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Find out the best time to visit the Seychelles

Are you thinking of a tropical holiday where you can relax on a beautiful island sipping coconuts by a stunning beach? We all love beaches and been to many, yet you’ll find something alluring about the palm-fringed coastlines which are freckled with granite crags of the beautiful Seychelle Islands. Seychelles is known as “paradise on earth,” with pristine azure waters and white-sand beaches, paradise is all you see and feel as you step foot on the island. It’s not a surprise that Seychelles takes a top spot among the world’s most pleasant exotic getaways. Seychelles is made up of a cluster of 115 granite and coral islands and is a dreamy, secluded location perched off the east coast of Kenya. Home to UNESCO-listed nature reserves, highly preserved areas of marine-life sanctuaries, rare species like the giant tortoise and the Coco de Mer palm. Although there are no lakes and rivers, the islands are tranquil, with many fantastic beaches on each island. All this and more can be witnessed here, but let’s find out the best time to visit Seychelles.

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The climate in Seychelles and the best times to visit the islands! 

Seychelles possesses a desirable tropical climate; usually, it’s warm, throughout the year – thus making Seychelles an excellent year-round holiday destination.

January – March

During this period, you can observe the endangered Hawksbill turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean. 


April is a wonderful time to travel to Seychelles, with warm weathers, mild winds, and perfect diving conditions. This time of the year is bird breeding season, and you’ll have many possibilities to spot the different bird species that nest on the islands. The Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria and the Creole Festival is also celebrated at this time.


The high season in Seychelles falls in between the months of May to August, expect more crowds on the beaches, the weather is perfect for adventurous water sports and land activities.


The last month of the surfing season is September, and it’s the beginning of whale shark sightings. It’s also the ‘Round Table Beau Vallon Regatta’, a significant event that includes yacht races, live performances by local musicians and more.

October – December

The nesting season for the Hawksbill turtles falls during October and December where you will find hundreds of females make their way to the various beaches around the islands to lay eggs. So, if you want hands-on experience with these beautiful creatures, then these months are the best time to visit Seychelles.

Like what you see so far? There’s more below. Why not share your tips and advice? Let me know in the comments below about when YOU think is the best time to visit Seychelles!

Stay in a peaceful setting

Seychelles is a petite cluster of islets that not only famous for beautiful beaches, flourishing nature, and stunning panoramas but also boasts of a selection of the finest luxury hotels. This is the insider’s choice of where to stay in Seychelles. 

Mahe is the most refined island in Seychelles that offers some of the best luxury hotels, there are lots of choices when it comes to accommodation in Mahe. But if you’re looking for a luxury holiday or a perfect honeymoon, then a stay at the 4* Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel is your best option where you will find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday with contemporary rooms with panoramic views, excellent gastronomical experiences with an extensive selection of cuisines, and entertainment to suit everyone. What more can you ask for when you’ve got bright sunny days on a beautiful beach with clear blue waters and a dreamy holiday on one of the best hotels in Mahe!

Things To Do In Seychelles

There are several things to do in Seychelles, but what can you do in Seychelles besides enjoying the exotic, unique surroundings? Here is a collection of activities you can revel in to make the most of your stay and have a memorable Holiday.

Visit the beaches

What’s the point of a tropical getaway if you don’t spend time at the beach? Seychelles has the best beaches in the world, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit them, this is the ideal place to go on a stroll as you enjoy a striking sunset and have a romantic candlelight dinner by the beach.

Take a tour at the two UNESCO sites on the island

Pay a visit to Aldabra, the second largest coral atoll in the world and home to distinctive fauna, including the biggest population of Giant Tortoises in the world and the rare black parrot. Vallée de Mai, a secluded location with a unique ambience located in Praslin Island, is easy to access by ferry, a bird paradise and you can see the wild Coco de Mer – the world’s largest coconut.

Scuba diving and snorkelling adventures

Seychelles has remarkable coral reefs, drop-off site, and ship-wrecks teeming with the abundant marine life makes it one of the best diving sites around the world all year round for scuba diving and snorkelling. The Brissare Rocks, Fishermen’s Cove Reef, Shark Bank and Trompeuse Rocks are some of the most popular dive destinations.

Take a tour at the Takamaka Bay Distillery

Learn about the process of rum-making at the Takamaka Bay rum distillery in La Plaine St André. Take a trip around the 250-year-old plantation estate, witness the fermentation and distillation process and sample on different varieties of the local rum. 

Island hopping tours

Take a tour as you hop from Mahé, through Praslin, to La Digue. Each offering a diverse, fascinating landscape, and amazing flora and fauna. To make things more interesting, take a helicopter tour over the islands for heavenly views.

Adventurous activities

Rock climbing, zip-lining, hiking and trekking are the most thrilling things to do in Seychelles. Dare yourself to climb the enormous granite boulders of Mahé and zip-line across the lush tropical vegetation of the island. If you are an avid hiker or trekker, try the Copolia Trail, the walking track on Mahe island or Anse Marron beach.

5 Traditional foods in Seychelles you must try

Seychelles is known for many things like white sand beaches, with turquoise waters, brilliant white sands, and more! But another thing we fall in love with is the cuisine. From fresh-caught spicy fish curries to locally grown fruits and vegetables, there is something to suit every taste bud.

Grilled Fish

The nation’s favourite dish is caught fresh daily and always cooked on the grill, providing an authentic ocean-to-plate experience. Served with a concoct of lemon juice, ginger, garlic and chilli. 

Coconut Curry

Another must-try dish is the Coconut curry, usually eaten with rice. A creamy curry, prepared with fried onions, ginger, garlic and several masala spices and coconut cream.


Breadfruit is an iconic member of the food culture in Seychelles. Often baked, boiled, fried, steamed, microwaved, grilled or barbecued and most commonly eaten as chips.


This is eaten as a sweet or savoury dish. The dessert version consists of ripe plantain, sweet potatoes which are boiled with coconut milk, sugar, nutmeg and vanilla until the fruit is soft and the sauce is creamy. The savoury version is made with salted fish and is cooked the same with salt instead of sugar.


A unique dish, Satini is a salad made with seafood which is then mixed with a variety of fruits and spices.

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