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Exploring the scariest places on earth this Halloween!

Let the horror movies and chills wait this Halloween because we are ready to take you on a real horror ride with the scariest places on earth as perfect treats while you are trick or treating.

This Halloween, test your courage with these places that will awaken the ”spookster” in you! Starting from the scariest places in the UK to some of the ghoulish scariest places in the world, we got the spell worked out and all ready to cast.

Let the cauldron boil right away!


scariest places on earth - Island of dolls

If you watched Chucky and cannot stand dolls in your room anymore, you need to visit the Island of Dolls!

Located in the channels of Xochimilco, south of the center of Mexico City, it is home to one of the scariest places on earth; The Island of dolls is something that will make you look twice on the path you walk.

For those who have the perfect imagination of dolls being possessed, this Island can be the spookiest one you’ll visit this Halloween. Why? Let me give you more details! Dolls alone are sometimes creepy; imagine an Island full of them hanging on trees; scary, right?

The Island of Dolls in Mexico is full of dolls hanging on trees. You’re right; it can be just a normal ritual. But here’s the plot twist: these dolls were hung to ward off the spirit of a drowned child!

Later on, following that tradition, many dolls were hung all over the Island, which became popular tourist attractions.

Up for a challenge this Halloween 2021? Visit the Island of dolls and see you can spot any unnatural activities.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

scariest places on earth - Aokigahara Forest

If you are Xylophobic, Aokigahara cannot just be your worst nightmare but is also the best place to finally challenge yourself to overcome your fear!

As the dense forest of Aokigahara whispers eerie stories in your ear, this forest trail is quite the Halloween adventure if you’re ready for the chills.Owning a setting as it can appear in upcoming horror movies, it has a suicide record of 50 to 100 a year; but that doesn’t stop the hikers from exploring this special Halloween 2021 edition on our list of scariest places in the world.

It’s not just the spooky elements of the Aokigahara forest that make it among the scariest places in the world. Its lush greenery-filled atmosphere is a popular hotspot for tourists as well; yes, we’re talking to the thrill-seekers reading this! I mean, getting lost in the woods can sound like an ‘adventure’ but have you ever had nightmares of getting lost in a ‘suicide forest’?
If you are looking for a creepy journey that is off the radar on Halloween getaways, then this is something you should consider.

Did you know?

The Aokigahara Forest in Japan is also called the ‘Suicide Forest’ and was used as the setting for the American Supernatural horror film ‘The Forest’ directed by Jason Zada.

Bran Castle – Bran, Romania

scariest places on earth - Bran Castle

There’s something very mysteriously attractive about vampires!

If you didn’t have a crush on Edward from the movie twilight, then it’s just me on the fans club.

Well then, if you do love vampire stories, make your way to the Bran Castle in Romania for a tour of the castle. Initially getting its identity from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” there sure might be other undiscovered blood-rushing stories waiting to be discovered on your visit.

Tread in the footsteps of the night stalker himself. Yes, it may sound mythical but let me tell you what the locals around the Bran Castle have to say!

The Romanian locals are said to have believed ‘Strigoi’ roamed the area after dark. They claim that the Strigoi were spirits that rose from the dead and fed on their victims’ blood to quench their thirst. If this isn’t bloody enough, then here’s the spinechilling fact: some of the Romanian locals still believe that ‘Strigoi’ were ‘normal people’ during the day but during nightfall, their souls left their bodies in sleep to torment the neighbours.

What do you know? You have plenty of chances to bump right into a ‘Strigoi’ on your visit to the Bran Castle. Ready for a thrill ride?

As the bats rush out, tie your shoelaces for a tour that will upgrade your regular spooky experiences to one epic Halloween 2021 adventure.

Tower of London, England

scariest places on earth - London

You know London for its mind-blowing architecture and history, but have you ever heard of the ghosts that reside in the Tower of London?

Yes! The Tower of London’s sinister reputation is what attracts millions of visitors to come to hear stories of imprisonment, torture, and execution.

It’s not just the illustrious stories of souls roaming in the tower that makes it one of the scariest places in the world. History speaks volumes of the number of executions made at the site, two of which have been recorded as Henry VII’s wives! 

Each tower in the Tower of London has its own spooky and enthralling element that attracts innumerable visitors to date!

Your tour of this spooky tower of London can start from the East End, one of the battlefields where it is said you can hear ghostly footsteps pacing back and forth. Then you can explore the Byward Tower, Toppling Tower, the Wakefield Tower, the Salt Tower, the Martin Tower, and many other towers one by one until you reach the traitor’s gate.

Sounds like playing a good game of Resident Evil? Now that’s what makes this one of the scariest places on earth, and why you must visit it for Halloween 2021. 

No one has been able to escape the Tower of London regardless of birthright or rank. So, as you shake off the dust of history from your shoes and leave this grim fortress to its memories and shadows, you might as well want to offer a prayer for their repose!

