10 Steps for Planning a Trip

Overall, if you have not done it before, planning a trip could be a little puzzling. Here we offer you 10 steps to plan a trip; Things you need to know and do prior to traveling and why you need to choose in this order.

Step 1: Holiday Destination.

Choose which destination (or destinations) you desire to tour. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Papa New Guinea and so on. Seems like a simple conclusion right?  Well, not all the time.  If you’re stressed with this huge choice, we’d be glad to provide some guidance.

Step 2: Type of Travel. 

Work out what ‘type’ of holiday you want. The different types of holidays are usually: Independent; this is the most famous type of holiday, Self-Drive; is an “Independent” type of holiday that consist of at least one road-trip (lengthy or brief) in a hired vehicle, Escorted Tours and Backpacker; travel as inexpensively as you can with as much adaptability as imaginable.     

Step 3: Sightseeing. 

Make a wish-list of things you’d love to ‘Visit’: wildlife, waterfalls, The Great Barrier Reef, volcanoes, glaciers, museums, art galleries and so on.

Step 4: Activities. 

Make a wish-list of things you’d love to ‘Do’: shopping, touring, wine-sampling, bird-viewing, diving, rest/unwind, cycle, stroll, ski, etc.

Step 5: Set Holiday Travel Dates. 

Based on your wish-lists (from Steps 3 & 4) you might be limited to travel certain times during the year, particularly if you desire to take part in seasonal pursuits such as snow skiing & fishing.

Step 6:  Places to Tour.

Once you have a great sense for the kinds of things you need to ‘see & do’ on your holiday it makes it very simple for us to offer you suggestions on metropolises, settlements & locations you have to tour on your holiday.

Step 7: Lodging. 

Next is choosing your holiday lodging at each place that is ideally right to you.

Step 8: Logistics & Routing. 

Now we have to work across the logistics & routing choices to work out the most economical and time-saving method to put all the locations in your tour together.

Step 9: Holiday Plan & Fee. 

With all these details available, we could plan your tailored holiday with a no-obligation quote.  This normally takes us 1 business day.  After you’ve gotten the initial draft we could simply ‘adjust it’ until we get it ‘just perfect’.

Step 10: Booking. 

Once your content with your trip plan & the charge, then you’re all set to Reserve Your Holiday.

Happy Travels!


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