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Best Countries in the World that are travel worthy

Best Countries in the World that are travel worthy?

You know we speak a lot about ‘the best countries in the World? Yes. So, how precisely would you define, ‘best countries in the world’? 

Or, if you have your definition of ‘best countries in the world’, are these countries in your bucket list? 

That’s the whole point here. Because the eight countries that I am going to talk about in this article are rare. As rare as they are, they seldom make it to the bucket list of many travellers. It’s surprising because I think these are some of the best countries to visit! 

Okay, I’ll leave room for you to counter-argue if you think they aren’t. So, you can let me know in the comments! (Only after you have read it till the end)

But… if any of these best countries to visit, make it to your bucket list, call our premium travel experts at Travel Center to book your holiday! I say, don’t postpone trips…. especially when you can grab some special travel deals and offers! 

Now, to the first destination that is in our list; 


Bolivia definitely does not fall under the ‘best countries in the world’ list. It is neither suggested by many so-called ‘travel enthusiasts’ as one of the best countries to visit. 

That is precisely why I have added it to the list of best destinations to visit.

This country has a ratio of love-hate, ironically from both, those who have visited and… those who haven’t. It sounds a little funny because how can someone hate a destination without knowing what it has in it? It’s like saying you don’t want to travel further in life because you don’t know what the future has in in store for you. 

I know I am a little over-excited about Bolivia here.

I mean, who would not be excited to trek through the scenic routes from the high Andes to the sweltering lowlands of the east or, climb some of the massive mountains in the country? It definitely is unbeknownst to many of you out there, but that’s what’s so exotic about Bolivia! 

I agree certain parts of Bolivia is only for the ‘strongest’ people. It also takes a lot of courage, but Bolivia is your next slice of cake if you are an adventure-seeker. Don’t even have second thoughts! 

Apart from this, Bolivia also has some of the friendliest locals who’ll help you explore the indigenous culture or visit the historic sites there. If you need more, you can; take a crazy bus ride, cycle down the death road, traverse across the Salar de Uyuni, climb down into the depths of the Cerro Rico mine or encounter the Amazon wildlife! 


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Best countries in the World - Bolivia
Best countries in the World - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 

Not sure if it is because of this Island’s size and beauty, the rich history is also one of many reasons that makes this country definitely one of the best countries in the World to visit!

It is a lot more than just tea and ‘war’. 

I mean, yes, Sri Lanka will remain as the best country that exports the finest tea. Yes, it underwent a prolonged civil war. But now it is one of the best tourist destinations. 

I did not just say so. 

It was clearly ranked as the top country for travel in 2019 by Lonely Planet


Because this tiny Island is a whole package that includes; the best climate throughout the year, pristine beaches, some of the unique accommodation options, convenient transportation all around the country, a distinctive cuisine bursting with exotic flavours, breath-taking landscapes and exceptional hiking trails! 

Besides, it is also a treasure cove for ancient cultural cities like Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura and a home to the millennia of Buddhist heritage! 

Next in the list of best countries in the World that should be on your bucket list, is for those who only want to visit the Maldives or Hawaii, every time they think of Island hopping! 

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The Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the many best countries in the World that has everything for everyone. There’s literally no restriction in the Bahamas. You can either go solo and enjoy every bit of the Islands. Or, go along with your partner, friends and family and create some of the best memories. 

Whether you want to choose to just soak up in the sun and do nothing, or get into your wet kit and go scuba diving or snorkelling… the Bahamas has the perfect geography and climate throughout every year to fulfil your wish! 

That’s something you can get even in Hawaii or the Maldives… I heard you. 

That’s something you can get even in Hawaii or the Maldives… I heard you. 

But what you cannot find anywhere else in the World, is the colourful Junkanoo carnival that gives you nonstop live entertainment. You cannot find the Bahamian staple food that includes some spicy conch fritters (with various dip sauces, of course!), conch soup and conch pizza! 

Apart from these, the Bahamas also is a luxury that allows you to go swimming with the pigs and enjoy island hopping! 

Overall, the Bahamas is definitely one of the best countries to visit, for its pristine (or pink!) beaches, fantastic nightlife and food festivals!


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Best countries in the World - Bahamas
Best countries in the World - Belize


If you’re hearing ‘Belize’ for the first time and you know it…. read more! 

Belize is off the beaten track and one of the best countries to visit for the backpackers and adventure lovers!

I am still not convinced why Belize is not so famous yet. Some say it is ‘not safe’, but who is not safe in the hands of Mother Nature? 

I mean, Belize is one of the best countries in the World that offers you the lifetime opportunity to be up close with nature. It’s a jungle and beach vacation that you can enjoy all by yourself or encounter with your favourite people! 

In Belize, you can go swimming with the sharks, swim into caves, and experience snorkelling in the largest barrier reef in the World! I don’t know if you can hear my silent screams when I write this, but this country is home to some world heritage sites!!!! 

One was the barrier reef I told you about, and next…. the Great Blue Hole! If you are a serious diver and did not know Belize for its Blue Hole, you need to test yourself again!  

Out of the many best countries in the World that offers the best cuisine, Belize may be a little average, but you can surely get the burst of flavours from a combination of many cultures! (Multicultural cuisine… yes) 

Apart from these unique features, Belize also offers you common amenities like picturesque landscapes, clear beaches, waterfalls, rivers, and friendly locals! 

