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Hurricane Dorian: what is it, where is it headed and what has it done

Over the last 24 hours, hurricane Dorian has slammed into the Bahamas as one of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded and has ensued chaos and destruction in both the Abaco islands and the Grand Bahama island. As of right now, the category 5 hurricane has turned towards the west with sustained winds of 225mph. However, hurricane Dorian is also devastatingly slow and is predicted to churn over the Bahamas for the next 36 hours which is unprecedented and could result in catastrophic damage.

Moreover, there is also the potential threat of the deadly storm raising life-threatening conditions for everyone present in the region. Lachino Mcintosh, a young boy, is reported to have drowned near his family’s home in Abaco, while Mcintosh’s sister has been reported missing, according to Bahamas press. People have also lost their homes as images have come in showing, battered rooftops, submerged cars and floating debris from damaged houses.

Hurricane Dorian is becoming more intense as it continues its slow march towards the U.S. it is the strongest storm on the planet this year and is headed towards its next potential target, the southeastern U.S. coast. Evacuation orders have already been issued in South Carolina and many other south Florida communities which are set to cover up to 830,000 residents.

In times such as these, it is heavily advised that travellers make the necessary arrangements to change travel dates to Florida and some other parts of the U.S. as mandatory evacuations are underway, flights from major airlines such as American, United, Delta, JetBlue, and Alaskan airlines have been delayed as this would not be the ideal time for a holiday. Even though forecasts say Dorian may spare the U.S. a direct hit, it will move close to Florida’s east and south coast. It is also advised that the strength of this deadly storm should not be underestimated in any way and that Palm Beach, Stuart, Vero Beach, Jacksonville, and Orlando should not let their guard down even though they are assumed to be on the safe side since hurricane winds can stretch out extensively.

Florida & Miami Emergency lines for immediate support:

On behalf of Travel Center UK, stay safe and prayers to those who have been affected by the hurricane.


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