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7 Spookiest destinations to celebrate Halloween

Boo! October is here with some scary history behind it to offer you a holiday amid spirits and spookiness. The tradition is celebrated in many cultures across the globe. As daylight fades and winter creeps closer with each sunrise and sunset, the cities around the world flaunt their darker side of the haunted history on Halloween. If you’re up for a unique adventure, then it’s an excellent time to explore the world’s most haunted destinations. The following is our roundup of the top 7 destinations to get yourself into the Halloween spirit!

Disneyland, Paris

If you haven’t yet experienced a Disneyland Halloween in Paris, make sure to do it this year. The entire vicinity of the place is decorated with such attention to detail that you may want to visit every October! Oh, and make sure to stop by after sunset and see thousands of gorgeous candles flicker throughout the dusk. Enjoy festive twists on popular rides as characters dress up for the seasonal event and limited-edition food offerings. Marvel at brilliant lights, firework shows and face your fears by encountering devilish Disney villains. Check out amazing deals to Disneyland below and call Travel Center to reserve your stay in advance


Halloween in Boston will surely seize your October with creepiness. It has some of the country’s oldest graveyards, haunted tales, scary events and great retail stores to shop for Halloween costumes.

When the sun goes down, the stars come up with some frightening surprises for you during the month of October in Boston. Especially for partygoers, there are plenty of pubs and hotels hosting Halloween costume parties with exciting prices for the best costumes. Enjoy the spookiest night of the year with live music and thirst-quenching drinks. Check out our all exclusive Boston deals below! Get in touch with our travel experts to plan your Halloween trip.


Halloween in Copenhagen is a magical time of the year to see the transformation of the capital city of Denmark into a spooky wonderland of unexpected encounters and creepy costumed people roaming in the streets. If you are in Copenhagen, make sure to visit Tivoli amusement park for some fun activities. Pumpkin carving for goofy fun which will feel great whether you have kids or just wanting a little child-like wonder to spice up your Halloween spirit. From Halloween celebrations to the best museums in the region, you’re sure to find something to add to your travel itinerary.

Scary adventures are in store for those who dare! Put your courage to the test and meet Danish zombies with our latest Copenhagen Halloween deals.


Orlando Halloween events start early in October with a jaw-dropping array of tricks, treats, and terrors. If you are planning to go with your lovely kids, then meet Mickey, Minnie, and all their friends at the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. Witness the whole kingdom come to life with jack-o-lanterns, amazing surprises and spirited entertainment for the whole family during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. There’s even a delicious side to Halloween in Orlando to be uncovered including spooky cocktails and foodie events.


It’s well worth the visit to celebrate Halloween in the land where it originated. During October, the Irish capital city becomes a tad bit terrifying, with people dressing up as witches, ghosts, zombies and all kinds of macabre figures with the most sinister and scariest masks on the street. If you are in Dublin, make sure to check various types of fancy-dress parties in the town or go out for a trick or treating as houses are bedecked with Jack O’ Lanterns, broomsticks and other Halloween decorations.


Romania is the best place to be for All Hallows’ Eve in Europe and nothing beats the exclusive Halloween events in the most beautiful region of the country, Transylvania. The country promises ghosts, ghouls and frightful fun. Halloween in Transylvania is a one-of-a-kind experience which takes you on a great journey back through the country’s mind-blowing past. You’ll be lured into the mysterious dwellings of horror legends including the most fearful figures as you embark on a spectacular tour of Dracula’s castle.


Prague, the Gothic fairy-tale of Europe with its stunning architecture, winding medieval lanes, macabre corners and mysterious allure will surely startle you. Halloween in Prague comes with lots of ghostly attractions, plus it’s an excellent choice for some spooky experience.

Prague nightlife boasts an excellent choice of celebrations and ghoulish club events for the best Halloween parties in Prague and other captivating events like Trick-or-treating, flamboyant parades, carnivals, storytelling festivals, themed fairs and pumpkin carving workshops suitable for all tastes during this time of the year.

These destinations are perfect for the whole family, and many of these attractions combine historical values with good plain fun. Call Travel Center UK today and get the best deals to these exciting destinations. We ensure that your travel is safe and secured at all costs.

We got you more holiday inspiration for some spooky fun! Explore our holiday deals below and start Halloween early this year with Travel Center

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