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The best holiday destinations for 2021 on post-pandemic travel

I guess you’ll agree with me when I say that this year, well, has not turned out as we hoped it would. We were not prepared for what the world is going through right now and uncertain about how things are going to turn out. But what we do know is, when the world is back on its feet again, we’re all going to start travelling the world. We’ll be up and at it by booking holidays in 2021 like there’s no tomorrow! So, I thought, why not dream up some good travels? While I am at it, why not offer you my share of travel inspiration for the best holiday destinations for 2021?

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Where to go next? Here are some of the best holiday destinations for 2021

Do your dream holidays in 2021 include a warm sunny beach, a cultural paradise or something in contrast? Have you hit a snag on where to go next? Don’t worry, we’ve spun up some of the best holiday destinations for 2021 that will be better than you can ever imagine.

Holidays in Italy

Best holiday destinations for 2021 - Holidays in Italy

As you know, Italy is a place brimming with culture, beaches, and phenomenal cuisine. Moreover, it’s one of the most preferred holiday destinations in Europe. If you like to go sightseeing, visit the cities of RomeFlorence and Venice. If you’re a beach lover, you have got to go to Puglia with a beautiful coastline in the south. It is also famous for its classic architecture, delectable food, and wine. Not forgetting the gorgeous coast in Tuscany for a perfect beach holiday. Sicily is a blend of historical sites, and a stunning coastline. In addition to that, the Amalfi Coast is a coastal gem and a perfect place to visit CapriSorrento, and Pompeii.

Holidays in Turkey

Best holiday destinations for 2021 - Holidays in Turkey

Turkey is a favourite holiday spot, and we’ve selected it as of the best holiday destinations for 2021. That comes with good reason too! Firstly, it’s one of the cheapest holidays you would ever come across. Secondly, it’s home to majestic Roman ruins, magnificent mosques and the food here is absolutely scrumptious! Plus, Turkey has some of Europe’s finest, unspoilt beaches along the unending Aegean coastline. You can explore the beautiful Turquoise coastlines, on Ölüdeniz beach, Butterfly Valley beach or the stunning Kaputas beach. If you need a short exotic break, visit Istanbul and Cappadocia.

Holidays in Thailand

Best holiday destinations for 2021 - Holidays in Thailand

Thailand, known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, is a holiday favourite for many travellers worldwide. The reason for that is apparent: It’s budget-friendly, it has beautiful beaches, charming countryside, great food, and friendly people. It also boasts of a unique culture, rich history and vibrant city life in the country’s capital, Bangkok. Phuket, draws the most attention, with star-class hotels with a touch of opulence. If you are looking for family-friendly beaches, try out Krabi, or Koh Samui, the perfect places to relax. Something else in mind? How about a trip off-the-beaten-path, in places like Chiang Mai, or Pai? There’s a wealth of attractions in Thailand and that the reason why we selected it as one of the best holiday destinations for 2021.

Holidays in Greece

Best holiday destinations for 2021 - Holidays in Greece

If you want a calm holiday, then Greece is one of the top-notch places to visit in 2021! The best part is, that here, it’s all about simplicity. A stunning landscape dotted with whitewashed dwellings. Warm sunny beaches, azure blue seas and delightful Greek cuisine. It is the magic of its islands that entice the crowds. If you’re looking for the perfect Greek island for your holidays in 2021, then pay a visit to RhodesCretePaxos, or Corfu which is great for relaxing, and pleasant villas. If you fancy a more romantic getaway, try Santorini, or Milos, which is also home to Sarakiniko, the most beautiful beach in Greece.

Holidays in the USA

Best holiday destinations for 2021 - Holidays in the USA

We all know that the USA is a popular destination for holidaymakers, and it’s not that difficult to see why. It has a unique and impressive diversity of surrounding, significant cultural attractions, and delicious food. The city of New York has always been a crowd-pleaser. With its sophisticated culture, sightseeing, and never-ending thrills and spills. The kids will be over the moon at the ‘theme park capital of the world, Orlando. Who wouldn’t enjoy a trip to Disney World? This is one of the top spots for a family holiday. The only place in the world where you can unleash your childhood dreams and have fun at the same time! For the ultimate intriguing holiday in the States, visit Los Angeles and Las Vegas, known for world-class casinos, and entertainment.

Holidays in the Caribbean

Best holiday destinations for 2021 - Holidays in the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands is a dreamy holiday spot and one of the best holiday destinations for 2021. With a plethora of exotic islands to choose from, you can be in for a real treat! Just imagine fabulous luxury holidays combined with, adrenaline-pumping adventures, romantic escapes or fun-filled family getaways. You can have it all in the Caribbean in stunning yet contrast places like Barbados, the Bahamas or Cuba! There are more tropical paradises where you can spend your holidays in 2021—the beautiful islands of St. Lucia and my favourite, Turks and Caicos.

Holidays in Indonesia

Best holiday destinations for 2021 - Holidays in Indonesia

Indonesia is a sprawling nation with a cluster of islands that has an infinite array of experiences to offer. A kaleidoscope of a nation with a rich, diverse culture. A radically distinct array of beautiful landscapes. For a more laidback, relaxing and spiritual vibe, visit Bali. Similarly, if you have a perfect getaway from the city, then Lombok is your place. For an escape to more secluded place try out the spectacular, Raja Ampat.

Outside the list of the best holiday destinations for 2021

The Middle-East is a booming destination that offers you a warm winter holiday, and Dubai is a proven winner. If you are planning to tie the knot in 2021, you could try out these crowned honeymoon destinations such as the Maldives, Mexico and Sri Lanka which are impossible to ignore! Africa is also on my list of Best holiday destinations for 2021, and it is one of my absolute favourites. With golden sunsets, raw nature and wildlife, ancient wonders and stunning landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see.

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