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Top 5 Islands in Greece to Visit

Greece is always on the top of everyone’s bucket list, which includes me as well. What makes this country so distinctive you may ask? Well, the list is endless, but if we want to narrow it down, then we would have to mention the flavourful depth of its cuisine, the blissful bays that are in complete tandem with its immaculate islands and its unwavering history that has become the life force of the country, attracting almost every traveller to embrace its unforgotten beauty.

Greece is simply for everyone! Whether you’re a solo traveller or travelling with your partner or with your family, it’s almost certain that you’re going to have an inexorably wondrous time. Not that you need our validation, but we’ve put together the best islands in Greece just for you, so make sure you visit these islands at all costs! Even though we all know there’s no such thing as the top 5 islands in Greece when simply all of Greece is an extraordinary sight to behold.


With dazzling panoramic views, gasp-worthy cliffs, and alluring sunsets that have an unparalleled amount of splendour, Santorini is easily one of the many marvellous aspects of Greece. Visit the island for a serene getaway and lounge among whitewashed buildings as you listen to gentle splashes of the ocean’s waves. Witness this beloved island first hand and you’ll make memories you never get bored of thinking.

Things to Do
  • Hike the caldera path between Fira and Oia
  • Try the exquisite range of food available
  • Visit ancient Akrotiri and Pyrgos
  • Try a Santorini shore excursion for cruise passengers, like the Sunset Cruise, the Santorini photography tour or the Luxury Catamaran Day Cruise.
  • Visit some of its Prehistoric museums


If you’re a fellow night owl, then get ready to take things up a notch from spending long hours on your phone to diving into the vibrant nightlife of Mykonos! With countless clubs and bars for you to visit, Mykonos is definitely every party animal’s dream. Even if you don’t classify yourself as an exuberantly social human being, try to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new! Maybe you’ll find something new that you will grow fond of in the years to come. But that’s not all Mykonos has to offer, your visit to Mykonos can be enlightening as well! The island is home to a vast array of museums and it could also be the ideal setting for a date, as a seaside dinner at the golden hour is likely to create lingering moments you’ll never forget.

Things to do
  • Visit the windmills of Mykonos
  • Visit Matogianni street
  • Visit Delos, one of Greece’s most treasured archaeological sites
  • Visit some of the best beaches and nightclubs you’ll ever find.


Dive into crystal clear waters, set your gaze on monuments of the past or walk through vivacious valleys in Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands. Rhodes is a maze of the very best, where every path leads to an inevitable abundance of memories, as the island boasts an incomparable variety of beaches, night clubs, parks, and religious sites. Visiting Rodes will the next step travellers need to take to exploring the best of everything! It is considered to offer a bit of everything, the nightlife of Mykonos, the thriving scenery of Corfu and the historic museums of Santorini. There’s no doubt you’ll find everything you need in Rhodes.

Things to Do 
  • Visit Rhodes Town, Lindos and Faliraki, some of Rhodes most popular cities
  • Visit the Faliraki Water Park
  • Visit Meltemi, a waterfront restaurant nestled in the sands of Elli Beach.
  • Visit the Palace of the Grand Master


Corfu is one of the most popular of Greece’s islands and it is truly not hard to see why people wouldn’t love this cultural paradise. If you want a holiday that blends an endlessly enthralling tradition with idyllic beaches, then look no further because that is exactly what Corfu has to offer. Walk through valleys that are lush with trees, explore stunning coves, indulge in what people describe to be the best smorgasbord of sea food you’ll ever taste and experience the many other things that the island has to give you on your next holiday.

Things to Do
  • Rent a boat and have a cruise on your own
  • Visit Corfu Town
  • Visit an ancient monastery
  • Swimming at the Canal d’amour in Sidari
  • Go mountain biking around Corfu


Blooming with Cycladic beauty and bustling with activity, Paros is definitely one of a traveller’s favourite destination in Summer. There’s a plethora of activities to do, from wandering the roads during the last rays of daylight to doing something more thrilling on the endless beaches, like windsurfing, kite-surfing and diving. You’ll also find medieval ruins, picturesque towns and rolling hills are dotted with small churches and monasteries

Things to Do
  • Visit the Golden Beach
  • Visit Ambelas, a scenic village known for its incredible food
  • Visit the Butterfly Valley
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