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The Taiwanese airline EVA Airways is a young player in the international airline industry, having started operations only in the year 1989. However, the airline operates a fleet of modern aircraft and offers amazing and hip services to its loyal customers. They have harnessed their young outlook to give you better services and products that suit your modern lifestyle. Superior comfort and beautiful, mouth-watering food set this airline apart. Let the ground staff and cabin crew attend to all your flying needs and be assured you are in safe hands. Play games, watch movies, and listen to music as you fly, and enjoy enVoyage, the airline’s inflight magazine either on board the aircraft or on your iPad with their downloadable app. The in-flight entertainment on offer will keep you happy for the duration of the flight. Be pampered with royal treatment both on board and on ground if you are a member of Royal Laurel, which gives you access to the VIP lounges in the airports, and to delectable food especially catered for Royal Laurel passengers such as succulent beef and lobster dishes in the cabin. On other classes too, passengers enjoy a multitude of options, ranging from healthy to vegetarian.

Economy Class
  • Enjoy some healthy and plentiful food while flying on EVA Airways, with appetizers, entrees, fruits, desserts, and drinks such as wine and beer. Special meals are available for those with medical and religious dietary requirements, upon prior notification. Vegetarians have a variety of options to select from, including vegetarian oriental meals, vegetarian Jain meals, and vegan meals. While the USB port at each seat can charge batteries, none of the material on your personal devices will be connected to the personal screen. Send and receive emails and texts, as well as make calls on board the flight. Comfortable seats that recline at a natural reclining angle and headrests that help keep you rested and relaxed go a long way to make your journey superbly comfortable. The entertainment options available on board such as movies, songs, and games will keep you and your family entertained and occupied for the duration of the journey. Should you have any problems, rest assured that the cabin crew will do their best to assist you.

Business Class
  • In the Business Class of EVA Airlines, USB, iPhones, and iPod connectors are available at each seat. Watch your photos or read through your PDFs on the personal touch screen. Additionally, passengers can make calls, and send and receive texts and email while en route. Power for laptops at 110V AC is available at all seats in Business Class. Seats are set 4 abreast, positioned 44-45” apart from each other, giving more space and privacy for the passenger. The seat pitch is a comfortable 44”. Keep up to date with the current happenings with news from all corners of the world available on your personal LCD screens. You can also watch one of the movies available on the entertainment system, or even tune out the world and tune in music with the super-high-fidelity stereo headsets made available to you. The Satellite Information Service allows you to be constantly available, through fax or telephone, helping you to never lose touch with your own world, even when flying high in the sky.

First Class
  • Before you board, be well looked after by EVA’s ground staff, whose professional service will smoothen your journey, and make use of the baggage privileges that come of being a Royal Laurel passenger. Additionally, you have access to the VIP lounges in all the airports that the airline flies to. Royal Laurel is indeed amazingly royal in treatment, space, privacy, and comfort. You will not feel that you are on board an aircraft but will emerge refreshed and content at the end of your flight. The meals prepared by the first rate chefs of EVA airlines will leave your taste buds tantalized and searching for more. The creative meals are a sight to behold and a journey to take. You can enjoy over 1000 songs, movies from all parts of the world, and video games. Additionally, the design and layout of the cabin allows for more personal storage that enhances your privacy. Pamper yourself with the amenity kits provided by the airline that carries a range of products from Rimowa.

  • Fall in love with the new releases in the movie world as you travel to a new land. Enjoy some classic games beloved by all such as Pac-man, Pinball Arcade, and Tetris, or learn the newer games of Luxor, Invasion, and Cyber Klash. You can increase your knowledge and exercise your brain with Trivia Tournament, Chess, Crosswords, and Sudoku. The meals in the Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, and Business Class are a veritable feast, of shrimps, beef, wines and champagnes, followed by a fruit basket with cheese. Five-star cooking is also available for those who need healthy food. There is no need to compromise your values, beliefs, or your health when flying with EVA Airways as the airline is dedicated to providing you with amazing meals that suit your requirement. Choose from a selection of hors d’oeuvre, sweets, bread, chef’s specials, Din Tai Fung, coffee, and tea, and indulge with Godiva chocolate and Haagen-Dazs ice cream. You will keep coming back for more with the food on board EVA Airways.

  • The airline serves 46 destinations in 4 continents. It offers direct flights to Bangkok and Taipei. It has introduced three new flights in their China operations, with flights operating from Taoyuan to the three cities of Zhengzhou, Jinan, and Ningbo. The airline connects many cities and brings the world closer to you. The airline operates flights with one connection to Kuala Lampur, Lahore, Penang, Perth, Colombo, Delhi, Calcutta, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Macau, Hanoi, Johannesburg, Yangon, San Francisco, Phnom Penh, Phuket, Seattle, and Islamabad. Discover Chiang Mai, Guam, Vientiane, Wuhan, Koror, Surat Thani, Udon Thani, Kinmen, Khon Kaen and Tashkent when you fly with EVA Airways. Amsterdam in Netherlands, Aashikawa in Japan, Boston and Dallas in the United States of America, Huangshan and Chengdu in China, Fukuoka in Japan, Delhi and Mumbai in India, Jakarta in Indonesia, Taipei in Taiwan, Toronto in Canada, London in the, Vienna in Austria, and Paris in France are all a breeze to fly to when you fly with EVA Airways.

  • Eva Airways – Awards and Recognition

    Year 2012

    • Best Airline Staff Service in Asia Award

    Year 2011

    • Airline of the year

    Year 2010

    • Airline of the year
    • One of the top 10 international airlines

     Year 2009

    • Airline of the year

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