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British Airways re-opens major routes!

The pandemic may have left a mark on the travel industry, but the situation is not as bleak as it used to be a few months ago. In light of this, British Airways – a well established airline known for quality in-flight services and for their legacy of 100 years of service. Over the course of the past month, several travellers have understood the idea of travelling in the midst of COVID-19. After all, all you have to do is be cautious of the basic guidelines, every step of the way.

British Airways Special Offers

This week, British Airways is back with some of its popular routes – now, as always, these are subject to change, therefore, we heavily encourage you to check GDS for more information.

  • Africa – Cairo, Accra, Lagos (pending approval; moved to the 05th of September), Johannesburg (repatriation flights)
  • The Middle East – Kuwait
  • South Asia – Chennai

See your destination up there? If you do, then good news, that’s where we swoop in to help you!  Making it easier for you to score a take off with British Airways. We recognise that budget might be a constraint many of you face in these uncertain times, which is why we are providing discounts and other special offers to help you fly with their 100 year airline.

  • British Airways
  • British Airways
  • British Airways
  • British Airways
  • British Airways
  • British Airways
  • British Airways

Why British Airways? Well, in case you did not know, British Airways is one of the world’s leading global premium airline, widely appreciated for its dedication to detail and surpassing expectations when it comes to travelling by air. The airline has numerous awards highlighting its efforts and is also one of the best airline based on passenger reviews.

So, it is safe to say that getting a seat booked with this tremendous airline is worth the price, and it is even better scenario when it is lowered. If you want more details on what and when to look out for just remember that you are just one call or email away from reaching us.

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Gannon Zayn
Gannon Zayn
6 months ago

Hey Linish Jay!
Thanks for this update. This is definitely a good new especially when we are already hearing about more lock downs these days. Keep us posted with new details.

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