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Top Day Trips to Take from Florence, Italy.

Florence is one of Italy’s most common travel destinations, but just in the exterior of the popular metropolis, there are stunning settlements, fabulous mountainous settings and attractive villages that could be gotten to via a brief journey. Book flight tickets to Florence, Italy to these top places and you’ll discover some beautiful day tours from Florence that are certainly worth your time.


Pisa is one of the most well-known Italian towns and it is also a great choice for a day tour from Florence. Of course, you have to explore the leaning Tower of Pisa, a snowy marble bell tower that would have stood 185 feet in height had it not begun to lean in the time of building. Even though the tower is Pisa’s most common appeal, in Piazza dei Miracoli there is also the church and the baptistery joined to the tower that should not be overlooked.


Siena is one of the most common day tour destinations from Florence. This historic metropolis is a marvelous feat and it’s no shock that the whole town hub is a UNESCO world heritage location. Siena is popular for its Palio, a horse race which takes place in Piazza del Campo two days every year. The metropolis is also recognized for its assets like the church – a triumph of old-fashioned construction, the Palazzo Civico with its spectacular murals, and Torre del Mangia, a 400-step tower for astonishing views of the metropolis and encircling mountains.


For those who need to merge the metropolis and ocean, Livorno is the correct site to tour. On the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Livorno is one of Italy’s customary coastal retreat towns. Offering less of an ancient art and lifestyle encounter than other Tuscan metropolises, Livorno is a location to merely sit back and unwind. It has its appeal: from Fortezza Vecchia, the ancient fort nearby the docks, travel to Quartiere La Venezia, a pleasant region with canals and bridges that make it seem like a tiny Venice and then visit Terrazza Mascagni, perhaps the most stunning walkway in Tuscany.

Val d’Orcia.

Val d’Orcia is a charming region of Tuscany that is about a two-hour journey by car from Florence. The whole area is safeguarded as a natural park and comprises of numerous villages, palaces, colonies and ranches that tourists could get to all in one brief journey. The most well-known town is the mountaintop metropolis of Pienza, a UNESCO world heritage location with marvelous construction and spectacular sights above the Crete Senesi region. 

San Gimignano.

Situated amid Florence and Siena, San Gimignano is one of the loveliest villages in Tuscany. It is just an hour via road from Florence and the road itself is a masterwork with its wineries, olive orchards, mountains scattered with rural agriturismos and old ranches. San Gimignano possesses 14 old-fashioned towers (at one point 72) and looks over charming peaks. The ideal thing to do here is to walk beside the thin paved roads and appreciate the spectacular old-fashioned structures. Did you know that San Gimignano is also known as “the old-fashioned Manhattan” due to its historic towers? 


This attractive little town, recognized for its Etruscan roots, is situated in a brilliant spot amid Florence, Pisa, Siena and the shore. Its strange urban geography awakens memories of its Etruscan roots (people could tour a portion of the grand walls constructed in that time) but there are also numerous Roman ruins to tour, as the Roman Theatre. It was rather unfamiliar to travelers until the Twilight movies, but followers may be let down to know that the movie clips were really shot in Montepulciano.   

Chianti Region.

This area which motivated several photographers and artists comprises of Florence, Siena and all the region amid these towns. Chianti is the most common region in Tuscany for many causes: excellent terrains, delightful agriturismos, tasty cuisine, tiny towns and, of course, one of the top collection of wines in the world. It is likely to devote a whole day sampling wines and touring the wineries.


This historic Etruscan enclosed-town is the ideal day tour from Florence if you need to dodge the mobs. To unwind after the hectic ambiance of Florence, rest in one of the bars of Piazza Garibaldi and have a small lunch prior to beginning your tour. Walk down across the small roads of the hub, appreciate the beautiful castles and cathedrals and then travel to Giardini Parterre, a park with superb sights over the Valdichiana area. 


Lucca is much tinier and less popular than Florence, Pisa or Siena. A must-view site in town is Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, an oblong square with homes constructed into the rampart of the Roman stadium. The Duomo of San Martino also worth a tour due to the reason that it holds several art riches, like Tintoretto’s Last Supper. For an exceptional view, you need to tour Palazzo Guinigi with a tree budding from its tower. During sunset, walk beside the historic walls to adore the greatest views above the metropolis.   


Montepulciano is an old-fashioned village snuggled in the Province of Siena which possesses tremendous terrains, palace walls, thermal springs, and exceptional wine. Certainly, it is renowned internationally for its Vino Nobile, an Italian creation recognized globally. Montepulciano is also identified as a gem of the 16th century, thanks to its marvelous Renaissance art and structural design.

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