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Kenya; The magical destination

Kenya; The magical destination.

With only just a few places in the world that has a vast variety of landscapes, Kenya is a spectacular country that makes it an enthralling spot for a visit. With cultures and habitats and contrasting, landscapes are one of the main reasons so many different wildlife species call this country home, mostly can be found in the grassy lands, wooded savannas and rain forests in Kenya. The affluent culture, food that gives your taste buds a whole new meaning and the down to earth local people are among the attractions apart from the wildlife.

Kenya’s unparalleled beauty and unique culture will surely leave you speechless. With numerous ways to keep you occupied and entertained from the time you wake up in the morning until you hit the bed at night! Kenya is a wildlife enthusiast dream come true and should be right at the top of your travel bucket list.

The amazing Wildlife

At the Amboseli National Reserve is ever famous for being the top spot in Africa to see herds of elephants. Packs of lions in the Masai Mara walking or just lazing around in the vast lands.

The ambiguous leopard and cheetah, possibly the most remarkable animals you will find in the Masai Mara, Nairobi Park and Amboseli, these magnificent creatures are bound to dazzle you. If you travel during summer you will be lucky enough to see the migration of the wildebeest, as they leave the Serengeti park to migrate to the Masai Mara in Kenya.

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The landscapes, national parks & conservancies

The country is renowned for its amazing landscapes, home to thousands of wild animals. With coasts of white sandy beaches and blue-hued waters, mountainous terrains, high grassy plains, rain forests and beautiful lakes. It’s a geographical wonderland. Mount Kenya is not as high as Mount Kilimanjaro, but it is a 5k meter hike up to the peak, which is the highest peak in Kenya. Amboseli National Park is well known for the herds of elephants, and the Amboseli is an unmissable attraction when you’re visiting Kenya. Here you’ll find exotic native birds to Kenya, hippos, baboons, buffalo and cheetahs. The Nairobi National Reserve is abundant of giraffes, zebra, impalas, buffalo and just one rhino.

One of the only places in Kenya where you’ll still find the endangered rhino roaming in the wild. The Masai Mara is a vast area of grassland studded with Acacia trees and filled with herds of zebras and wildebeest it also comprises community conservancies. People yearn for adventure, new experiences and culture, and is a reason why safaris have been a popular activity for travellers for years. You can select a game drive in one of the 25 trusted conservancies, to help preserve wildlife & help animals from poaching, while supporting with a source of income. There’s no better place to wait for the sunset than one of the conservancies in Kenya. With hundreds of zebras and wildebeest within the scope as you watch, the sun goes down.

The remarkable people of Kenya

Travellers go to Kenya for the marvellous diversity of its wildlife, and it doesn’t take much time for them to realize that the people are just as equally delightful as well. With over 40 different ethnic populations that call Kenya home. The demographic of Nairobi is a very diverse group of people, consisting of Europeans, Americans and South Africans, who are humble, charming, proud, sociable, joyful and enjoyable people.

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The unique & scrumptious cuisine

Since the country is a melting pot of cultures, tribes and pasts, there is not one dish that describes the flavour of Kenya. As the country is made up of several local dishes, they use fresh and local produce, like meat, vegetables and grains found in the area. One of the most popular dishes among the locals is called Ugali, a cornmeal staple, a meal like polenta. Their meals consist of rice, beans, rich meats and collard greens.

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