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Manaus – The Brazil’s Gateway to the Amazon

Manaus is a city in Brazil. It is the capital city of the state of Amazonas in the northern part of the country. It is the most populous city in both Amazonas and the Amazon rainforest. It was founded in 1693 as a fort near the Negro river and was incorporated as a city in 1848. Manaus is an isolated city accessible only by boat or aircraft, and this helped preserve the natural surroundings and the indigenous culture of the city. Although it is isolated, Manaus does have an active culture, including the many indigenous Brazilian tribal cultures of the area. The city’s cultural attractions include the Amazonas Opera House, the Rio Negro Palace cultural center, and the Justice Palace.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Manaus
  1. Teatro Amazonas: An Italian Renaissance-style Opera House
  2. Encontro das Aguas
  3. Anavilhanas Islands
  4. Mercado Adolpho Lisboa (Market)
  5. Parque Ecológico Janauari
  6. Palácio Rio Negro
  7. Museu do Homem do Norte (Museum of Northern Man)
  8. Museu do Indio (Museum of the Indian)
  9. Parque Nacional do Jaú
  10. Alfândega (Customs House) and Floating Dock
Things to do in Manaus
  1. Learn About 20th-Century Politics At The Palácio Rio Negro
  2. See Where The Amazon Begins
  3. Do A Little Shoping At Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa
  4. Take Some Photos Of The Victoria Amazónica Water Lily
  5. Play In The Waterfalls Located At Presidente Figueiredo
  6. Enjoy Some French Architecture
  7. Discover Some Of The Amazon’s Best-Kept Secrets
  8. Savor The Local Cuisine
  9. Get A Tan In Ponta Negra
  10. Spend A Night At A Jungle Hotel

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