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Top 10 winter destinations to visit this year

Top 10 winter destinations to visit this year

Winter months are the best times to plan your holiday. When it comes to planning winter breaks the first thing that comes to mind is a destination with extensive snow-clad landscapes and plethora of fun winter activities to have a mesmerizing experience for a lifetime. No destination in the world looks so enchanting and alluring than winter months.

We round up the best destinations that would be a definite help in getting over the summer woes. Have a look at some of the most beautiful places that you must visit this winter.


Kennebunkport is a charming coastal town located in the Southern part of Maine. The city is known for its wild blueberries, sandy beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and of course fresh lobsters. Its stunning coastline will surely catch your eyes while passing this beautiful southern shore city. Most of us mistaken Kennebunkport to be a summer destination. As travel experts, we recommend this city as a perfect place to visit all year round in any season. If you are heading this way on winter, then make sure not to miss an annual festivity like “Christmas Prelude” in the city. This magical celebration will start from November and stretch till early December. Here you will see the whole town decorated with bright lights, bows and boughs. People from all over the world come to witness this extravaganza to celebrate this festive time in Kennebunkport with their loved ones.

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St. Moritz is a cosmopolitan paradise in Switzerland. With a blend of glamour, winter sport, city life and pristine nature it outshines even the world’s greatest cities. Breath-taking landscapes and overwhelming numbers of interesting events only can be found in St. Moritz. Once you start strolling through its picturesque lanes, you’ll understand why St. Moritz is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. From gourmet restaurants to grand hotels, luxury boutiques and galleries in St. Moritz is waiting to be discovered by you. Whether you prefer hiking or thrilling winter sports it’s a place you will find all within a few hours of drive, we’re sure you will love all the magical vistas of this Winter Wonderland.

Make sure to book your accommodation early enough, as the St Moritz is a very popular ski resort.



Lyon is a lovely city in France that has many things to offer you anytime during the whole year. Visit Lyon in December to see Lyon’s famous Festival of Lights which will make the trip to this lively French city is a one to remember. Get marvel at the city’s amazing light works while wandering on the colourfully decorated streets or shop at the Lyonnais Christmas markets. Where you will find the best Christmas gifts, decorations, yummy sweets and hot wines to keep you warm. Take a trip to Lyon and experience it for yourself why it called as the best winter destination out of all.

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Mt. Cayambe is a magical place that lies in Ecuador. It’s one of the geographically rated beautiful countries in South America for having amazing landscapes. For adventure seekers, this place will be a heavenly destination to have some enthralling experiences throughout the journey. If you are someone looking for adrenaline rushing activities? Undoubtedly, Mt. Cayambe will top your travel wish list with so many choices. Mt. Cayambe is filled with mountainous hiking trails and lakes along the way, which gives you stunning close-up views of gigantic snow-covered mountains.



Wondering how to make your Winter holiday much more interesting? Why don’t you try some thrilling snow games this year! Jet off to Big Bear Lake in California to be overwhelmed with fun outdoor activities. Big Bear Lake looks lovely anytime around the year.

In December, it turns into an enchanted winter wonderland with stunning views of an ice-rimmed alpine lake surrounded by vast forests of snow-capped trees that craves you more for winter adventures! Winter in Big Bear Lake allows you to experience all sorts of snow-filled fun activities! Is it your first time to try some thrilling winter sports? Don’t worry Big Bear Lake has plenty of resorts that offer ski and snowboard lessons.


Winter in Condon is a heaven on earth located in Montana. Also known as a glacier country in the US. Condon is a wonderland of winter that boasts some of the world’s best skiable terrains of all. No matter what the season is, a trip to Condon will be a dreamy retreat that offers you scenic views of surroundings and quiet atmosphere, make it a perfect place to escape bustling life and to indulge in a cool, cosy break. Relax in a hot tub of a grand mountain hotel after a tiring day on the slopes, take a holiday horse-drawn sleigh, snowshoeing or maybe snowmobiling, your version of winter in Condon is waiting.


Looking for things to in Lake Bled this winter? You will be surprised by an array of fun activities that you can take part in especially when you visit Lake Bled in Winter. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Slovenia. This picturesque lake draws millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Though most of the visitors choose to visit Lake Bled in December, the landscape of Lake Bled in winter is a must-see and the depth of discovery is limitless. From skiing to skating and sledging to snowshoeing there are plenty of winter activities to be enjoyed in Lake Bled.



Planning to visit Harbin this winter? A great choice! Whether you travel solo or with your family the city has some of the best holiday activities to offer everything from reindeer safari to dog sledge rides through the snowy landscapes and forests. You can learn to drive a snowmobile or get to know the Asian culture when you are in Harbin city. Make your winter holiday so much fun in Harbin city by spending some nights in beautiful China‘s Snow Town, enjoy skiing, try fishing or ice sailing, watch ice lanterns, admire ice and snow sculptures, or make an adventure among the Siberian tigers and many more awaits in this beautiful city. Visit Harbin city in winter to witness a fairy tale paradise on earth.


Steamboat Springs is one of the most amazing views of Colorado, this magnificent estate offers an authentic Colorado retreat for any type of traveller who visits this beautiful ski area.

Steamboat Spring is an amazing place to spend your holidays during any season. Though winter made this destination as one of the most popular places to visit in the US. Here you’ll find the lightest, driest, fluffiest snow on earth, which is also trademark by tourist as Champagne Powder snow. Steamboat has a plethora of events to keep you entertained during the winter season that lights up the whole region. In December, you will have chances to visit Santa and to witness the Merry Mainstreet parade in Colorado.


Winter in Bergen is truly magical! Enjoy a snowy day in the mountains that surrounds Bergen, which are perfect for skiing, sledging and hiking. There’s a lot to experience in the city when you visit Bergen in the winter season. For most foreign visitors it’s one of the must-see places during winter. Take a trip to Bergen and you will realise why it’s on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.  Bergen is also voted as the world’s most unspoiled tourist destination by National Geographic.

If you prefer Winter sports during winter season there are many options available in the region. There are slopes to fit every taste – from advanced off-piste to more secure family-friendly trails. Hope those snowy mountains and charming towns entice those who are looking to get in some quality outdoor adventures in the Snow. Call Travel Center today and plan your trip in one of these destinations.

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