Christmas Markets: Hope, Joy and fun galore!

Christmas Markets: Hope, Joy and fun galore!

With all that’s going on around the globe, we just hope and pray that things would fall back in place soon! We are also hoping that things would go back to normal and you can have a wonderful Christmas together with your family. Can you think of anything that entreats the joy of Christmas more than the glistening jet lights, tall Christmas trees filled with dangling ornaments and wooden huts of a traditional cheerful Christmas market? Well, I don’t think so! Just the thought of it makes my heart full happiness and excitement. The markets that fill up the towns of many parts of Europe throughout December, is a certain sign that Santa is going to be on his way soon!

With a variation of many large and small Christmas markets throughout Europe; that have different opening and closing dates, (it generally begins in late November and runs throughout late December). Visiting a Christmas market is a great way to welcome the holiday season in a very gleeful way, as you engross in fun activities, experience holiday favourites, such as freshly baked cookies, hot chocolate, candy canes and different customs. Here are few of our favourite Christmas markets that you are sure to enjoy!

The Christmas Market in Prague

The Czech capital, Prague, is considered as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. The festive season covers almost every corner of the city’s squares, and the surroundings in the city does a great job by clearly focusing on the joy that comes out of being a short-term wonderland. Prague is definitely the place to be and be engrossed in the joyous festive season.

The Christmas Market in Tallinn

Tallinn is one of the northernmost Christmas markets on the planet you could visit! With a history of yuletide joy, this place goes way back to 1441, the year which the first evergreen trees were raised in the town square. It is also notable that this is one of the earliest examples of what turned out to be the Christmas tree tradition that we now know and love. During the festive season, Tallinn’s town squares transforms into the most extravagant Christmassy wonderlands ever!

The Christmas Market in Cologne

The German Christmas markets are among the best in Europe, and Cologne is arguably the best one by far in all of Germany. At the heart of the celebration is the market located near the spectacular gothic Cologne Cathedral. With aromas of fresh spices, you can get all warmed up with some mulled wine and you can get anything and everything from handmade German wooden toys to ceramic ornaments, and sweet treats. This Christmas Market is ironically the oldest of Cologne Christmas markets, and it is famous for the “Angels” who dress up and spread the joy of Christmas.

The Christmas Market in Bruges

In the medieval city, Bruges turns into an enchanting place; the city is all decked out in sparkling lights for the holidays, but it is also a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. During the holidays, Bruges city center is transformed into a magical winter wonderland with a massive ice rink,  Santa’s workshops, ornament stands, places to indulge in your favourite Christmassy treats and much more!

The Christmas Market in Paris

Paris, known worldwide as The City of Lights, doesn’t fail to put on a great show for the Christmas season! With more illuminating lights and beautiful decorations on famous landmarks. The magical Christmas displays at the largest Christmas market in the Paris, has over 250 stalls spread over 10,000 square meters. The children are in for a treat when they meet Pere Noel (Santa Claus) and the arctic-themed ice-skating rink. All in all, the Christmas markets in Paris make a picture perfect Christmas postcard.

The Christmas Market in Brussels

Brussels was the latest entrant to the European Christmas market scene, and it hosts the largest Christmas markets in Belgium. Famously known as Winter Wonders, it takes place around the old town landmarks – the Place Sainte-Catherine, and the Marche aux Poissons. The Winter Wonders route is decorated with many wood cabins, a Ferris wheel for adults and children to enjoy and the Christmas light and sound show at the Grand Place is a major draw as well.

The Christmas Market in Edinburgh

Christmas is the perfect time to visit Edinburgh, with several Christmas markets, beautiful decorations, and great restaurants, Edinburgh is a fantastic place to visit at any point of the year, but it seems undeniably magical and oozing with charm especially during this season. Beautiful landscapes and the dark cobble stone streets, along with Christmas joy brings new life to the city unlike any other time. So, make sure to visit Edinburgh during December to get your dose of Christmas spirit.

The Christmas Market in Seville

Seville fills its streets and squares with Nativity plays, carollers known as “campanilleros”, and nooks and corners where you can taste many typical sweet treats. Every year, the Christmas market in Seville, welcomes thousands of visitors attracted by beautifully decorated wooden stalls, as well as performances at the back of the cabins giving powerful, artistic and cultural content to the market. Plus, the decorations are handmade, making it all different and unique.

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