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What you need to know about the upcoming British Airways pilot strike

British Airways pilots are all set to strike on the 9th, 10th, and 27th of September as a result of a dispute about pay. British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) a professional association and registered trade union for UK pilots, has said that the three-day strike was the last way and more importantly the only way, to express their request to the airlines’ management. The strike will cause severe disruption as BALPA consists of about 90% of the airlines’ pilots and is believed that it will help pilots have their needs met.

The main reason all of this is happening

According to BALPA, British Airways had rejected many remuneration proposals from their pilots and had instead initiated a pay increase worth 11.5% over three years, which the pilots rejected. The main reason this is so important for the pilots of British Airways is because they have made constant sacrifices to assist the company, such as taking a pay cut, giving up annual leave days, and closing the final salary pension scheme. According to the union, the industrial unrest will result in a loss of 40 million each day! The union hopes that this will highlight the fact that the gap between British Airways and BALPA’S payment proposal is only 5 million.

How has British Airways Responded?

British Airways is yet to announce its final decision on the whole situation but its initial response was how it was concerned about the travel plans of passengers and referred to the strike as ‘unjustifiable’ as 90% of British Airways colleagues, who belong to other unions, have already accepted the deal initiated by the airlines’ management. British Airways is currently making changes to its flight schedule and has added that it will do everything in its power to help every possible passenger.

What if I booked with British Airways through Travel Center UK?

Since the problem has not been solved yet, we are unsure of the exact solution we can give you. But it is kindly advised that you stay vigilant and keep track of your emails, as we will notify you through emails with precisive details about what you can do next.

How to deal with interruptions in your travel plan?

1. Arrange your tickets and travel documents in an organised manner
2. Be prepared for the worst and have a clear head so you don’t get nerve wrecked.
3. Make sure you have extra money in hand, in case you need to change airports or terminals.
4. Make sure to keep an eye on your phone and check for any alerts from the airline.
5. Try to be at least an hour early to get ahead of the queue


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