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Life-Changing Encounters You Could Only Have in Namibia.

Ever-changing sandbanks, desert altered wildlife, deserted coasts, and desolate deserts all add to Namibia’s diverse exceptionality with the terrain of the nation lending itself to heavy and inspirational contemplation. Book a flight to Namibia and you’ll find that this amazingly gorgeous nation can alter your view on life forever. Here are the main reasons why.

Giant’s Playground.

This strange terrain of dispersed pebble and unusual stone heaps is situated close to Keetmanshoop and actually seems as if a couple of giants got together for a rock-throwing party. The strange stone constructions are really an outcome of normal forces and enduring about millions of years but do make for brilliant pictures. For those that need to get lost its quite simple to misplace yourself amid the magnificent stones. Take a second while you are here to think about the environment and its outstanding skills.

Giant´s playground


While this might seem rather regular initially the truth is in fact further from it. Kolmanskop is a ghost town in the Namib Desert, not that further from Lüderitz that was once a prosperous diamond mining colony. After the jewels dried up the inhabitants made a quick departure leaving behind a spooky, empty town. While most of the structures still stand, some have been ruined by the sands of time, with bits and pieces of previous homes scattered over the desert. Take a stroll across its deserted charm and try out a bath for size.

Ghost buildings of old diamond mining town Kolmanskop near Luderitz in Namibia. Abandoned house ruins sunken in the sand dunes of Namib Desert. View from balcony. 

Ai-Ais Hot Springs.

Following a tropical dusty day touring the desert nothing tops unwinding in the Ai-Ais healing hot springs. Their title means scorching water and their warm assets, said to be brilliant for rheumatism, are mainly pursued after during the winter months. It’s quite an overwhelming feeling relaxing in the springs while you permit nature to serve you to some therapy and treat your eyes to the beautiful paradise surrounding you. The retreat also provides open-air and interior pools of different heats.

Stunning wide angle aerial drone view of the dry riverbed and an old dam with rests of water near Ai-Ais Hot Springs at the southern end of Fish River Canyon Karas Region of southern Namibia, Africa.


Even though not essentially life-altering, it is nonetheless fascinating to find the huge amount of historic vintage cars that are found wrecked and abandoned in the center of the desert. These strange remains add a component of the twilight zone to the sandy desert terrain and one could pass by hours predicting as to how they arrived there and why they remained. Some have bullet holes which makes the enigma even more fascinating and captivating. Though dispersed all over the desert, Solitaire is one of the top locations to think about these vintage vehicles.

Abandoned car from Solitaire, Namibia 

Dune 7.

Dune 7 is not just impressively motivating to look at but also measured as the tallest sandbank in the world. It is higher than The Shard in London and consists of gorgeous colors that scale from sandy brown to hues of yellow and orange, based on the place of the sun. Taking a trek up to its summits is an amazing encounter and really exceptional. If you get to the summit award yourself with a second to catch your breath as you experience the grand charm of the surrounding environment.

Dune 7, a very large sand dune area at the Edbge of the Namib desert near the harbor city of Walvis Bay, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.

Desert Express.

This lavish train takes tourists on the journey of a lifetime as it conceals them in futuristic settings and luxurious furniture while wandering across Namibia’s mid plateaus to Swakopmund on the Atlantic shore. It makes for an excellent and distinctive weekend escape while those searching for a lengthier tour could take the seven-day choice that comprises of game drives in the Etosha National Park. Charges consist of lodging in the coaches, food and designated trips.

Fish River Canyon.

Situated in the far south of Namibia, the deep gorge that forms the Fish River Canyon is the second biggest in the world. An amazingly glorious view during any time of the day, the canyon takes on an exceptional ambiance during the sunset when the stones shine orange and glitter against a gradually blackening sky. Numerous vantage points provide spectacular sights of this pure display that should estimate as one of the most stimulating in the world. Take some beverages and nibbles and sit down to view the display.

Aloe in the cliffs on the Fish River Canyon

Living Museum of the San.

The San, or Bushmen, are one of the most historic clans in Africa and the first occupants of Namibia. They are respected for their brilliant survival abilities and are top bow hunters with a profound understanding of the terrain on which they survive. The Living Museum offers the uncommon and exceptional chance to understand and communicate with this remarkable clan by joining them on a customary hunt or by making bows and arrows and learning more about the therapeutic uses of plants. Take a rest from current times for a bit as you go back to the fundamentals and the real meaning of life. The gallery is open 365 days of the year from sunrise until sunset. Reservations are not needed.

San Living Museum Namibia

Skeleton Coast.

Frequently enveloped in dense coatings of fog, the creepy Skeleton Coast is scattered with the bad luck of olden sailors who experienced a watery demise when directing their ships onto stones. If you stay for a little bit to gaze out above the vague sea it’s simple to think how an old sailing ship would have got shipwrecked in such ruthless clarity, while the foggy light adds to the eerie sense. Even if they got to coast many sailors perished, with no water to strengthen them and no lodging from the severe heat. The region still reverberates with a small misery and the murmurs of a perilous history and would engage you with its hazardous charm.

Ship Wreck along the Skeleton Coast in Western Namibia taken in January 2018 

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