If at all you need more… Belize also gives you direct access to the Mayan heartland! 

Next in the list, is for the less adventurous but tranquillity-seeking crowd;

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South Korea

People know South Korea for the K-Pop culture, of course! 

The Gangnam style rocked the World, the BTS are busy stealing girls’ hearts… but there’s more.  

South Korea is definitely one of the best countries in the World for its pulsating culture and year-round festivals. The country is full of the best cities to visit. And, it is also home to many temples that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites! 

For those who only see Korea as a spiritual destination that does not have much for everybody, South Korea is a complete contrast to the thought! It’s one of the best countries in the World filled with innovative and futuristic structures, as much as it is best for a spiritual journey! 

No wonder they call it a blend of traditional and modernity, don’t you think? 

Talking of ‘futuristic’, this tiny country has many best cities to visit for plenty of excitement and fun! 

If you think, Seoul is the only one, then next time, add Busan and Jeonju to the list!!

In addition to all of this is the colourful Korean cuisine and countryside. Both are just outstanding for those looking for the best country in the World for flavours and… peace! 

The next best destination coming up next is a place you’ve seen a lot on your favourite TV shows! 

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Best countries in the World - South Korea
Best countries in the World - Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Keep guessing the show. Meanwhile, let me tell you about how this is one of the best countries in the World! 

Northern Ireland is affordable! Yes, the rest of the destinations are affordable, but this is one of the best countries to visit for the budget travellers! 

I mean, it has the Titanic Belfast, which was titled as the “World’s Leading Tourist Attraction” in 2016. 

Now Belfast here is itself one of the best cities to visit. The city is full of attractions for the aesthetes. The Belfast renovations are surrounded by many exciting spots for the fun-loving travellers. 

Apart from Belfast, Northern Ireland also very musical and the locals are filled with excuses to always host parties. So, the country is one of the World’s best countries with a festive mood throughout your stay! 

Oh, and by ‘stay’, I do not mean a stay in some cliche hotels, because Northern Ireland’s idea of stay for its visitors are ‘unusual’ and out of the World! 

Yes, you get to stay in bubble domes instead of usual hotels with fancy chandeliers! 

As a whole, Northern Ireland is definitely one of the best countries in the World. And, it does have a lot for you to grab from. Starting from the castles all over the land, to the Causeway Coastal Route that you can pick for a great road trip, and of course, the diverse countryside food to munch on! 

Did I forget anything? 

Yes! Northern Ireland is home to the Dark Hedges! Or should I say… “the Kingsroad” because that is how it is widely known now after your favourite Game of Thrones show! 

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I understand you have many reasons to visit Brazil… but next time, you should be visiting the neighbourhood instead! Because this is one of the best countries in the World that should be on your bucket list

I don’t just say, but I see Ecuador as one of the best escapes for tranquillity, adventure and anything exotic and relaxing. I know it sounds weird to put exotic and relaxing in a line, but if you know… you definitely know! 

Ecuador is one of the best countries to visit for a wholesome natures retreat. It’s for those who want to be the closest to wildlife and embark on never-ending adventures! 

You have your own list of destinations that could give you the pleasure of adventuring in. Still, Ecuador is a beautiful fusion of nature, culture and city life that you must at least experience once before you die! 

Besides, this is one of the best countries in the World, where you get an endless spring! Well, both… the weather and, the hot springs. (Mmm, a little ambiguous if you can observe!) 

It is also undoubtedly, home to some of the beautiful beaches, mountains and volcanoes! 

As one of the World’s best countries for diversity, Ecuador also has varieties of food that you can see in the mix of mountain fare and seafood in its national specialities.

Oh, and not to miss, in Ecuador, you can also swing at the end of the World for just €1.64!! 

If you are wondering how, then it’s a swing into Ecuador’s wilderness, made possible as Casa del Arbol! 

And now, finally…. our last destination in the list! 

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Best countries in the World - Ecuador
Best countries in the World - Mozambique


Mozambique is one of the best countries in the World that is unspoiled, and of course… untamed! It could also be why this country remains a wild beauty to date. 

Mozambique is a treat for anyone looking for an escape into a land full of beaches and forests. 

Its secluded Islands, turquoise waters, and authentic African culture makes a perfect stay for the backpackers because there are unending opportunities for explorations! 

Not just that, since its closer to the Kruger National Park, Mozambique gives you the best wildlife safari experiences! 


Did you know?


The Kruger National Park covers nearly 2 million hectares of land, and is larger than Israel? 


Well… yes! So, besides safari, you can also get lost entirely in the wild. 

Apart from these, Mozambique also has an interestingly unique cuisine that combines flavours of Africa and Portugal. So, there’s never a lack of seafood and extra flavours in the food! 

Besides everything unique, you’ll also get some of the best snorkelling and diving experiences in Mozambique. You can always combine these activities with horse riding along Bazaruto or, sailing on the bays! 

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Okay, since I have told you a little here and a little there about the eight best countries in the World to visit, you’ll now have come up with your opinions. Some of these destinations may have made it to your bucket list, and some may have not. You can always let us know about it in the comments. Or, request an article on more information about the other best countries in the World which you think is travel worthy! 

Hey, and make use of the ‘share’ buttons so your friends can be enlightened too! 


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