those of you who adore history this is definitely the place you have to visit, and for those of you who may find history less enjoyable, don’t forget that all of these buildings are ‘social media approved’ all the pictures you take are sure to give off a rustic vibe to your social media feed. So, you see, visiting Paraguay is a win-win situation for everyone.

6. Bolivia

Laguna Verde is a stunning place in Bolivian Altiplano, near Atacama in Chile

Bolivia might be a small country but the impact it’s going to have on you is not, not everyone knows about how about the perfection that resides within it, even if it is a tiny landlocked country. Visit Laguna Verde to rejuvenate your energy while adoring the mesmerizing view after a tiring day of exploration, this is truly one of the best ways to enrich the mind as well as your soul. Bolivia is also known for the great train graveyard it has that tourists can see to learn about how in colonial times trains were a part of everyone’s life, explore this diverse and soul mesmerizingly beautiful country soon to have a great vacation or to have a great time in general.

7. Uruguay

Hand Sculpture, the symbol of Punta del Este, Uruguay

Uruguay is not always the first choice when it comes to choosing the country you want to visit but what most do not know is that Uruguay is a gem in disguise that is often overlooked because of what most people hear through the grapevine. For instance, Uruguay is known for its artistic and vibrant culture, visit the la mano sculpture which  depicts a human hand emerging from the sands of Brava beach in Punta del Este, but that’s not all, there are tons of places you can visit such as the Cerro Arequita where you can camp and spend the night over a bonfire, sharing horror stories and appreciating the overwhelming beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

8. Peru

Tourists couple stand and look afar at Rainbow Mountains, Cusco, Peru.

What mostly happens in Peru is that travellers often go to the most generic places that everyone has already explored and so, the experience that comes along with it does not stem from anything special. Why visit the ordinary when you can have a chance to see the extraordinary? Visit some of the less popular but equally extravagant places in Peru like the rainbow mountain where you walk through a literal spectrum of colors, visit the humantay lake which is a prime example of nature at its best or visit the Pisac market where you get a chance to be in the shoes of a Peruvian and get a more localized view of how the Peruvian lifestyle is.

Soar high above the clouds and visit your dream destination with Travel Center UK today! Our team of experienced travel experts is fully capable of giving you the best flight deals to a country in South America. It is no doubt that making preparations for your trip can be certainly nerve wrecking but rest assured our travel consultants are both theoretically and practically equipped to help you. We have also teamed up with world class airlines to ensure that you travel safely and in comfort so that we can make your dream of visiting country a reality that you can live in.


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