Vegan Travel: How to travel as a Vegetarian/ Vegan

Vegan Travel: How to travel as a Vegetarian/ Vegan.

Vegan Travel in a non-vegan world is inspiring to this transformed generation. People are multiplying their expectations for the taste and flavour of the meat with no doubt of a query. Though, it is inconvenient to engage in vegan travel when comparing to our day-to-day lifestyle. Because preparing a vegan meal at home is different from searching for a dine-in vegan restaurant while exploring the world. 

Choice of taste is certainly not allowing one’s self to the healthy heart of veganism, but the concept will leave you seamless for good-health. A vegan lifestyle offers nutrition full of health, long life expectancy, purity, high energy, and consciousness. On the other hand, it avoids the toxic harm to the body, which affects to a healthy lifestyle. And also, increases the potency of the immune system to enhance wellbeing. 

Reduce Health risks by Vegan Meals with Vegan Travel

Studies show that vegetarians are at a lower risk of developing health diseases than omnivores.

  • Heart health: Vegans are up to 75% lower risk of getting high blood pressure and a 42% lower risk of dying from heart disease.
  • Cancer Risk: Vegans are at a 15% lower risk of getting or dying from cancer.
  • Arthritis: Vegan diets may reduce symptoms of arthritis such as pain, joint swelling, and morning stiffness. 
  • Kidney Function: Staying healthy with a vegan meal can reduce diabetics.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Vegan diets help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

Vegan Travel Tips

  • Apply for a Vegan Passport

“You are not alone,” a Vegan Society is there to help your Vegan Travel. You can always apply for a Vegan Passport and connect with society anywhere in the world. 

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  • Sign up with HappyCow App

This App provides travellers with the opportunity to search vegan and vegetarian restaurants during their Vegan Travel. HappyCow is a veggie-friendly concept found in 1999 to help travellers all across the world.

  • Request a Vegetarian Meal from the Airline service

Most of the airlines are responsible regarding their client’s/ passenger’s expectations to stay up to date with customer service standards. So, request a vegetarian meal plan before booking your Vegan Travel.

  • Use Google Translator to do researches

Sometimes, Vegan Travel could be to a variety of destinations where non-English speakers are residing. Always research restaurant menus and use Google Translator to translate any non-English phrases.

  • Keep Snacks stored

Snacks are a lifesaver for Vegan Travel, considering restaurants and shops, you will be starving while you search for a vegan spot to dine in. It will be a smart choice to keep a handful of snack items stored with you at all times.

  • Follow Vegan Travel Blogs

Vegan Travel blogs are advisory with lots of researched information. Depending on the country you visit, you can find related articles according to the destination.

Vegan Foods in Vegan Travel

If you are packing your bags for a Vegan Travel, there will be a slight doubt when stocking your foods for the rest of the tour. Some tours might last long for weeks on the hike or camping. So, it will be a plus point to store as much as dried food and snack items for your journey.

  • Vegan Snacks: Trail Mix, Pistachio, Nuts, Almond, Dried fruits.
  • Self-prepared vegan meal boxes.
  • Fresh Fruits: Store fresh-cut fruits in a box or prepare juices with vitamins or supplements.
  • Keep vegan coffee creamer or soymilk cartons.
  • Instant vegan breakfasts: Vegan doughnuts, cereal bars, oatmeal bars. 
  • Vegan mints for casual use.

Veganism and Vegan Travel are escalating topics promoted through many streams behalf of religious and political involvement in some parts of the world. So, be cautious about visiting those destinations or meeting with activists.

Veganism is a notably accepted concept in Hindu culture. So, plan a Vegan Travel to India with Travel Center UK for the upcoming Holi Festival in 09th of March 2020.

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