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Places in London to visit that doesn’t feel like the Capital!

One of London’s best things is that it’s very diverse and doesn’t always look or feel like London. There are plenty of things to do and places in London to visit, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to pick out one particular place. When it comes to travelling in London, it’s easy to go about doing the same old routines and hanging out in our go-to spots. Whether it’s a night out with the girls at a groovy night club or chilling with the boys at a local pub, or strolling around the city with your significant other in usual comfort zones.

Yes, we as humans are creatures of habit, and tend to do the everyday, recurring things. But I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it is good to mix up things every now and then! Luckily, there are places in London to visit, which are full of surprises and fascinating escapes that will give your regular travel routine a good appal. And it’s bound to make you feel you’ve travelled miles away from the city. Here’s a list of unique places in London to visit that might not look or feel like it! Try something out of the box, something inspirational, and it can be in your own back yard! 

Little Venice

Where are you? In Venice, Italy

Have you always wanted to visit Venice and take a romantic gondola ride, but never had the chance? Well, the good news is that you can have the same experience right at home in Little Venice! This lovely hidden gem and an eccentric area located in a suburban area of Maida Vale in North London. It is swarming with colourful houseboats and quaint cafes. Nestled between the Great Union Canal and Regent’s Canal. Little Venice is one of the most popular places in London to visit that will make you feel that you’re not in London! Take a boat trip in Little Venice as you cruise down the canal that mimics the Venetian lagoon and the romantic gondola ride.

Kew Gardens

Where are you? In Japan

My next choice is the Kew Gardens, the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in London and the perfect escape from the city’s rush. The gardens are home to the most diverse collection of living plants globally, and it’s the perfect place for a day out. Discover beautiful Japanese sculpted landscape, the iconic Palm House and its exotic rainforest. I’m certain that a visit to this place will have you imagine that you’re on a getaway in Japan, finding your inner Zen in a peaceful setting.

Vertical Chill

Where are you? Climbing Mt. Everest

Feel like going on an extreme mountaineering experience, but you’re stuck in London? Don’t worry, there’s just the solution to your cold whim! Swap the icy climes of Mt. Everest for Covent Garden instead, where you’ll find, Vertical Chill an imposing tall wall of ice, just waiting to be conquered. It offers the same rush and all the exhilaration without the risk of frostbite and frozen meals.  

Ruislip Lido

Where are you? In the Mediterranean

Out of the places in London to visit, Ruislip Lido is my absolute favourite! Well, maybe it’s because I love me some sunshine and this is the perfect place to soak in some rays! Okay, yes, I know that London’s sunshine is not as strong as the Mediterranean’s rays, but you can still find that quiet beach vibes. Ruislip Lido is a large lake surrounded by golden sand, making it a wonderful place for sunbathers, long walks and picnics.

Crystal Palace Park Dinosaur Sculptures

Where are you? In Indonesia

When you’re travelling in London, make sure to pay a visit to the Crystal Palace Park. This will be a superb activity for the kids! This park is a Victorian theme park located in south-east London. However, the park consists of 30 palaeontological statues, five geological displays, and Indo-like landscape. The not-so-accurate collection of concrete lizards are scattered around the park’s lakes, for kids of all ages to enjoy!

Leighton House Museum

Where are you? In Turkey

Yes! You’ll definitely have the Turkish vibes with its bold Middle-Eastern decor, and warm ambience. Leighton House Museum is named as the place ‘where east meets west’. It is located in the heart of Kensington, London. This was once a home of artist Frederic, Lord Leighton and is the product of an artistic vision that ran wild. The museum is filled with paintings of the artist. But it’s the ‘Arab Hall’ that’s the real deal, a large domed room covered in tiles and mosaics will make you forget which continent you’re in.

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Where are you? In India

Popularly known as the ‘Neasden Temple’, is a Hindu worship place located at a beautiful setting and is one of the biggest Hindu temples outside India. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir isn’t on every tourist’s ‘must-visit’ list but is one of the best places in London to visit. It was built out of Bulgarian limestone and Italian marble, carved by hand in India before assembling it in London. When you enter the temple, filled with beautiful carvings and shrines of Hindu deities, you’ll instantly feel you’re on Indian soil.

Best sightseeing spots when travelling in London

These locations below have become some of the unique places in London to visit famous for the most unusual views in the city. From marvellous architecture, street art to beautiful gardens. Not forgetting that these are some of the most Instagrammable spots in the Capital.

  1. Frank’s Café, Peckham
  2. Girl with A Dolphin, St. Katherine’s Docks
  3. Churchill Arms, Kensington
  4. The Sky Garden, Fenchurch Street
  5. The Light-Up Tunnel, King’s Cross
  6. Leake Street, Waterloo
  7. The Great Hall at the British Museum, Holborn
  8. The Staircase, Renaissance Hotel at St. Pancras
  9. Baker Street Underground Station
  10. The Cineworld at West India Quay

How many of these sightseeing spots in London have you seen? Let me know in the comments below!


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