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Healthy food and nutrition tips to boost your immune system

Healthy food and nutrition tips to follow over the Coronavirus quarantine period

Healthy nutrition is vital for health, especially at times when the immune system might want to fight back. Since countries are picking more effective means to hold the spread of COVID-19, self-quarantine and the temporary shutdown of companies may influence healthy nutrition-related practices. Healthy people, as well as those displaying severe respiratory illness symptoms, are begged to stay at home. In some regions, restaurants and takeaway offers are limited, including some fresh food items are becoming less available.

Insufficient access to healthy nutrition can also possibly lead to a risen consumption of highly processed foods and meals, which favour to be high in lipids, sugar and spice. Anyway, even with less and insufficient ingredients, one can maintain eating a nutrition filled diet that sustains good health.

Tip: For supreme health, remain physically energetic throughout self-quarantine

Generic healthy nutrition tips

Plan out and buy only the essentials

You might feel the urge to purchase large quantities of food, however, make sure to think and use what is already in your kitchen, as well as foods with less shelf life. This way, you can avoid food wastage and allow others to obtain the food they require. Panic buying can have negative impacts on yourself, eventually affecting you at the end.

Tip: Reduce the intake of salt, keep it under 5g per day. Usage of dried herbs and spices heavily prioritized.

Always prioritize healthy food.

If fresh food, mainly fruits, vegetables and reduced-fat farm products remain to be available, prioritize these over non-perishable foods. Frozen fruits and vegetables can also be used over long terms and usually have a related nutrient form to fresh food. To avoid wastage of food, you may consider refrigerating any leftovers for an extra meal.

Tip: Limit the intake of sugar and try out fresh fruit juices. Use less sugar on food and avoid soda.

Always prioritize home-cooked meals.

Through the regular everyday course, many people often do not have the time to serve home-cooked eats. Several healthy and mouth-watering recipes are online, get the advantage of the abundance of freely accessible information, and test with the ingredients you can reach, but remember to by heart all the principles for healthy nutrition given in this article.

Tip: Limit the intake of fats, including dairy products. Opt for steamed and grilled food instead of frying.

Keep track of safe food hygiene methods.

  1. Have your hands, cuisine and utensils washed.
  2. Separate unprepared and cooked food, especially raw meat and fresh groceries.
  3. Cook your food wholly, avoid half-cooked meals.
  4. Store your food at regulated temperatures, either under 5 °C or over 60 °C.
  5. Use warm water and raw materials all the time.

Tip: Consume fibre included food to maintain a healthy digestive system, such as vegetables, fruits, oats, rice and brown pasta.

Consume food with high nutritional value

  1. Long-lasting and frozen fruits and vegetables. (citrus fruits & berries).
  2. Dried and preserved pulses (beans, stews & salads).
  3. Whole grains and starchy food (wholegrain bread, potatoes & cassava).
  4. Canned vegetables and canned fish. (mushrooms, spinach, tuna & sardine).
  5. Dried fruits, nuts, seeds and eggs for protein.

Tip: Stay hydrated, and avoid drinking alcohol, including liquor, coffee or caffeinated soft drinks & energy drinks.

Quarantine got zero chills but adhering to the rules and remaining safe & healthy is our responsibility. Make use of this healthy nutrition tips to help you maintain your physical health. Read our Coronavirus related articles and the food articles of your favourite destination from our blog. 

Viruses may come and go, but Travel Center’s dedication remains the same and limitless. Stay home, stay healthy and stay safe.


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