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November 2020 Honeymoon Destinations Overview!

November 2020 Honeymoon Destinations Overview!

In the penultimate month of the year, we’re bringing you a mixture of places; even ones where the colder elements take the reins of your holiday. So, keep reading to find out more about where you could mark the beginning of your married life — a life where passion reverberates wilder than anything you’ve ever witnessed.

So, let’s begin with the warmer side!

Glistening waves, uproarious sunshine and palm tree-lined beaches mount the vicinity of Hawaii, our first pick for November. Surf a sea of striking blue, trek through unforgettable trails and uncover the glories of this tropical oasis because Hawaii is every little good thing put together! You and your partner are sure to find happiness in the endless glow of the state, especially if you’ve been wanting a tan!

Next, Morocco debuts on our list as the second destination you can visit for guaranteed sunshine! Blessing you with pleasantly hectic streets, undying virtues of the past and heart-warming memories for you to cradle in the days to come. The country is your gateway to witness mighty mountains, a dazzling desert and all things related to rugged radiance.

And now, let’s hop over to the other side – a side where chilly zephyrs comb through your hair as you walk with your partner, smiling wider than ever before.

Pitching in for the first place is none other than one of my personal favourites — New York! towering buildings slightly kissing the sky, trees in the shade of jade lining up the vast periphery of the city’s’ parks and vivid streets adorned by the pulsing imagination of local’s spray paint is what you’re in for when you visit the surreal city.

We’re not done just yet, coming in as a close second on our list is Germany! Redirect your senses to the unforgiving beauty of this country and we’re sure that you’ll be struck by eternal amazement. With countless Christmas markets and other equally incredible monuments, Germany shines as the key to solving all your bad days. From melancholic Mondays to tumultuous Thursdays, Germany’s got them all in the bag!

To be avoided: 
  • Bermuda.

We’re not loving Bermuda this month, it’s too cold and there’s not a whole lot to do! So, let’s all cross it off our list, at least for now.

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