Salem, United States

scariest places on earth - Salem

We’re casting a spell on you to make you travel to Salem in the United States!

What’s a Halloween story without witches? Visit the witch house that holds its history as Salem’s only home with direct ties to the Witch Trials of 1692.

Salem’s witch trials began in the spring of 1692, when several girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, claimed to be possessed by the devil and accused local women of being witches. Today, it is the real stories that runs in its past, that makes Salem one of the scariest places in the world to visit!

Intrigued to see what actually we are talking about? Drop a comment, we’ll tell you more!

On your visit to Salem, in a true magic circle, real witches will welcome you and share their wisdom. At Crow Haven Corner, you will perform a candle magic spell with candles made by a real Witch and a stone spell to receive a wish. You can also be a part of a blessing that will be performed at the Witch Trials Memorial in memory of the victims of 1692 by one of the witches herself!

We are sure you would love to make a visit and take a trip learning about its mystical history and admire the seventeenth-century architecture.

If you are ready, all you need to do is contact our travel experts, and they’ll get your magic broom ready for you to fly away!

Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

scariest places on earth - Hill of Crosses

We’re going a bit out of the topic to talk about mystery, religion and oh hey, you can use this topic to cool off a bit from all of the spookiness!

This is not something you will see in the upcoming horror movies. Did the Crosses that appear mysteriously in the 14th century form a hill full of them, or did people put it there?

If this doesn’t stir your curiosity, we don’t know what will!

This spot was filled with metal or wooden crosses, icons of saints, and photographs of revered local patriots for nearly two centuries.

But we don’t really know how it started!

The Hill of Crosses still stands strong as more than 100,000 crosses decorate the place with a religious fervour. Curious much? Read more about this place here

This Halloween 2021, visit and see this mysterious wonder as Dangling rosaries chime in the blowing wind will create the perfect soundtrack as you stroll around admiring this work of art.

Paris Catacombs, France

scariest places on earth - Paris Catacombs

The only thing visible to your eye up to a certain distance is human skulls; if that alone doesn’t make it one of the scariest places on earth, then you have our gutsy award!

What makes this skull-filled adventure even scarier is not just the fact that these are actual human skulls, but the fact that several visitors who had been to the Paris Catacombs had gotten lost wandering alone in this creep-real. Not to worry, that’s why our guided tours help you get back safely!

To give you more insight into this place, here’s a Tragical story alert!

It all started when bodies from Paris’s cemeteries were moved down into the city’s former limestone quarries; this led to underground tunnels of 6 million bodies from its past.

This might be the perfect add-on to your Halloween getaway! What do you think?

Loftus Hall, County Wexford

scariest places on earth - Louftus  Hall

Now we come in direct contact with a place where the devil himself set foot on!

Ireland has its share of scariest places in the UK, everything from haunted castles to ancient satanic clubs that will make the ghost-hunter in you happy. Well, in this case, you will see the evidence he left. (We don’t say his name!)

The Loftus Hall has stories of a girl named Anne, who haunts the place, not only being prepared for ghost sighting but something a bit creepier.

Along with that, you get to see the mysterious mark on the roof, which the devil left before he flew through the roof.

Visitors can visit via a pre-booked guided tour of the hall and see its eerie specialities. Why wait now? Get packing this Halloween 2021.

Hoia-baciu forest, Romania

scariest places on earth - Hoia-baciu forest

A photograph of a “UFO” hovering over the forest in 1968 made many heads turn (mysterious alien music plays).

 Making the atmosphere even more spooky while hiking the forest trails or biking is the curved trees that encompass the forest, and it doesn’t stop there!

From UFO sightings to a sinister-looking atmosphere, the hoia-baciu forest ticks all the boxes to make it one of the scariest places in the world.

If you are ready to witness this wicked forest, make your way to experience it.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

scariest places on earth - Pendle Hill

The story starts from the 17th century where 10 witches were buried after being found guilty of the murder of up to ten people.

Now the spirits of the witches haunt the villages, and many people say about their supernatural encounters when in Pendle Hill.

If you feel like going witch hunting, then take picturesque walking routes and see what this experience offers! It might not be one of the scariest places on earth, but it is one of the most haunted places in England.

See if you can spot a pointed hat!

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

scariest places on earth - Chillingham Castle

This castle can make an appearance in the upcoming horror movies! With a past full of tragic stories, you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime when you visit.

People have witnessed tortured spirits and friendly ghosts in their experience with the Chillingham Castle, the most common ones are the ghost of a frail figure in white begging for water and the Blue Boy who haunts the pink room.

All of these stories together make this castle one of the most haunted places in England.

Do you feel like you are all set for a hair-raising journey? Then the Chillingham Castle awaits.

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ve got you prepped up with the scariest places on earth! We’re Bringing you the spine-tingling experiences that will make your Halloween the best one ever. This Halloween 2021, make your spooky stories even spookier by planning your getaway with us. Happy trick or treating! (Evil laugh)


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