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Hottest destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in December

Top 7 destinations to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in December

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are one of the most anticipated festivals celebrated throughout the world. Each continent has its own ways of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and different ways of honouring the end of the old and the beginning of the new year.

Though, isn’t it boring to celebrate an annual festival like Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a familiar place with the same customs and same traditions? Why don’t you plan a trip to try out something entirely new? The cultures around the world are so diverse that you can find something new every year! Wondering where will be that hottest destination to boost your festive spirit? Let me help you with my top picked hottest places to celebrate Christmas and New year.

New York City, United States

New York City, United States

New York City in December is truly mesmerizing. It’s beautiful to see how snow blankets the whole city giving us holiday spirit to celebrate Christmas. When you are here there are plenty of things to do. From strolling through the winter markets to shopping unique gifts and skating in the ice rinks you will enjoy the best that New York has to offer you in December.

Don’t miss to take amazing pictures when the Christmas Tree in the Rockefeller Center shines in glory at night. The city is decorated with Christmas decorations and beautiful Christmas lights which will take your breath away.

Visit New York in December to be a part of city’s popular gatherings in Times Square at the end of the year, featuring known musicians and the famous Ball Drop. Wanting to know more about the Ball Drop event in details? Read: Live your American dream with upcoming events

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is a country world renown for their grand festivals and colourful parades. Wanting this Christmas and the New Year’s Eve to be vivid and cheerful? Then Rio will be the perfect choice to visit in December. Rio pride itself for hosting the world’s largest and the wildest New Year’s Eve party in December. Every end of year millions of people from all over the world squeeze into Rio’s iconic Copacabana Beach to enjoy live music, dance and to witness colourful fireworks at midnight. If you been long looking to know about Brazilian culture, remember New Year’s Eve is the ideal time to do so!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland has its own ways of celebrating festivities. Even the last day of the year is called ‘Hogmanay’. If you are only here for Christmas, then you will regret missing the most beautiful torchlight procession on 30th of December. So, it’s better to plan your stay up for a week to get the most out of Scotland festival celebrations.

Enjoy massive street parties, outdoor concerts and when clock strike 12 be awestruck by the fireworks that bursting over from the Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh is filled with festive spirits on the day of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you are looking for seamless fun, then you will probably not find a better place than Edinburgh.

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Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

Hong-Kong has some of the best festivals to keep you captive. If you plan to visit Hong Kong in December? There is a visual feast awaits you with a display of acrobatics, traditional drumming and dancing dragons. Make sure to witness the ball drop at the Times Square shopping mall.

The Ball Drop! Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Exactly, it’s somewhat similar to the New York city’s ball drop celebration, though Hong Kong version will be truly exceptional to experience. There is no better way of experiencing different cultures and traditions than witnessing its exciting and visually stunning festivals.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Germany is long known for its party scene which entices millions of party-goers with its heart-thumping dance clubs and upscale bars. Can you even imagine how the capital of Germany would look during Christmas and New year? It’s worth revelling it to heat things up this winter season.

In Germany, people call New Year’s Eve as ‘Silvester’. Take a moment to see the beautiful firework show at midnight, grab a beer and hit the dance floor till dawn or longer. Pay a visit to Germany to celebrate Christmas and the New Year once in a lifetime!



The Bahamas is one of those hotter regions of the world to have some sun fun during any time of the year. When it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Bahamas get more exciting with street parades featuring live music, street performers, and vivid costumes. For something more vibrant, visit the beach and get along with locals to witness fireworks around the islands. You will have the chance to get to know more exciting cultures as well!

Christmas and New Year isn’t meant to be always cold and snowy winters, break the stereotype and try out something new? The Bahamas is one of the best places in the world that will keep you warmer throughout December.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

December is the darkest month of the year in Iceland. Since it’s located so close to the arctic circle, the country will have only four hours of daylight during December.

When it comes to Christmas and New Year Icelanders commemorate with a bonfire, social gatherings, sing and dance.

Make sure to capture the best moment for your Instagram photos when fireworks kick off from every corner of Reykjavik.

Go on a Santa Claus hunt in Reykjavik and make sure to find all 13 hidden hologram Santa Clauses around the city. Tip: They will be hiding in windows and on buildings!

Don’t forget to try out some warm coffee and hot chocolate with Icelandic pastries which will be a perfect combination to beat the cold weather.

Are you thinking about visiting somewhere to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve? If so, these destinations will surely meet your expectations! Book your ticket now from Travel Center and get ready for a getaway filled with Christmas spirit.


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