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Top 8 sumptuous Chilean foods to tempt your taste buds

Chile is one of the most regionally diverse countries in South America. When it comes to food, Chile offers travellers a unique taste equally varied with its delicious gastronomy that represents the country’s melting-pot culture. Even though Chilean cuisines are inspired by its European heritage, it has carved a niche for its regional delicacies in the world food culture. Chilean cuisine has a different cachet compare to the food in other South American countries known for. The highlights of Chile foods are mostly comprising of meat, seafood, and vegetables, depending on the geographic origins of the dish. Chilean food is best served with wine or a tangy local drink known as ‘pisco sour’.  While your journey takes you through the scenic routes of Chile. Be sure to try these top 08 dishes in Chile! which will add a delightful experience to your travel journal.

Pastel de Choclo’- Corn Pie

“Pastel de Choclo” or “Corn pie”, a typical Chilean food.

When you are in Chile, wherever you go you will spot this traditional casserole in every restaurant and cafeterias. ‘Pastel de Choclo’ is a dish that comes in different portions which is ranging from personal to large meal. Whether you want to have quick munch to explore beautiful landmarks in Chile or else to enjoy a big meal with a couple of friends. This dish is a perfect choice to make you feel full and satisfied. ‘Pastel de Choclo’ is more like a corn pie, made out of sweet corn and it’s stuffed with seasoned minced meat, garlic, onion, hard-boiled eggs, and olives. In Chile, you will be surprised to see a menu full of ‘Pastel de Choclo’ options in restaurants. You can taste different variations of this casserole with either chicken or beef.  The combination of the sweet corn and salty ingredients, plus the meat and chicken will surely give you a delicious experience.

Empanadas de Pino

Chilean typical food. Empanada de pino chilena

Empanadas are delicious dough pastries filled with tasty cheese, succulent seafood, beef, olive oil, and onion. Empanadas is one of the dishes that you can see in all Central and South America, you can taste them either fried or baked, and the fillings are endless. It is one of the favourite snacks for foreigners in Chile. It is not just a snack for locals, especially beef empanada’s is known as an authentic dish in the country. Wherever you travel in Chile, you can taste hundreds of empanadas de pino all over the country. Also, you can try this empanada’s with different fillings: beef, lamb, and even with seafood. ‘Empanada’ is one of the top selling dishes that you can try in any eatery in Chile. 

Empanada’s in Chile, is known for its size and square shape, while in other South American countries it is served in a half moon shape. The speciality of Chilean empanadas stands out with its combination of flavours, dough, and the method of preparation.

Churrasco sandwich- Chilean Steak Sandwich

If you’re a meat eater, then Chile won’t disappoint you. It’s a paradise for meat lovers to taste all kinds of meat including beef, lamb, goat, and even llamas. Churrasco sandwich is a delicious steak sandwich that you can try all day long in any restaurant and i’s a thin cut of steak, grilled and served on a bread slice with mayonnaise. You can try Churrasco sandwich with different toppings like avocado and tomatoes. This steak sandwich is usually served along with french fries or with a fried egg on top of it. This Chilean steak sandwich is served as a full meal in restaurants. Mostly foreigners in Chile, prefer Churrasco sandwich for its flavourful combination of meat and fresh avocados.


If you love hot dogs, then you will definitely fall in love with the Chilean version of hot dogs. Which is known as Completos in Chile! For most of us hotdog is a common fast food. Though in Chile, completo is one of their signature foods.  If you walk along the streets of Chile, you will see this “loaded” hot dog served in every corner of the street in food trucks and other casual dining restaurants. What so special about this hotdog? Well, it’s a basic hot dog but with different toppings like diced tomatoes, sauerkraut, mashed avocados, sausage, and a drizzle of mayonnaise the combination of these flavourful ingredients what makes a completo taste so good and distinctive.

Completos is Chile’s most beloved street food for tourists and it’s one of the most widely available foods you can try in any eateries. If you are visiting Chile, make sure to visit  the very first completo shops in Plaza de Armas, which is located in the heart of historic santiago to try the best version of Chilean hot dogs. 


If you are craving for something delicious as well as healthy then you can try ‘Cevich’. It’s one of the most popular salads in Chile, the dish is typically made out of Halibut fish which is  marinated in citrus juices and served with cilantro, cumin, onions, sautéed garlic, and olive oil.

Seafood is one of the most key ingredients you can find in any Chilean cuisine. The geographic location with the pacific coast all along the country offers a wide variety of seafood and fish. So, it’s guaranteed that the fish is always served fresh from the water.

When you are in Chile, there are different types of Ceviche to choose from a menu in a restaurant, you can  also go for the cold shrimp Ceviche if you like to taste fresh shrimps.In Chile, ‘Patagonian Toothfish’ and ‘Halibut’ are the most commonly used fish in Ceviche, with garlic, cilantro, and red chili brings a strong flavour to the dish.  


Cazuela, is a heart-warming broth loved by almost everyone and it’s one of the favourite dishes of the locals in Chile. Cazuela is the Chilean equivalent for a chicken noodle soup. The dish varied by its main ingredients like meat and vegetable broth, prepared with large chunks of chicken or beef along with vegetables like pumpkin,carrots, celery, potatoes, cilantro, butternut squash-esque and corn noodles, which is slow cooked to perfection. Indulge in the taste of each bite you take and feel the tenderness of the meat.

There are different options of Cazuela in a menu, you can even try with rice, which is cooked along with the broth. The meat and vegetables are served in a bowl filled with broth, and if you wanna try this dish in a restaurant in Chile, make sure to taste it like a local for a change. Well, Chileans first drink the broth and then eat the chunks of meat.

Mote Con Huesillo – sweet drink

You can taste this drink all around the city in any sidewalk restaurant. Its

You can taste this drink all around the city in any sidewalk restaurant. It’s an interesting combination of sugary syrup made out of dried peaches, herbs, and cooked wheat.

Chileans love this nectar drink for its sweetness also its a visual treat to see dehydrated peaches floating in the glass while having a sip.

This sugary drink is more like a desert in a cup, where you can eat with a spoon in between sips. This sweet drink is so quintessentially Chilean, it even has its own saying: “more Chilean than mote con huesillo”. This refreshing drink is best to try especially during the summertime. The drink is prepared with a mix of water, cinnamon, and dehydrated peaches. All these ingredients are cooked until it forms a syrup consistency and it was set to be cool before mixing it with freshly cooked husked wheat and a peach pit.  The wheat adds an interesting texture and a mellow, more earthy flavour when the sweetness of the peaches and sugar reacts together.


 It’s one of the most favourite and popular Chilean food for tourists, which comes with a large plate of grilled sliced beef with melting cheese on top of  crispy french fries, sauteed onions with either scrambled or fried eggs. The combination of these flavours make Chorrillana a unique dish to try in Chile.

This plate full of tasty layers will tempt anyone and it’s also considered as one of the most authentic dishes in the Chilean city of Valparaíso. Especially, because it’s served as a large portion. So, if you are planning to visit Chile with a bunch of friends. Then this is your perfect choice of meal for sharing. It is a common choice among tourists and locals in the city, and many say “it is not to be missed.” 

Hope these interesting foods inspired you to plan your next trip to Chile? If so, make sure to call Travel Center UK for a hassle-free booking. Let us know in the comments below on  how excited are you to try these top 8  Chilean foods that we recommend?


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