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The Best Christmas markets to light up your holiday mood

Get into the Christmas spirit with jingle bells playing in the background; it’s the most beautiful time of the year. We’re looking to light up the festive mood with the pages of your travel diary turning slowly. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and let the Christmas lights shine as we’re taking you on a journey of finding the best Christmas markets around the world.

Budapest, Hungary

As the vibrant lights shine, echoing the holiday jolly, Vörösmarty Square turns into a dazzling wonderland. Amidst dazzling gold Christmas lights and music shows, take a stroll along cinnamon-scented paths that will mesmerize you into falling in love with the setting. From handcrafted gifts to must-have snacks, there’s something for everyone who loves the holiday season. Budapests Christmas fair is a beautiful experience. Make your way here to be mesmerized by one of the best European Christmas markets.  

Prague, Czech Republic

Best Christmas markets - Prage

Its a visual treat in the old town square, decorated with the holiday spirit; its a stunning sight to experience. Find elegant wooden huts that sits singing the festive joy around a Christmas boasting more than usual. The best Christmas markets in Prague stands out from the rest, with their classics gleaming brightly for all to enjoy. Get your hands on the glass-work, woodcarved toys, jewellery, candles and crystals, that will help you take a memory home. Lets not forget about the traditional Czech food that tingles your taste bud; if you plan a visit, dont forget to treat yourself to the barbecued pork and blood sausages.

Krakow, Poland

Best Christmas markets - Poland

Held in the city’s main square, Krakow lights up like a colourful wonderland. With Christmas lights twinkling and the busy paths filled with holiday cheer, you’re in for an event of a lifetime. Christmas eve in Krakow is a beautiful time of the year as merry melodies sing in the distance. Spiced nuts, boiled candies, hand-painted Christmas baubles, you name it! Krakow has everything to make you visit next year! Kick start your festive season with the best European Christmas markets, and Krakow is undoubtedly on the list! 

Toronto, ON, Canada 

Source : Lvfree Adventures

The Canadian touch to your Christmas traditions is something you are missing out on! Head to Toronto’s Distillery district to witness one of the best Christmas markets. Twinkling lights and free samples of beer is an excellent way to start Christmas shopping, right? With a festive historical setting that’s about to stir your holiday mood, get into the shop till you drop mood. From eclectic gifts to wooden toys, gift shopping will never be this easy! Experience the Canadian way of getting in the Christmas mood.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Best Christmas markets - Denmark

The world’s second-oldest amusement part is decorated with the holiday spirit, preparing you to be amazed by this joyful sight. Christmas trees lined to welcome you, sparkling its golden lights bright; lose yourself in the views that Tivoli Gardens holds. Walk around as you come across little stalls selling arts and crafts; they make perfect souvenirs to take back home. A fan of Ice skating? A frozen lake waits for your arrival! That’s not all; take a step back for a ride in the star flyer. This is an 80m tall swing ride that’s a game-changer if you are travelling with kids.

Brussels, Belgium

Source : FunForLouis

On the list of best European Christmas markets, Brussels takes its place for being the liveliest. From shopping to festive entertainment, it’s an all-rounder experience. Keeping you busy with Ice-skating, a Ferris wheel and steampunk merry go-go-grounds, what more could we ask for? Brussels has something to offer for everyone, from shops selling toys and leather goods to traditional Belgian food. As the Christmas lights blink and the festive chatters build, the night ends with a Christmas melody in the distance.

Riga, Latvia

Best Christmas markets - Riga

It’s a Fairy-tale Christmas experience in a UNESCO world heritage site. The shades of all Christmas colours make the setting look like a winter wonderland. As the cold breeze hits, make your way to grab some hand-knitted winter gear and gingerbread. An aroma of roasted almonds fills this market, bursting with artistic handcrafts and Christmas lights, displaying the beauty of its beauty. Must-tries include the local smoked meat that will please your tastebuds into trying more.

As the wind blows the mistletoe, take out your Christmas calendars and celebrate the most beautiful time of the year with the best Christmas markets.  Let your heart get into the holiday mood admiring the beauty of these destinations. Get ready to build your snowman and name him Olaf (if you are a fan of Frozen!)


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