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With the dawn of every new year comes a world of possibilities with adventure waiting at every turn. And what greater adventure that getting out there, exploring a new destination and experiencing life from an entirely new perspective? No matter what your New Year resolutions may be, traveling would certainly top the list and the key to good travel is planning.

While travel destinations are aplenty, here are the top 10 must visit destinations in 2019:

The Philippines

The lure of a white sand tropical paradise is too tempting to resist. Flaunting some of the most pristine beaches in the world, the Philippines is all about powder white sand, low-strung hammocks, pastel sunsets, and glimmering waters. With plenty of watersport activities, there will be no shortage of things to do here.

Berlin, Germany

Less than 30 years ago, Berlin was a bleak, dark and a divided city but it now, it has transformed itself into one of the most attractive cultural capitals in Europe. With a great food scene, thriving art and music, Berlin is where history echoes within the walls.


Bhutan is a magical destination where the air is thick with incense and glorious villages that still hold an old-world charm. Explore and experience the culture of Bhutan, visit the magnificent temple fortresses around the country, tackle an exhilarating trail and relax in exclusive resorts – in Bhutan, it’s all about being in the place and relishing it all.

Sri Lanka

Nearly ten years after the end of a brutal civil war, Sri Lanka has steadily rebuilt itself as a top tourist destination, thanks to improved transport links, luxurious hotels and a growing number of activities to indulge in. Flaunting an array of cultures and religions, Sri Lanka abounds with timeless temples, rich wildlife, architectural marvels, and colorful festivals. Some not-to-be-missed experiences include a visit to the ancient Rock Fortress in Sigiriya, watching the 300-strong elephant gathering at the Minneriya National Park and hiking through the Hill Country.

Meknès, Morocco

Meknès, located in north Morocco is a stunning city that shares glimpses of its imperial past in the form of glorious remnants. While this destination is still deemed as a hidden gem, it’s picking up in popularity and is now a favorite travel destination for 2019. Meknès is one of those cities that enjoy the best of both worlds with its historical buildings standing adjacent modern ones, leaving tourists with much to explore.

Zadar, Croatia

A lovely port city, Zadar is famous for its medieval churches Roman ruins and cosmopolitan ambiance. Wander through the streets of Zadar as you explore the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation which are two famous art installations that offer a glorious experience melding the sounds and sights of the area.


Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is steeped in history and culture. According to Buddhist legends, the Valley was built on a bed of a sacred valley. Today, Kathmandu is a bustling city that is also a top backpacking destination. The patchwork of towns, streets, and fields with artisans showcasing their work, tantalizing local food to sample and welcoming locals make it a truly magical city to explore.

Shēnzhèn, China

Shēnzhèn, one of China’s most beloved mega metropolises is a beautiful destination that is nestled next to the Pearl River. Since the 1980s, millions of people have migrated here and tourists are particularly drawn to the shopping scene here that boasts of huge malls with endless designer boutiques.

Copenhagen, Denmark

While Copenhagen has been a popular tourists destination for years, 2019 is an especially great time to visit. Home to stunning architecture, beautiful gardens and iconic attractions, Copenhagen is a destination that will keep you wanting for more.

Mexico City

Colorful, vibrant and loud, there is no place like Mexico! The city has been revamping its old building and public spaces and hence, the cultural and culinary scene is exploding, literally. It’s a destination that needs to be experienced.

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