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Holidays to Cyprus: The Wilderness of Mediterranean!

When I first read Othello, I never knew that a holiday to Cyprus would be in my ‘bucket list adventures’! Thanks to William Shakespeare.

I mean, what cannot be fascinating about a destination that takes you through a never-ending ‘things to do in Cyprus’ list that all-encompasses experience on land, underwater, through the wild, and on the air? It’s like a 360 view of a journey in heaven.

So, prepare for your holiday to Cyprus with me. Begin by noting some of the best places to visit in Cyprus that we have compiled for you.

The brimming sun and the cold breeze in Cyprus are like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, a match made in heaven!

Now, this means your list of things to do in Cyprus is going to be longer than you think!

First, to get the best outdoor experiences on the land of wilderness for you, let’s go,

Holidays to Cyprus

Trailing to Entail the Wild!!

Trails are in abundance when you land in Cyprus. So, if you are eager to burn the extra calories from the holidays, this is best for you!

To start with, fix your boots to go on the cultural walks through the scenic Adelfi Forest. This picturesque landscape sets the Asinou-Agios Troodos Trail, which begins at the Byzantine-frescoed Panagia Forviotissa Church

Then comes the wild Aakamas Peninsula in the list of places to visit in Cyprus on land.

The Akamas Peninsula offers the best picture of the peninsula’s shoreline, looking like it’s half-swollen by the blue Sea. 

If you liked the Troodos and the Akamas, I am very sure you will also love Cape Greco!

Cape Greco is perfect for a picnic with the family. Walking? Picnicking? A spiritual visit to the Ayii Anargyri Chapel? Or even a deep dive into the clear blue Sea! Cape Greco covers all for you.  

Walks along the Cape Greco is highly recommended under the things to do in Cyprus list. This is so due to its location. The marine vibe and the perfect sunset in the evenings make this spot best for your ‘picture perfect’ tour photography.

I know it can be a little exhausting to keep trailing (unless you are Dora the Explorer), but let me introduce another MUST VISIT location on your holidays in Cyprus. The Besparmak Range. 

Starting from the Buffavento Castle, the Besparmak Range treks to the abbey of Beylerbeyi. That’s a geographical aspect, but why is this among the places to visit on your holidays to Cyprus? I’ll tell you why. 

Firstly, the treks of Besparmak unfurls extraordinary views up to the Sea from the ranges! What’s hard is not to fall in love with the elegance of how the two-contrasting primary colours meet to form a painting! Second of all, the North Cyprus that caves in to form the peaks of Besparmak and Kyrenia Mountain ranges crisscrossed by old shepherd tracks making this range one of the best places to visit in Cyprus for enthusiastic hikers.

If you are a fitness freak, then take that extra mile, and roam Mt. Olympus on the Artemis trail or go hike Arcadia.

Out of many things to do in Cyprus, these walks are astounding to start your adventure with. Because, what is more peaceful than a getaway with Mother Nature? Specifically, if your holidays to Cyprus was to take a break from the bustling city life?!

Well, Bear Grylls and Dora may disagree, but prolonged trailing can really wear you out. So, the next best on the list of things to do in Cyprus is cycling!

Route-ing for the Psyclepaths!

This is for the Fosto Coppi’s we have out there. Why let go of your passion on your holidays to Cyprus? So, we have compiled these best three cycling routes for you to relish.

Up to the highest point on the Island, Mount Olympus!

The route is a little over 150km with over 3,000m of climbing. Perfect for those who want to take the best of cycling in wild Cyprus or for experts waiting to conquer the peak of Mount Olympus.

Down the Pissouri Bay via the Rock of Aphrodite

This one’s for the amateurs. What a route to take when you can cycle through the romantic vibes of Aphrodite (remembering, the Greek Goddess of love)! Then decline to the Pissouri Bay and relax by the Pissouri beach after a 72km long ride up 750m of elevation! 

Into the Paphos Forest, away from the North!

The route here is only 130 km long but, it still has nearly 3,000 m of climbing. On a personal note (I believe), this route would give you the best wild experience in Cyprus. 

Because, this is the route where you might as well stumble upon one of the many other best places to visit in Cyprus. The Adonis Bath!

