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My visit to Sigiriya – Sri Lanka

This holiday season, we planned our holiday to South Asia, where we first visited Sri Lanka. We traveled to so many places in that country but our visit to Sigiriya will remain in our memories forever. My goodness, it was an astounding place to visit. I, my husband and our two little-ones really enjoyed our holiday this time.

Prior our visit, I read some online articles about the places, which in-fact initially created our desire to visit this place, so now I thought of penning my experience to people like me, who do some online research to plan their holidays.

Sigiriya in one word is amazing. A must visit place in Sri Lanka. If your interests are in the field of Arts, Architecture, history, nature and etc. then Sigiriya is the place you should visit. Fortunately, I met a group of school kids, who had come there on an educational tour who taught me so many things, which I’m going to share with you. 1600 years back King Kashyapa had made this rock to be his fortress. There are some great paintings, which they call it to be ‘Frescos” and I was told that those pictures of those beautiful ladies were in King’s harem. These are the best-preserved paintings that I’ve ever seen in my life, those paintings which are 1600 years old still, look great and fresh. If you are into arts and crafts, don’t miss visiting this place.

There were many astounding sites that you can see and one such thing was the mirror wall. I couldn’t ever believe that a reflective wall still persists even after 1600 years. Even if you visit this place today, you will still see this very wall reflect your image. Undoubtedly it will not fail to astonish any one of us. Also, not to forget the lion stair ways, which proves Sri Lankan architectural knowledge during the ancient time, is remarkable. Maybe that’s why they even resemble the lion in the Sri Lankan Flag.

We went on Elephant rides which my kids really enjoyed to the core and few pics that we clicked when we were on the ride had been framed and placed in their rooms. You could also find a museum in Sigiriya, which has some historical monuments, which resembles the history of Sigiriya. I would reckon, that everyone who visits Sigiriya should also visit this museum as it explains a lot of history about the place, which will make your kiddos grasp some learning, while they enjoy. There are places where you could shop, textiles, wood works, and more importantly Sri Lankan tea, Oh my god, they taste the best in the world.

Please wear a loose outfit as the place is a bit humid and don’t fail to take your sunglasses with you. I would also recommend Hotel Sigiriya, which is an amicable place to stay and more importantly Travel Center UK, who got me flights at a very cheaper rate. As four of us were on this holiday, we had to plan out our budgets accordingly, for which Travel Center UK, immensely get us to manage our costs effectively. Thank you Sigiriya, Thank you Travel Center UK and thanks to all the Sri Lankan folks, who made our holiday a lifetime experience.

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