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If You Had a Million Dollars, Where Would You Go?

If you have millions of dollars to splash, then the world is really your oyster! You can discover luxury getaways with wonderful experiences from tasting exclusive signature dishes to exploring cultures, sun tanged activities and lavish spas to pamper your every indulgence. You can experience all these wonderful moments in style. If you are opting for a luxury holiday, undoubtedly it will be an amazing experience as luxury holidays offers you the best of everything. So, if you are having long holiday breaks and millions of dollars, it’s worth checking these destinations with amazing accommodations to plan your ultra-luxurious trip.

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas blessed with so much natural beauty and it’s a destination like no other, glowing with soaring structures with richness and overflowing with experiences that thrills. If you are in the Bahamas then Atlantis Paradise Island is the most luxurious destination in the world with countless choices. Check out their luxury resorts and you will go beyond words by its wonderous looks. There are five different towers at this mega-resort featuring a wide variety of accommodation. So, if you want the utmost luxury, Atlantis Paradise Island is the perfect place for you. Suites in these resorts are one of the most expensive places to stay in the world at an average of 25 thousand dollars a night. 25 thousand dollars is a lot of money to blow on a hotel. How many times do you think Floyd Mayweather has stayed in this suite?

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

If you ever get the chance to visit Abu Dhabi, check out the Emirates Palace Hotel and stay at least a one night if you have the cash! It’s one of the expensive hotels in Abu Dhabi. A suite in this hotel is your private realm within the palace. The Emirates Palace Hotel is the 3rd most expensive hotel in the world right after The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The furniture decorations are plated with 24 karat gold and walls are covered with pure silk imported from India. This hotel has Swarovski crystal chandeliers, a lavish display of intricate pools, fountains and marble flooring. Every corner is meticulously designed by the greatest architects of Abu Dhabi. Also, what is feel like to spend your holiday in a place where Fast and the Furious 7 and ‘The kingdom’ movies that had been filmed in this palace.

Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai

This hotel is one of the most photographed hotels in the world. The Burj Al Arab hotel sits on a tiny peninsula, and the architecture is modelled as a sailboat. The unique architecture of the hotel is quite distinct and amazing, the accommodations will not disappoint you. Each story has two lavish stories with every amenity you’d expect at a hotel, along with spectacular views. You can expect personal butler services in a place like this. Dining and entertainment are top-notch throughout the resort, with ten restaurants to choose from.

Laucala, Fiji

Laucala Island brings a new meaning to the term “all-inclusive resort.” A private island resort, Laucala Island is set amidst coconut plantations, sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, rich green mountains and breath-taking natural paradise on earth. True luxury is appreciated in the privacy of the resort’s 25 villas as well as the freedom to experience a variety of activities, ranging from golf to water sports to beachside horseback riding and more. The villas feature own pool, lush tropical garden and spacious indoor and outdoor areas. Each villa comes with all food and beverage services included, chauffeur, nanny, housekeeping, Tao service, laundry and dry cleaning and both welcome and farewell gifts. The coolest part of all its villas is built with local natural materials for construction. Really what more do you need to spend millions of dollars on this resort?

Soneva Resorts, Maldives

It’s another slice of heaven on earth, these super-luxury resorts in the Maldives are one of the best creations of the manmade paradise. Powder white sands, unusually rich vegetation, crystal clear waters, and understated luxury is what the original desert island hideaway is all about. 57 villas and private residences, ranging from one to nine bedrooms. You can get villas right on the water, or you can get it nestled in foliage on the island. So, if you are planning to have your luxury getaway in the Maldives with overwhelming choices, even ice cream you will find sixty flavours, different types of bedding and pillows, five hundred different wines and countless destination and dining options.

The Thirteen, Macau

Located in the gambling heaven of the world, The Thirteen in Macau is one of the most luxurious hotels ever built. Each room is said to have cost 7 million dollars to construct and furnish!  The signature suite will cost around $100,000 per night, which would make this is the most expensive hotel room in the world. Each guest has access to one of 30 chauffeured custom Rolls Royce Phantoms! Accommodation at The Thirteen is unlike any hotel in the world. Every single room in the hotel is unique and custom made. The décor combines floor to ceiling Baroque detailing and artwork.

Marden Palace Hotel, Turkey

Let’s say you’re in Turkey, with millions of dollars in your pocket. Be sure to check out the Marden Palace Hotel. This masterpiece of a hotel cost 1.4 billion dollars to build. The hotel has 560 rooms, a 12,000 sq. ft spa, and its beach that had 9,000 tons of sands imported from Egypt! When you step inside the hotel, you’ll find eye-popping interiors of gold leaf, crystal, and Italian marble. More than 100,000 square feet of gold, 240,000 square feet of Italian marble, and 500,000 crystals were used in the construction of the hotel! There are also ten gourmet restaurants, 17 bars, and a full-service luxury spa to rejuvenate. Oh…did I forget to mention that this resort also has its own zoo? You can see exotic animals after a few refreshing cocktails on that Egyptian sand!

Hope these destinations with luxury accommodations are jaw-dropping! If you are thinking of taking a break for a luxury retreat, then call Travel Center we can take you to all your luxury bucket list destinations in one trip.


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