This Adonis Bath Waterfalls is said to be located within this exotic cycling route. The way the water flows down to erode the soil and form a natural lake makes it exceptionally wild!

If you are a lover of mythological love stories, you should know this lake was Adonis and Aphrodite’s romantic getaway. It is also mythically believed that bathing in the Adonis restores the youth in women and strength in men. Additionally, it also helps cure infertility issues in women.

We don’t support superstitious beliefs, but these enigmatic mythological love stories are hard to not mention!

Okay. So, you have successfully explored cycling in Cyprus. What next?

  • Holidays to Cyprus - Mount Olympus
  • Holidays to Cyprus - Pissouri Bay
  • Holidays to Cyprus - Paphos Forest
  • Holidays to Cyprus - The Adonis Bath

Under, Over and By the Water!

Now, I don’t want you to go swimming in the undertow. But if you love adventure, then you just need to forget about the danger and take a leap of faith! (with safety, of course)

Out of such adventurous underwater locations, the world-famous Zenobia Wreck is one of the best places to visit in Cyprus.

The shallow reefs offshore at this wreck makes it a crazy experience for divers. Besides, it is one of the world’s top 10 diving wrecks! So that’s definitely a point you can boast about to your friends and families back in the country. 

Next best is the coast of Karpas Peninsula!!

The ancient wreck site is a ‘must visit’ place in Cyprusespecially, for amateur archaeologists and wild loving enthusiasts.

All of these were for the divers. But what if you are not one but still love water-based activities?

You’ve got fishing in the Kyrenia Harbour.

Take the traditional Turkish wooden yacht and sail with the Gulet captains on fishing adventures. Get along with one of the best Aphrodite boat owners and set off to Ladyboss Fishing! These are two trips in which you’ll find the right spot to experience the best of fishing. Either way, you will experience the traditional pastimes of the Island, out of the many things to do in Cyprus.

Next, go kitesurfing along the Morfou Bay.

The blue bay and traditional colours of the kites create a festival vibe at Morfou for kite or windsurfing. Additionally, the best wind and sea conditions here makes Kite/Windsurfing the best things to do in Cyprus for you. 

  • Land explorations. Tick.
  • Underwater explorations. Tick.
  • Water-based activities? Tick.
  • What next? 
  • Holidays to Cyprus - Zenobia Wreck
  • Holidays to Cyprus - Zenobia Wreck
  • Holidays to Cyprus - Karpas Peninsula
  • Holidays to Cyprus - Kyrenia Harbour
  • Holidays to Cyprus - Morfou Bay

Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky!

I am not sure why I get so excited about the ‘in the air’ activities in Cyprus.

But, you will definitely like Cyprus Fly Adventures (CFA). What do they provide? They fulfil your paragliding, paramotor, and tandem flight needs!

What’s so special about it?

Well, the CFA offers you affordable and wallet-friendly ‘learn-to-fly’ courses as well as ‘tandem jump,’ for beginners! So, if you are an amateur or fear heights, take this chance to face your fears on a getaway.

By the end of it, you will have finally mastered the art of flying and be able to get a final aerial view of the wilderness of Cyprus at the Highline Tandem in the Besparmak range. 

 Coming to the tail-end of your 360 views of the journey in heaven?

Don’t miss to also visit North Cyprus at least once. It has over 349 species of birds, and most of them are rarities!! 

And hey,

If you are a wildlife photographer, then your holidays in Cyprus must capture the 31 different floras on the Island.

Holidays to Cyprus are inexpensive, family-friendly, romantic, adventurous, and a heartfelt experience for anybody wanting to explore the most appealing parts of the world.

Now that you have the list of places to visit and ‘things to do in Cyprus,’ why wait?

Smell the Sea and feel the Sky

We have got the most-sought-after wild deals available for you! No change of mind required/ The wilderness of Cyprus awaits to be encountered by you. Remember, it is the next best destination to add to your adventure lists. So, contact us soon to get the next flight booked!

Also, let us know in the comments below what more you want to know about holidays to Cyprus!

Or if you had already visited, then don’t forget to share stories from your holidays in Cyprus with us. We love to hear them!

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