The Cartoon Network Hotel Vs the Theme Park! Which One Would You Rather Visit?

The Cartoon Network Hotel Vs the Theme Park! Which One Would You Rather Visit?

I had a 5-minute debate with all the voices in my head over whether I should put the Vs in the title since there’s no way of choosing. But I’ve been making quite a few bad decisions all year, so what’s one more.

Moving on from that impromptu reality check, I think it’s safe to say that my dreary Monday blues were caught off guard when I laid my eyes upon the dawn of all my daydreams. It was shocking, but it was nothing I didn’t expect considering the relentless pace of growing fame for Cartoon Network. So, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about both of these tempting landmarks that have been the eye of attraction for almost every traveller.

Where are the attractions located?

The Cartoon Network Hotel is located in Lancaster, a city that is located in the heart of Pennsylvania, while the Cartoon Network Theme Park is located in Bali, an island that is an aspiration for every traveller to behold on their journey.

What’s in store for visitors?

The Cartoon Network Hotel – The Hotel reimagines the privileges of a regular hotel stay. The hotels’ vicinity is full of nostalgia-inducing interior that features some of the most beloved cartoons of the channel, including vibrant artwork of the Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Johnny Bravo, Adventure Time, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. While my personal favourite Courage the Cowardly Dog did not make the cut of being integrated into the hotel, it’s still refreshing to see that some of the older cartoons have stuck around. 

Moreover, the hotel features 165 rooms, an indoor pool, an outdoor water park, a play & game room, a cafe, a cartoon network store and will certainly have more to offer when it opens its doors in June 2020. But going beyond those opportunities, the hotel is also set to partner with Dutch Wonderland (a.k.a. the neighbouring amusement park) to help visitors receive special admission discounts to the park and its 35 family-friendly rides.

The Cartoon Network theme park will feature Indonesia’s largest water world. Image credit: Turner Asia Pacific and The MAJ Group

The Cartoon Network Theme Park – Bali has always been the evocative paradise that travellers didn’t need to think twice about whether they should visit or not. But this theme park might just seal the deal if you are one the very few people who aren’t savouring the lavish getaway on your list of places to visit. Making the child in all of us scream uproariously, it has been recently announced that the first-ever Cartoon Network Theme Park is in the works! Projected to be completed in 2020, the park is set to be the biggest waterpark in Bali and will bring forth a dazzling array of cartoon-themed rides, surf rides, wave pools and an entertainment centre that brings the park to life with performances from the networks beloved mascots.

So, now that you’ve heard all of it, take it to the comments below and let me know which one you would rather visit! And while you’re here, feel free to check out Travel Center’s extensive range of deals to both Bali and Pennsylvania. If you don’t find a deal that sticks with your needs, be sure to call us or send an email to learn more about tailor-made deals.

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