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White sand over white snow? Book your winter sun holiday with us!

From December, wintertime has set-in already and so are our winter sun holidays. Shrouded in triple layers of clothing, we stand the cold, the rainfall and the dusky sky before sparking up the fireplace at twilight to warm up. Fortunately, there’s another gifted planet where the sun shimmers on the mild and tropical destinations of the Southern Hemisphere. You honestly just can’t resist the call of the sun and neglect the lure of blue skylines. More productive than a light therapy lamp, a trip to the sun is your best Christmas gift.

As spring gradually creeps to an edge, the only thing we can imagine of is how to get the most sunshine as possible into our entities. Where are the best winter sun holiday destinations when the British winter has well set in? There’s only one duty to do: fly away to somewhere tropical and sunny, someplace with gorgeous beaches and smiling people, good nightlife with music in the air.

It is the point where the intention of a cheeky winter sun holiday looks hopeful. Some great winter sun holiday destinations will tide you over between autumn to next spring. Here are some of our favourite handpicked winter sun holiday destinations to inspire you.


It usually is hot all year round, but October to April marks the lightest rain, causing this a sublime spot for a hit of winter vitamin D. Jungle-fringed beaches, colourful culture or old architecture that has you fine-tuning your winter sun holiday feel, you’re bound to leave Mexico sun-kissed, sandy and completely mesmerised. In Mexico, there’s a new experience for every holidaymaker. The choice is yours.

The Canary Islands

Are you searching for the heat? The Canary Islands may be what you’re looking for. Easily accessible with Travel Center UK, they make an excellent choice for a winter sun holiday. Tenerife and Lanzarote enjoy a comfortable climate and plenty of sunshine all year round, making them the perfect location for a warm winter sun holiday. With average December temperatures hanging around a very mild 21°C, sunbathing by the pool or unwinding on one of the many beaches is a possibility every day.

The Maldives

Magnificent and secluded, the Maldives appears a million miles away from life’s petty distractions. Home to white beaches, luxurious decorous cabins and tempting turquoise waters, the Maldives more than excuses the overused tag of “paradise”. The islands are famous for their world-class diving and snorkelling statuses. Swim with giant manta rays, gentle whale sharks, and kaleidoscope shoals of tropical fish. White sand over white snow? A winter sun holiday in the Maldives is the place!

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand’s fascinating outlook of unspoiled beaches, engaging culture and rock-bottom costs has made it one of the most successful long-haul holiday destinations for UK holidaymakers. Phuket guarantees long warm days on the beach all day, and will never disappoint your choice of winter sun holiday destination. Improved demand in Thailand has brought racing to the country and with it a range of high-class accommodation. Nevertheless the cost, our winter sun holiday and holiday clearance deals won’t disappoint you either.

Bali, Indonesia

If you’re clothed up in sweaters, struggling off yet another sniffy cold, and wanting the sight of the sun then could it be a chance to pack up your sunscreen and head to Bali for some luxurious comfort? Of course, what’s to hate about Bali? There is something amazingly enticing about going away from the cold to more tropical climes. Very little rain, not scorching hot, and countless activities. Bali is the ideal winter sun holiday destination for a warm and luxurious Christmas break.

Unlike a summer holiday, a winter sun holiday is motivated by a need to escape and relax. What’s often craved is sun on your face and a tranquil place to feel informal. Lack of many tourists is a plus point for you to enjoy the break peacefully. And with Travel Center’s short-haul holiday deals, peace of mind and easy go! Book with us now for less and bless your Christmas with some sun.

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