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Breaking news! Travel Center allies with Emirates for Dubai Stopovers

Travel Center has signed up agreements with Emirates, the flagship carrier of the UAE, in order to promote the Dubai stopover program. Emirates being a top-rated airline in the world, has become our go-to airline when we head towards the global hub for finance and transport, Dubai. To polish your Dubai stopover itinerary, we have paired up with a scope of services in Dubai for you to enjoy privileged rates and access to hot spots when you book with Travel Center.

When people talk about Dubai, they immediately blend the city with towering buildings and infinite luxury. But, with Travel Center’s endorsed agreement, you can also use the chance to travel past the skyscrapers and visit the sand dunes on a desert safari to gain the most out of your DSO.

What is Dubai Stopover?

Once you expect sky-high buildings in your travel itinerary bucket list, Dubai is the first city that flows to your mind. With many landmarks and malls to hang around, Dubai has been a blossoming metropolitan wonder for travellers giving them something to talk about.

A DSO program is one perfect way for travellers to explore the city without breaking the bank. By booking a Dubai stopover package with Travel Center, you’ll be prepared to spend a day or two hiking about some of the most enjoyable tourist attractions the destination has to offer. Immerse yourselves in the city’s gourmet dining, chill nightlife and the renowned malls instead of regretting your fate while time agonisingly passes by until your next flight.

Particularly, meet the world in Dubai within 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours, as this can be easily arranged by Travel Center if you wish to add it as a part of your Dubai stopover package.

Benefits of booking a stopover in Dubai

From shopping, beaches, sports, attractions to family fun, spa’s, culture and heritage, you can experience it all at a glance in Dubai.

  • Selection of over 100 hotels and apartments
  • Exclusive 24-hour check-in/check-out
  • Daily breakfast buffet included
  • Choices of hotel transfers including private, seat-in-coach or no transfers
  • All taxes and surcharges including 72-hour cancellation option

Travel with Emirates and get access to VIP lounges for a stress-free holiday throughout your stopover.

Booking a Dubai stopover with Travel Center

It’s a simple process! From arranging your hotel to getting you the right information about your transfers and visas, our experts at Travel Center will leisurely take care of organising everything from beginning to end of your stopover.

Keep in touch by calling or emailing us. Book and pay for your flight and simply add your DSO after you’ve chosen the ideal duration in your travel itinerary.

A stopover in Dubai is a next level vibe of luxury indulgence. Eye on our eBook if you are interested to know more about what Travel Center, Emirates, and a DSO have to offer.

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