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Mauritius to Reopen Borders in a Three-Phased Process to Travellers

The Indian Ocean island state of Mauritius will be reopening its borders in a three-phased process.

Mauritius, the Indian Ocean paradise finally reopened its borders in the beginning of September, and with the pandemic gradually coming to a halt, Mauritius is the ideal retreat to relax and let go of the gathered stress of the earlier months. With its golden beaches, crystal clear waters, lively nature and an extensive range of family-friendly activities all over the island.

The tropical island of Mauritius which could be reached in under five hours’ flying time from South Africa, has started a phased reopening of its borders.

The island welcomes about 1.5 million international travellers every year.

Mauritius Holiday

Mauritius closed its borders to international travellers on 18th March this year. As the Mauritian economy depends greatly on international tourism, the government is under pressure to reopen the borders.

Accordingly, to prepare Mauritius for the reopening, Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) revealed firm protective measures to make sure of the health and safety of residents and travellers. Those consists of sanitary measures and guidelines taken for all enterprises and activities working in the tourism sector which includes hotels, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, golf courses, tourist guides, and also particular measures for marine activities and commercial pleasure crafts.  

Repatriation flights for Mauritian nationals

Mauritian nationals have been unable to go back to Mauritius for several months. During the first phase of the border reopening process, Mauritian citizens will be repatriated.

Repatriation flights will run all through the month of September, bringing Mauritian nationals back to the island. A necessary two-week quarantine, in state-managed quarantine centres, is needed for all returning passengers.

Repatriation flights for Mauritian nationals

Recommencement of scheduled flights to Mauritius

The second phase, starting in October, will see the recommencement of scheduled flights to the island. Mauritius will reopen to international tourists from a prearranged list of countries, which has not yet been released.

International visitors will be able to make online bookings for flights and accommodation, for dates past 1st October. Mauritian nationals, residents and work permit holders will however get priority when making bookings.

Recommencement of scheduled flights to Mauritius

Complete reopening of borders

The third phase of the borders reopening is not exactly dated. The complete reopening of Mauritius’ borders will be founded on the development of the virus.

As nearly 20% of the island’s workforce is involved in the tourism sector, it is vital for the economy to be open to tourists as soon as possible.

Complete reopening of borders

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