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Main Reasons to Take a Holiday to Florianopolis, Brazil.

Book flight tickets to this charming island off Brazil’s southern shore, Florianopolis – or Floripa, as it’s recognized to natives – which is considered as an exceptional destination packed with beautiful beaches, brilliant surf and tasty seafood. But there’s lots more to find on this atoll, mainly for the adventure sports fans. Take a look at these reasons why you need to visit Floripa soon.


Floripa has around 40 beaches throughout the island, some of which are only reachable on foot or via boat, making it a remarkable site to relax in the sun in tranquility. The beaches provide various ambiances, too, from the surf beaches such as Praia Mole to the more party-familiar beaches such as Jurerê in the north. There’s an ideal beach for everyone’s character in Floripa, so take some time uncovering all of them.

Brava beach in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Current metropolitan facilities.

Floripa provides the best of both worlds giving you not just brilliant beaches but also a flourishing metropolitan hub. There are numerous resorts, stores, eateries and also a couple of galleries to uncover in the metropolis, regionally recognized as the Centro. Floripa also has two colleges and lots of foreign dialect schools for tourists who choose to study a little Portuguese.


Samba, forro, rock, sertanejo, reggae, electronic — Floripa has everything when it comes to music. There are lots of places to pick from too, plus understated bars, clubs and big concert sites. Concerts take place all through the week and the year, making it simple to locate your preferred groove, or encounter a fresh kind of music on the island.


This sport is acquiring fame quite fast on the island, thanks to simply reachable takeoff locations, brilliant winds, and even finer sights. There’s also paragliding institutes that work with starters on the Joaquina banks to make certain every pilot is calm on the ground prior to taking off. Tandem flights are also a common choice for taking in extensive sights of the island with an expert teacher managing the wing.

Speedflying lifting in Brazilian dunes


Being an island, it’s no shock that Floripa has great seafood. Actually, the island was initially occupied by fishermen, and a few of the ancient fishing towns and customs still remain today. One familiar fish is tainha, or mullet fish, that is cheap when caught in the season, which persists from May until July. In this time some beaches are shut to surfers to permit fishermen the best approach to the tainha, as they fish with nets from the coast. Floripa also provides lots of current sushi choices, too, making it a brilliant place to acquire a seafood dish.

Florianopolis, Santa Catarina state, Brazil. White dish with fried shrimp and lemon on a rustic table with white and green towel


With nearly 20 yoga workshops on the island, this pursuit is simple to discover no matter where in Floripa a tourist is staying. There are a range of lessons and types to select from, plus Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Ashtanga yoga lessons. There are also aerial yoga courses at a few hand-picked workshops, or travel to Barra da Lagoa to relish a class had directly on the beach.


This is one of Floripa’s most famous activity thanks to the excess amount of beaches and choices to grab the ideal wave. Surfers trail the wave from the beach to the beach through the island, and people who are just learning the sport could also enjoy it. There are numerous surf institutes that provide classes in English, Portuguese and Spanish, with the top starter’s location at the beach in Barra da Lagoa. Expert surfers would relish Praia Joaquina, where there are regular surf races at national and international stages.

Beautiful sexy surfer girl on the beach at sunset

Sand boarding.

With a huge region of sandbanks that extend from the lake to the sea, there’s no cause not to attempt sand boarding in Floripa. Boards could be hired by the hour from both the lakefront place, Lagoa da Conceição, or on the road to Joaquina Beach. There’s also the choice to hire a sand sled, for which it’s ideal to go on a day that’s not too breezy. This is a brilliant way to get a sense of the variety of Floripa’s surroundings.

Sand boards at Joaquina beach – Florianopolis – Santa Catarina, south area of Brazil.


There is plenty of choices for trekking in Floripa, which includes lighter day-treks to refreshing, pristine waterfalls and swimming holes, or more demanding treks that head to isolated beaches where daring trekkers could elect to camp for the night. There are trekking choices throughout the island, so no matter where tourists stay there are chances to get outside and encounter the lively pure charm of Floripa.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The biggest lake in Floripa, Lagoa da Conceição, is a retreat for wind and kite surfers throughout the year. The simply reachable lake and frequently satisfactory environments make it ideal for surfers of all stages. There are lessons offered for starters, but more skilled surfers could hire gear in Lagoa and travel directly to the lake.   


Brazil’s range of fruits is truly remarkable, and Floripa’s markets provide the ideal method to encounter these tropical fruits such as star fruit and passionfruit fresh from the ranch. There are bazaars had in various sites, as well as inside the metropolitan hub, Lagoa da Conceição, Campeche and all around the island. The markets also provide chemical-free vegetables and regionally obtained items such as honey and handy crafts.

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