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The Best Attractions to Visit in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sofia is a metropolis where old-fashioned, chic and hippie lifestyles flourish similarly, a location with numerous features that you could devote weeks touring. Each journey begins with one step, though, so here are some of the top attractions to begin with when you tour the lively metropolis of Bulgaria. Book a flight now and experience this destination and all it has to offer!

Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the largest Orthodox Christian churches in the world and one of the emblems of Sofia. You could see its gleaming gold-coated roofs from numerous, frequently surprising portions of the metropolis– they are occasionally looking amid the ceilings of two structures or you could spot their sparkling reflection in the puddles following the showers. It was constructed in Neo-Byzantine type to pay tribute to the Russians that perished in the Russo-Turkish battle of 1877-78, the battle that led to the freedom of Bulgaria. They say you could catch the resonation of its 12 huge bells from nine miles away (15 km).

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the center of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria against the blue morning sky with colorful clouds

The Square of Religious Tolerance.

Sofia is pleased with its wealthy traditional history and the spiritual concord that it has conserved over the years. It is one of the few spots in the world where you could tour four locations of the devotion of four main faiths in a couple of lanes of each other. These are the Saint Nedelya Orthodox Church, the Banya Bashi Mosque, the Synagogue, and the Saint Joseph Catholic Cathedral – creating a courtyard when observed from overhead – recognized as the Square of Religious Tolerance.

The old mosque in the town of Samokov, Bulgaria. Sunny winter day with white snow and blue sky

The Crypts of Saint Sophia Basilica.

There are several myths about the roots of the title Sofia, but historians say that the once tiny town was titled after the Basilica of Saint Sophia. This red-slab church was constructed during Roman times, working as a mosque and a fire-brigade keep in following years. As a vast burial location was found below its floor, you could tour the church’s crypts and get lost in a maze of historic burial chambers and passageways.

The Sofia History Gallery.

Dive into the past of Sofia, from Roman eras when it was the preferred metropolis of the Roman ruler Constantine the Great (he is cited saying ‘Serdica is my Rome’) until the present day. There’s an extensive variety of pictures and shows from the bygone days, a king’s golden carriage, one of the initial cars in Sofia and even an old-fashioned tram (half a tram, parked in the gallery).

National History Gallery.

History fans can simply occupy an entire day in the many rooms of the National History Museum, touring the history of the Bulgarian terrains. With tens of thousands of displays, it keeps the largest riches of the Bulgarian history, amid them the popular golden Thracian gem. You would discover about the First and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, its rulers (known as tsars in Bulgarian), highs and lows. Organize for about a half a day for the National History Museum and remember that it is out of the metropolitan hub.

The Sofia Sculpture.

Back during the communist period, the sculpture of Lenin was standing where nowadays the shrine of Sofia is situated. One of the emblems of the Bulgarian metropolis, this sculpture figuratively blends spiritual and pagan ideas of Sophia – holding a wreath, emblem of the triumph, in one hand and historic coins in the other. An owl, an emblem of understanding, is resting on its left arm.

Monument of Saint Sofia. Sofia, Bulgaria

Borisova Gradina Park and Yuzhen Park (South Park).

Sofia is a green metropolis with several parks where its occupants are concealed from the loud, frantic city vibe. The largest amid them, Borisova Gradina Park, is situated in the very middle of Sofia, though it was initially on the borders of the metropolis. Yuzhen Park (South Park) is another preferred green location of the occupants of Sofia next to the mid sector. In many parks of Sofia, various outdoor pursuits like concerts, outdoor movie showings, and festivals happen during the summer.

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