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Top 10 Things to Eat while in Botswana

The exquisite foods of Botswana add immense pleasure to your trip to Botswana that is already packed with thrills and amusements.

1. Seswaa

Seswaa is a traditional meat dish of Botswana which is made out of any type of meat (beef, chicken, lamb or goat). The meat is cured with salt and pepper and then boiled over a slow fire for a few hours. Once the meat is tender it is shredded or pounded using a pestala dn mortar.

Botswana cuisine: seswaa beef stew with pap porridge and spinach close-up on a plate on a table.

2. Serobe

The use of all animal parts for consumption has been a tradition which was used by the many tribes in Botswana and is yet practiced. This meal is one such which is made out of cow or goat or cow intestines. The intestines are seasoned well with fragrant spices and curry powder, giving it a distinctive taste.

3. Mofago

This dish which is made out of chicken meat has the meat been cured in salt for a few hours, giving it a predominantly salty taste, the meat is then sliced and sautéed in oil along with peppers and onions.

4. Segwapa

This delicacy dates back to the colonial days when meat was cured and dried as a method of preservation. This dried meat is a must-have on your trip to Botswana and can be carried around and snacked at any time.

5. Bogobe

This porridge based food consists of two main ingredients which are sorghum (mealie meal) and boiled water or sour cream. Maintaining a pulp like consistency, a variant of ingredients can be added to it in order to create a unique and nourishing meal.

6. Dikgobe

This dish which is a combination of peas and beans is cooked in a savory sauce and is eaten with the traditional maize meal.

 7. Delele

Consisting of Okra, this is a traditional Botswana recipe also known as derere. The Okra is cut into pieces and coated with a mixture of flour and spices, and then deep fried.

8. Matemekwane

Similar to dumplings, these are made from corn starch or corn flour. They are usually eaten accompanied by a bowl of soup or dip.

9. Mmasekuku

This being the local bread is made out of flour which is mixed with water, salt and a rising agent and then baked in a firewood oven, giving it a unique burnt taste.

10. Vetkoek

This doughnut like delicacy is made out of dough which is fried. It comes in two variants which are sweet and spicy. The sweet option is filled with jam or honey while the spicy option is filled with a mixture of ground meats and spices.

South African Vetkoek aka Fat Cake, crispy outside and warm and fluffy inside filled with  minced curry close-up on the table
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